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23 June 2008

Don Imus In New Race Flap


New Imus Race Row Camouflages Talk Radio's True Threat

Somewhere in the hottest and most miserable depths of Media Hell, it has been determined that this week should be spent covering Imus Nappy- Headed Hos II: The Crappy Sequel.

And even more sinister than the idea of thrusting the aging crustmeister back into the spotlight is how the issue calls attention away from a real ethnicity- related controversy: Barack Obama's use of the race card to silence critics.

How soon will this weapon be used to shut down his foes in talk radio? Given radio's already- liberal managerial environment, where McCain supporters are less common than snowball fights in July, one can easily see how a host who steps "over the line" will be in career- threatening hot water.

Already, talkers are taking note of Obama's strategy of labeling all of his opponents as racists. From Monday's Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH: Here's Senator Obama. This was Friday. Jacksonville, Florida, at a campaign event.

OBAMA: We know what kind of campaign they're going to run. They're going to try to make you afraid. They're going to try to make you afraid of me. (laughter) They're gonna.... They're going to say, "You know what, he's -- he's -- he's young, inexperienced, and, uh, uh, he's got a funny name. Did I mention he's black? (cheers and applause) (Obama laughs) He's got a feisty wife.

RUSH: Were you able to understand that? You weren't? Come on, Snerdley, we added some sound effects to make it sound like the messiah was speaking, but we thought you could still hear what he was saying. You didn't understand what he said? Well, okay, then I'll translate it. He said, "We know what kind of campaign they're going to run. They're going to try to make you afraid. They're going to try to make you afraid of me. They're going to try and say, 'You know what? He's young and inexperienced. He's gotta funny name. Did I mention he's black? He's got a feisty wife.'" This guy, ladies and gentlemen, is diabolical. Barack Obama will do and say anything. This is a disgrace, and people should be furious with this kind of thing. It is the Democrat Party that brought up race.

All of the racism, all of the sexism, all of these things that supposedly the Republicans are guilty of and that the country is guilty of, were on full display during the Democrat primaries. Barack Obama is out there virtually ignoring the fact that it was the Clintons and any number of other Democrats who were pointing out he's not black enough. It was Democrats and liberals who started the whole refrain, "Is he authentic?" meaning has he been down for the civil rights struggle. They are the ones! The Reverend Jackson reference by the Clintons, North Carolina. (doing Clinton impression) "Hey, of course they know he's gonna win here. Jesse Jackson won here. He's black!" You know Clinton was right. They played the race card on him -- and, of course, the sexism and so forth.

Meanwhile, while all this has been going on, John McCain has been doing everything he can to distance himself from anything that mentioned Obama's middle name; Obama's race or what have you. He's made it plain he doesn't want to go there, and yet here is the disgraceful Barack Obama coming out, doing and saying anything, making it up. In fact, what you might even be able to conclude from this is that it is Obama who is playing the race card himself, and he's trying to evoke sympathy. I don't know anybody who's talking about race when it comes to Obama on our side. Do you? Everybody on our side is scared to death to say anything about Obama! I don't know who's bringing this up. I don't know anybody who's talking about him being a Muslim. Who's doing that? But he's out there saying, "They're going to call me..." Who on our side is doing that? Do you know anybody? I don't know anybody saying that, anybody that matters.


RUSH: So Obama is out there accusing the Republicans of playing the race card. He did this in Florida on Friday. "They're going to try to make you afraid of me. They're going to try and say, 'You know what? He's young and inexperienced. He's gotta funny name. Did I mention he's black? He's got a feisty wife.'" By the way, the Atlanta Urinal-Constipation Saturday -- speaking of "feisty wife" -- it's a blog. "Michelle Obama has been the recipient of rougher treatment than her husband for a reason, the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference said Saturday. One [of the Obamas] has ancestors who were slaves and the other doesn't," and that's the reason, "said Charles Steele Jr., president and CEO of the decades-old, Atlanta-based civil rights group."

Let's ask the question now: which host will be first to face the wrath of Obama and his race card- happy supporters? How will they use white guilt to undermine talk radio?

Remember, they've got to find some way to weaken the medium's influence before November. Do you really believe they won't use every tool at their disposal, especially one with such a great track record of success?

As for Imus, does anyone really care what comes out of his mouth at this point? It's been many months since anything he's said or done has been deemed newsworthy. Must we revisit nappy- headed hos?

If it didn't succeed in permanently removing him from the airwaves the first time, why would it work now? Besides, he'll probably endorse Obama and see the whole thing blow over quickly.

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  • I can’t believe they let that racist man be the nominee for president. Considering the party never mind.

