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14 August 2008

Kooks Blame Hannity, Malkin For Arkansas Dem Chairman Shooting


After Tragedies, Blogs, Talk Radio Become Instant Targets

Between blogs, talk radio and Republicans, it's getting hard to keep up with all of the global mayhem they're causing these days.

Just this week, for example, George Bush was declared responsible for provoking the invasion of Georgia by Russia, simply for the unspeakable crime of building a friendship with a pro-western government.

Not to be outdone, GOP presidential nominee John McCain apparently "complicated the situation" there after he "shot from the hip". Rush Limbaugh saw this one coming a mile away:

RUSH: (laughing) McCain's made the situation worse! This is the American left. Obama calmed the situation by saying both sides are to blame and asking them to stop. But McCain may have complicated the situation. Barack's thing, according to his own advisor here, we're going to look at everything and then we're not going to do anything. We're going to wait 'til we have all the facts and then we're going to take into account what steps are appropriate, and we're not going to do diddly-squat about this 'til we get all the facts. Unable to recognize naked aggression, the Obama campaign is now blaming -- I told you all this was going to happen yesterday. You didn't believe me, did you? You did not believe it would get this bad. I told you.

Topping them all, however, is the latest use of the blame game to smear one's enemies. This time, Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin are somehow responsible for the shooting death of the head of the Democratic Party in Arkansas.

As Malkin writes:

There is no indication of his political affiliations, his ideology, or his motives for singling out the Democrat Party chairman.

No matter. I’m already getting blamed for the incident.

Yeah, I did it:

Greg Cancilla
date Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 2:42 PM
subject Once again

Once again the hate you and folks like Hannity spew has caused another right wing nut to resort to violence. What you do is nothing less than starting a riot and you should be held accountable. You should be in jail. Your hate turns people to murder.

I am also guilty of last month’s shooting at a Knoxville church, for which a nutroots blogger similarly says I need to be held “accountable.”

For what? For blogging, writing columns, and authoring books with which they disagree.

Here, Stop The ACLU has additional examples of unhinged kookiness connected to the savage slaying in Arkansas.

What's next? Is Rush to blame for your burnt toast in the morning? Is that unusually weak cup of coffee from Starbucks the result of Bill O'Reilly distracting the baristas? Is Mark Levin causing traffic congestion in New Jersey?

The silliness never ends.

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  • Maloney
    forgot to tell you McCain is directly tied into Georgia. Randy Scheunemann, McCain's foreign policy man, was a lobbiest for the nation of Georgia. Limbagh, being intelectually dis-honest forgets to tell his zombies that little, vital tid-bit. It is OBVIOUS, clar as day that Randy Scheunemann's people, the Jesse Helm branch of the wing nut party, encouraged Georgia to talk military action against that Russian region in Georgia.

    The ties are as plain as day. Georgia is an economic investment for America, we built their entire army. Limbaugh ignores Randy Scheunemann, the direct tie beterrn Georgia and McCain

    I'm so glad, I read, and I'm not a dunce like you wing nuts. If you count on rush, you never know the truth, and people like Maloney wonder why we hate the pig man so much. He is a filthy, liar. He is mocking the idea that McCain is connected to this all, their is empirical proof that he is directly tied to this
    Randy Scheunemann
    Randy Scheunemann
    Randy Scheunemann
    Randy Scheunemann

    remember that name, Limbaugh will not utter that name

    Randy Scheunemann used his influence to encourage Georgia to talk military action to get a response from Russia. not tin foil hat..
    Randy Scheunemann

    is all you need to know, do the homework psychos

    you will see. once more, that right wing radio is showing contempt for the listener and poor ole' Dan still thinks he is speciual for he listens to Rush.

    Randy Scheunemann
    Randy Scheunemann

    the man tied directly to John McCain and the name Rush ignores. Rush thinks it is tin-foil hat, well explain Randy Scheunemann
    explain to the ditto-heads about how we spent billions on the Georgian army.

    When you listen to Rush, you are deprived of facts

    and as far as the killing, the last conservative jihadist had Hannity books in his house, there was a direct connection
    It would be no shock if the latest act of conservative jihad was tied into conservtive talk radio... and of course the Obama assination guy, all tied to conservative blogs, conservative talk radio

    many of you people are sick

    By Anonymous STOPCONSERVATIVEJIHAD, at 14 August, 2008 10:33  

  • StopJihad,
    look it up in the MMIV
    you loons have been circlejerking your leftist nonsense for so long you no longer know what reality is.
    thats ok, after the Obamanation gets a bum's rush to the trash heap of history you can either suicide yourself , Leave the country as so many from DU and Kos have threatened or most likely go back to your parents basement and play with your conspiracy dolls,
    The Grownups will again be in charge.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 August, 2008 11:06  

  • A Message from the department of Homeland Security:

    If you see something... say something... if you see an old white guy with a glazed look in his eyes listening to conservative talk radio-call 9-11. Terrorism is bound to be the next action.

    If you see something, do not be silent, a conservative talk listener is a threat to our freedom

    By Anonymous Suicidialhomicidialwingnuts, at 14 August, 2008 11:06  

  • Sorry WPDunn

    Im hardly an Obama supporter, Im a democrtacy supporter and truth seeker

    Randy Scheunemann

    this is the october surprise, orchestracted by Randy Scheunemann and John McCain, Georgia was pressured by Randy Scheunemann to become aggressive at seperatist states within Georgia

    Grown ups in charge? jonh McCain is the grown up? fear mongering against Russia as if the rewd army is ready to take over the world?

