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27 June 2008

Dr Laura Schlessinger Weighs In On Gloucester Pregnancy Pact


Principal Under Fire, Dr Laura Offers View


More than a week after a Bay State high school's alleged "pregnancy pact" made nationwide headlines, the explosive issue has shown no signs of receding into the background.

For talk radio, cable news programs, newspapers and blogs, what has made the Gloucester High "pact" so provocative is the very idea of a conspiracy by underage girls to get themselves pregnant by any means possible.

Now, the school's principal is under fire, as some question whether there really was a pact in the first place. In today's Gloucester Daily Times, Joseph Sullivan has taken to the Op-Ed pages to defend his recollection and role in recent events:

On June 11, near the end of a regularly scheduled meeting with staff, I was informed by a school secretary that a magazine reporter was in the main office lobby to see me. When the meeting concluded, I went to my office and introduced myself to Kathleen Kingsbury, who identified herself as a Time magazine correspondent. She told me that she had questions about the previously published reports about the increased incidences of pregnancy at the high school. We met in my office. Ms. Kingsbury's initial questions to me were general in nature and centered on the origin and role of the Health Center and the child-care program at the high school, which I answered.

Her direct question to me was whether I thought the distribution of birth control prescriptions or prophylactic devices at the Health Center would have prevented the spike in the number of pregnancies that have been reported this year. I told her "no" because my sources had informed me that a significant number of the pregnancies, especially among the younger students, were the result of deliberate and intentional behavior. I also told her that the issuance of birth control prescriptions or the distribution of prophylactics would not take place at the Health Center unless it was with parental consent and school department approval.

I honestly do not remember specifically using the word "pact" in my meeting with the Time magazine reporter, but I do specifically remember telling Ms. Kingsbury that my understanding was that a number of the pregnancies were intentional and that the students within this group were friendly with each other. At no time in the interview did I mention any student names nor did I breach any confidences and at the conclusion of the meeting, I told Ms. Kingsbury to leave the high school property because I did not want her to be trying to interview students.


My only direct source of information about the intentional pregnancies at the high school was the former nurse practitioner at the Health Center. My other sources are verbal staff reports and student/staff chatter, all of which I have found to be very reliable in my experience as a principal and all of which I filter myself for accuracy and keep confidential.

Your Radio Equalizer wondered what an outside observer might have to say about the whole mess, so this site turned to syndicated radio host and author Dr Laura Schlessinger for insight.

She left no doubt, however, that the real issue is not about the principal's memory, but rather the babies that are soon to be born into these troubled circumstances. Schlessinger feels the solution is to see these infants adopted into "stable" families:

"It is terribly sad that these children had so little to hold onto and look forward to that they used this way to feel connected, important, and-or loved," Schlessinger told your Radio Equalizer.

"I can only hope that their babies will - because of all this scrutiny- be adopted into loving families," she continued.

"That is, adopted into two- parent (mom and dad), mature, stable marriages and families. This is ultimately in the best interests of the children."

Clearly, she's correct. Whether or not there was a "pact" is irrelevant: very soon, there will be a number of newborns in need of a proper home environment.

Instead of worrying about that, Gloucester officials are busy playing pass- the- buck in order to send the blame elsewhere. Who cares what the principal or mayor knew? Let's get back to the girls and why they felt the need to get pregnant at 15.

Does Dr Laura need to pay Gloucester a visit in order to straighten out these misguided public servants and talk to these girls directly?

IN OTHER Dr Laura news, new ratings have confirmed her position as the number one syndicated host in Los Angeles. In the all- important persons 25-54 demographic, Dr Laura's audience rose 36% on a year- to- year comparison, as she took first place among national talkers locally. In the overall listeners 12+ category, Schlessinger is second only to Rush Limbaugh.

FOR New England regional talk radio updates, see our other site. NEW: talk radio speaks out against Bill Delahunt's pro- terrorist comments.

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  • "Your Radio Equalizer wondered what an outside observer might have to say about the whole mess, so this site turned to syndicated radio host and author Dr Laura Schlessinger for insight."

    Oh, really? Why?

    Has the good "doctor" lived her own life according to a high moral standard? Not according to the pictures I've seen.

    Is she a positive example of parenting skills, with a proven ability to have imparted proper moral values and a sense of respect for what America is all about?

    Not according to her savage offspring Deryk's myspace site.

    Has she demonstrated a sense of commitment to family and the responsibility that goes with having one?

    Not according to her hit-and-run approach toward her own religious dedication, and the fact that she allowed her own mother to die, alone, in her apartment, where she wasn't found until weeks after her demise.

    So, Brian, would you like to run down, once again, why you'd select such a personality for input on such an essential life issue (apart from how she did in the latest ratings book)?

    I have to wonder who you'd pick to lecture us on the Oklahoma City bombings or the "Son of Sam" shootings...


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 June, 2008 22:42  

  • "Oh, really? Why?"

    Just to tick you off.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 27 June, 2008 22:44  

  • The Hash Retard doesn't even TRY to make sense anymore, like some sad homosexual band member with a crush on the quaterback

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 June, 2008 23:22  

  • scroll back a few posts and you'll see i disagree with hash strongly in at least one of his viewpoints, paul.

    however, regarding schlessinger, he's completely factual.

    it's not a matter of making sense or not - all of his words are fact (or in the case of "Deryk" - very strong allegation).

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 June, 2008 01:11  

  • Paul, who the hell ARE you?

    I can only write it in clear English for you. I can't make you comprehend it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 June, 2008 01:11  

  • The only damn thing funnier than BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) is SDS (Schlessinger Derrangement Syndrome)....liberal clowns!

    BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA go ahead and take on the day.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 June, 2008 14:55  

  • You should see the REAL TRUTH

    You need to check out the 100% accuracy of the May 15th Prophecy because everyone is talking about it

    Do a Google search of the May 15th Prophecy and you will see for yourself

    By Blogger Unknown, at 28 June, 2008 15:40  

  • looks like john mccain has even worse tax problems than franken. will brian now spend months covering it?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 June, 2008 08:17  

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