    By Blogger pf1, at 24 June, 2008 00:41  

  • Privatized social security Bush’s good idea that the idiots on the left did not want. This website has a calculator on what your return would have been if the plan would have passed.
    Now you are stuck with the crap we have now how’s that for CHANGE. Go ahead and HOPE social security will be available when you retire.

    Give me one good reason this was not a good idea. The only thing that was wrong with it was it was proposed by a republican.

    This web sight has the facts on the plan

    By Blogger pf1, at 24 June, 2008 01:14  

  • Imus needs to retire..... he and
    the rest of his co-hosts are
    just boring.
    Just retire and stay on the
    What happen to the 30 second
    delay? The delay should have
    prevented this statemet from

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 June, 2008 04:44  

  • Limbaugh is pathetic and Obama is right, Republicans have been playing the race and fear card. This is obvious, just look on the internet, Obama is a terrorist appeaser, who gives the fist bump to the president of Iran.

    you wing nuts are a joke. Obama will win and real patriots who take the majority over the rich, will be vigiliant and demand Obama legislate for we the people. Unlikethe GOP voters, we will not fall asleep once our party wins. Repubs fell asleep after Bush won, you were druk with party power and chose party over country.
    Obama best legislate for we the people, we the worker, the Middle class, if he does not, a 3rd party will form.. a workers party. Revolution is in the air, Repubs.

    We will demand a government that works for WE THE PEOPLE, not WE THE BUSINESS

    and Limbaugh is 100% certified irrelevant. Operation chaos was a failure, Hillary dropped out and Obama pulled away in the polls

    pathetic, irrelevant, and worthless, the shrieking fringe right is despised and rejected in America

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 June, 2008 11:39  

  • Imus makes a deliberately racist comment.

    Obama decries the real racist tactics of those (like Rush, and apparently like Brian) who use Obama's race to reach to the worst in people.

    And these two equate?

    you're a joke, maloney, and not a subtle one.

    You've done this so many times - diverted from the racist to attack the other side - it's no longer "cute" or inobvious.

    Just come on out and declare your racism with pride, or stop posting crap like this.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 June, 2008 15:46  

  • Who’s the racist Mccain or Obama.

    By Blogger pf1, at 25 June, 2008 01:25  

  • You can't seem to write about Imus without some cheap shot about his age. "Aging crustmeister"? Oh snap! Since you wore out "fossil", which you lifted from Bernard McGuirk anyway, I guess that's going to be what passes for clever in your dreamworld for the next 5 years.

    I'll tell you what: For 5 bucks I'll write you a new, Imus-specific insult that you can call your very own. But I'll be needing the 5 bucks up-front.

    Oh wait: If you can't even afford your own domain name and bandwidth, you can't afford me. Ok then, send me a couple garbage bags of empty cans and I'll see what I can do.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 June, 2008 12:15  

  • The left is inherently racist. It's part of their core. Identity politics is their forte.

    Oh, and fringe....nice communist rant there.

    By Blogger Capitalist Infidel, at 25 June, 2008 12:49  

  • TJ, Obama is in no position to criticize any American. He is the living embodiment of a racist savage, a potential Mugabe.

    He has, in essence, hijacked the Democratic Party. Oh, well! The Democrats haven't proven themselves any more effective then the neocons, anyway.

    I am the furthest thing from a wingnut and I am here to tell you, Barack Obama and his psychotic hardcore supporters are the greatest present threat to America's existence, far worse than even the neocons were in their time.

    Conservatism is dead and even they have no one worthy to vote for, but their failed ideologies have left a deadly vacuum in their wake, one in which Barky has craftily exploited to gain entree.

    Only we could come up with another counterfeit revival, even more morally bankrupt and devoid of wisdom and substance, then the one that preceded it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 June, 2008 20:17  

  • "racist "savage""? "SAVAGE"?

    You're just marginalized yourself along with limbaugh & wiener & maloney, hash.

    have fun in that corner.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 June, 2008 09:56  

  • If your corner supports the false messiah, I am proud to have "marginalized" myself from your element.

    Party Unity My Ass!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 June, 2008 19:53  

  • Hash, I said absolutely nothing in support of Obama's candidacy for the Presidency whatsoever.

    I was merely commenting on the pathetic way Maloney disseminated about racism.

    I further commented on your racist usage of the term "savage".

    That has nothing do with my opinion of Obama's candidacy whatsoever, of which I never spoke.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 June, 2008 00:34  

  • hash; Obama is clearly a globalist, free market neo-lib, another Clinton...but
    "the living embodiment of a racist savage, a potential Mugabe"

    and worse than the cons?

    respectfully elaborate...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 June, 2008 00:47  

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