    No I'm the grown up in this case,
    Randy Scheunemann is the key
    are you proud of yourself? proving war to bump McSame in the polls?

    My theory is heavilly based on FACTS
    Randy Scheunemann
    are you afraid?

    and as far as conservative Jihad, I camp it up

    the serious issue is Randy Scheunemann and McCain's direct ties to Georgia, are you afraid of the truth.

    you are projecting. The grown ups are not the McCain neo-con creep camp
    and I hardly support Obama, moron

    stop projecting, conservative sleeze. You are the child with the mind of a 3 year old. There are no Obamabots, we barely support him.

    Hatred of conservatism is what has pushed Obama, and any other candidate would have buried Obama by now.

    I'm the grown up, I read, you read littlegreenfootballs and listen to Rush. you are an adult with the mind of a 3 year old

    We are all Georgians now!

    you buy that crap, you are cowering under your bed in fear of Russians and Muslims!!!

    Obamanation? There is none, there is an anti-conservative nation, we hate YOUR ideology, simple as that.

    You need to google
    Randy Scheunemann
    for yourself, not nonscence, FACT

    are you scared? you little baby

    By Anonymous CONSFEARRTHENAMERandyScheunemann, at 14 August, 2008 12:39  

  • and I'm going nowhere scum bag. I'm the adult here. Im 36, earn $80,000 a year. Im going nowhere. I don't give a crap about Obama, I simply hate your sick, war profiteerring ways.

    I will fight you scum to the day I die, degenerate. I will fight conservatism to the day I die,

    The adults are here, I will fight your poison, your Anti-American pro-war poison. You will never attack Russia, only in your little GI Joe world.

    grown up my ass. I warn triple what you make, you live with mommy, you worthless ditto-head.

    I'm tired of pulling your weight

    By Anonymous Cons'Rbabies, at 14 August, 2008 12:41  

  • $80,000 a year, huh? Glad the trust fund is working for you, but imagine what you'd be earning if you could actually spell, punctuate, and form a coherent sentence?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 August, 2008 13:13  

  • Conservatives have made some of the most violent comments, Coulter, Beck, O'reily, Limbagh.

    They have threatened Bill Clinton, Michael Moore, etc etc. kill kill kill. Remember Beck: I want to choke and kill Michael Moore.... remember that?

    for 20 years, they have threatened democrats, assinate clinton, threatened libs
    Limbaugh " we need 2 liberals left alive on each campus"

    for years they have done this, and maloney pleads ignorance.

    You have a history of violent speech. Don't play the fool


    Coulter over the last 5 years has made over 400 thrats against liberals.

    If one of you wing nuts goes near me, I promise you will be taken away in a body bag.

    AS I predicted in 1996, conservative pundits will eventually drive their listeners to murder.

    wer have a crisis in America. conservative terrorists are ticking time bombs and with Obama running, the violence is increasing

    Be alert, be aware, anyone listening to one of these shows is a potential terrorist. I would call authorities if the guy in front of you on the road is blasting Rush. He may be on his way to a murder

    the irony is astonishing. I have been called a terrorist over and over again for being on the left, yet the right are the ones comitting acts of TERRORISM

    Beck, limbugh, savage, Levin, all need to be arrestred and charged with assisting terrorism

    By Anonymous STOPCONSERVATIVEJIHAD, at 14 August, 2008 13:47  

  • The "Kooks" are right ... AGAIN !

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 August, 2008 21:42  

  • Stopconservativejihad will wind up in jail after he tries to kill some conservative on the street.

    Left-wingers - Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, Ted Rall - are violent-prone and spew hatred and death threats. That is a fact.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 August, 2008 00:50  

  • Ahhh I hit that nerve didn't I?
    if it sounds like a loon, comments like a loon, regurgitates the same hollow nonsensical BS from DU,Kos,Firedoglake it means
    you are a loon, leftist and mental defect
    your "Facts" are Heavily based on nutty conspiracy theory mutterings.
    " I'm the grown up, I read, you read littlegreenfootballs and listen to Rush. you are an adult with the mind of a 3 year old"
    again Projection
    Heyah Neyah I'M THE Grownup?
    you actually typed that without a shred or irony?
    (for the record, I Have ve never read LGF, nor do i listen to Limbaugh, i'm deaf you idiot)

    when you morons start cleaning your own houses of the violent deranged WELL DOCUMENTED (Mike Malloy, Randy Rhodes, Ted Rall, Bernidine Dornan, Theodore Kaczynski, Quantrell X, Father Fleagher, Media Benjimin.....) violent crazies, then you have an soapbox, until then STFU and go back to your parents basement.
    oh and Google "Lemon Party" its so you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 August, 2008 03:07  

  • Franken just 3 points behind Coleman, according to latest Rasmussen poll.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 August, 2008 07:35  

  • MOP said “I'm the adult here. Im 36, earn $80,000 a year.”

    If you were an adult you would provide your own health insurance and not stand with your hand out waiting for big Government to GIVE YOU HAND OUT.

    Be an adult and provide for yourself you little kid. Be a man and stop waiting for the government to give it to you.

    You think you’re a man because you have a gun. That does not make you a man. A real man will take it from you and shove it up your arse.

    By Blogger pf1, at 17 August, 2008 01:53  

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