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17 September 2008

Coleman Campaign Unleashes Damning Franken Ads


Franken's Own Words, Deeds Come Back To Haunt Him

Opening up a new front in the war against Al Franken's relentlessly- fluffy mainstream media coverage, the Norm Coleman for Senate campaign has released two damning new ads, one of which uses the alleged comedian's own words against him.

The other features your Radio Equalizer's 2005-2006 investigative work with Michelle Malkin into Franken's role in Air America Radio's Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club scandal, where $875,000 in taxpayer funds were diverted to fund the liberal network's operations.

In 2006, our probe into Franken's outrageous compensation package revealed that he was demanding substantially more money at the same time the network was refusing to return the siphoned taxpayer funds.

Now, Senator Coleman (R-MN) has released this new ad, which correctly fits the pieces together:

While we don't expect Franken to roll over and play dead, he really doesn't have a potential defense. If he did, it would have been utilized at the time, but Stuart usually ducks tough questions on this issue.

In the other new ad, Franken's notorious hot temper and potty mouth have come back to haunt him and at one point even admits that he's "mean sometimes." Here's the clip:

And they didn't even have time for Franken's all-time most unhinged caught-on-camera moment ever: that kooky Amazon promotional video clip featuring Franken kicking a guy in the groin and attacking him with a chair.

But WCCO-TV actually tried to blame Coleman for Franken's language, using this contorted "logic" courtesy of a "political analyst":

The ad goes on to feature DFL candidate Al Franken repeatedly swearing. While the bad words are bleeped out it's not hard to tell what the swear words are.

"I cannot recall an ad this harsh with this kind of language as long as I've been in Minnesota," said political analyst Larry Jacobs of the University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute.

Jacobs said the ad charts new territory in a race that has seen both campaigns go negative.

"This could well outrage some Minnesota voters who don't want to see swearing on their television screens," he said.

Though a recent poll shows some voters turning away from both Franken and Coleman, the latter has no choice but to reveal the truth about Stuart Smalley's past. Voters deserve to know what Al is really all about.

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  • that thing they left out cause they didn't have time? Obvious attempt at humor, whether you find it funny or not - and you know it, Brian.

    Otherwise, this could just as easily been titled "Norm Coleman proves he has nothing upon which to run - goes negative in unattached ways with smears that aren't relevant", just like brian.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 September, 2008 17:50  

  • More ad homine, TJ? Is that all you got? Coleman has Franken pegged and Franken's past is coming back to haunt him and perhaps cost him the election.

    By Blogger Carl, at 17 September, 2008 20:43  

  • Sorry, Carl, any intelligent or non-partisan reader knows I'm not using ad-hominem attacks in reaction to this post or the last.

    You keep on trying with that lame tactic though - won't work with me.

    I'm not a knee-jerk partisan. I just like pointing out the knee-jerk partisanship of others that only advances party, not country.

    you seem to be a real big fan of that effort, hence your disingenous attacks on me.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 September, 2008 22:24  

  • TJ, your denials of the fact that you are indeed committing ad hominen won't work at all. Your posted words prove that you have indeed been committing ad hominem. In short, rather than address the issue you keep attacking the person. This is a textbook definition of ad hominem. And your misrepresentations also show conclusively that you are quite disingenuous as well.

    Thank you for showing us all that you truly have nothing substantive to offer other than logical fallacies, personal attacks and misrepresentations.

    By Blogger Carl, at 17 September, 2008 22:58  

  • To answer my own question, apparently ad hominem is the best TJ has to offer.

    By Blogger Carl, at 17 September, 2008 22:58  

  • Just use Google images and search for "Frankenbunny". If you can take this buffoon seriously after seeing that you are certifiable.

    This is just another blurring of the lines between "celebrity" (and I use that term cautiously) and politics. Suddenly left wing "funny men" like Jon Stewart. Clobert, Maher (not funny but carries the title)want to be taken seriously until they are asked to support their claims then scream "It's comedy maaan, lighten up." The latest participants are Keith (implosion) Olbermann and, God help us, The View. A disgraced wingnut of a sportscaster and a bunch of clucking hens who routinely misquote history, state their opinion as fact and make some of the most outlandish claims, never to be set straight or held accountable for. Consisting of a washed up newswoman who slept her way to the top, two comediennes, one funny and one not, both capable of idiocy on a grand scale. A rotating person designated as official agreer to Whoopi and Joy and a lone conservative punching bag. This is where we are getting our news and opinion.

    Just like Obama's history is being ignored to our detriment so is Franken's.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 September, 2008 07:41  

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