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02 May 2008

Most Denver Media Outlets Ignore Roseanne Barr Riot Story


After Pounding Rush, Denver Media Ignore Rosie's Riot Call

With just one exception, the same Denver- area media outlets that slammed Rush Limbaugh over his supposed wish for riots at the upcoming Democratic National Convention have ignored Roseanne Barr's very real call for a summertime 1968 repeat.

Compared to the dozens of newspaper and television news stories attacking El Rushbo in recent days, Barr's offer to self- fund 1968- style mayhem has gone virtually unnoticed by our Mile High media friends.

Especially quiet is US Senator Ken Salazar (D-CO), who just last week pushed for a "reprimand" of Limbaugh, which included a pressure campaign aimed at KOA management. So far, he's had nothing to say about Barr's outrageous rhetoric.

Taking an even shadier approach is Denver's Westword, an "alternative" newspaper distributed locally. It ran an anti- Rush attack piece a full day after our exclusive report, but failed to note Roseanne's call for violence.

Thankfully, however, one area newspaper did recognize the significance of Barr's disturbing comments, which occurred during her Air America Radio program. In Thursday's editions, the Denver Post published this:

Roseanne Barr calls for DNC "trouble"

Just days after conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh came under fire for "dreaming of riots in Denver," another national talk show host issued a call for "trouble" at the Democratic National Convention — this time from the liberal side.

Roseanne Barr, guest host for "American Afternoon" on Air America Radio, told her listeners on Monday to "hop on buses for Denver" and "cause a bunch of trouble."

"We should, a bunch of us, go there and repeat the Democratic Convention from Chicago," Barr said, referring to the 1968 convention that resulted in rioting.

AM 760, which carries the Air America programming for Denver, stopped carrying "American Afternoon" when host Randi Rhodes left for a new program on April 10, said Kris Olinger, director of AM programming for Clear Channel Denver. Representatives from Air America could not be reached for comment.

Jenel Stelton-Holtmeier, The Denver Post

While the Denver Post deserves praise for setting such an honest example, we won't hold our breath waiting for other media outlets to follow suit.

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  • Peter Boyles on KHOW 630 AM (another Clear Channel Station) has used Rosie the Red as a topic on his morning drive time show. But other than that, you are correct in saying that she has been ignored.
    More troubling is that "Senator" Salazar's lack of response has been also ignored. I can't think of one thing, in truth, that that lightweight has actually done.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 03 May, 2008 10:39  

  • To my knowledge, Rosanne Barr doesn't have a nationally syndicated talk radio show that caters to a specific political party. Rush does. He's got a ton of listeners, many of whom would just be crazy enough to carry out his wishes if he told them to riot at the conventions. Rosanne, well, everyone knows she's pretty batty, and no one is going to take her quite as seriously as the drug-addled gas bag.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 October, 2008 03:34  

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