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13 September 2008

Libtalker: Sarah Palin Has Unhealthy Interest In Teenage Boys


Rhodes Suggests Palin Likes To Sleep With Teenage Boys

Just how far are lefty pundits willing to go to smear Sarah Palin? On behalf of the "progressive" movement, libtalker Randi Rhodes seems determined to sink to new depths of moral depravity, with the limits of imagination as her only impediment.

Less than a week after her wildly dishonest claim that John McCain was "well-treated" during his wartime imprisonment in Vietnam, Rhodes is at it again, this time making a strong inference that Palin likes to sleep with teenage boys.

It's further evidence of a widespread smear campaign that involves lefty bloggers, libtalkers and the mainstream news media. With this gang, the ends apparently justify the means. That there isn't a shred of evidence to back up any of their claims is irrelevant: this is full-scale character assassination.

From Friday's Rhodes show, here's a transcript, followed by the clip:

RHODES (HOUR TWO -- 47:59): She’s the woman who shows up at the kid’s birthday party and starts opining about everything from politics to lawn care. This is the woman that knows it all. Will shout you down, will get revenge on you. That’s who she is.

She's friends with all the teenage boys. You have to say no when your kids say, 'can we sleep over at the Palin’s? No! NO!'

What's next? Can they possibly sink any deeper?

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  • Sounds like Rhodes has a really bad case of Palinoia.

    Palinoia: noun. a type of mental disturbance in which the person afflicted harbors deep-seated, profound but unfounded concerns that the election of Sarah Palin as vice president ensures various kinds of complete worldwide disaster.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 13 September, 2008 12:19  

  • I am definitely not a fan of Randi Rhodes, but I'm not sure where you get her implying what you're saying she implied.

    It sounded like to me that she was saying, basically don't let your kids around her period - not because of what you apparently read into her words. Sorry Brian, this is a stretch even for you!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 September, 2008 14:50  

  • What a bitch.

    By Blogger Curmudgeon, at 13 September, 2008 15:10  

  • a) If that's how you choose to interpret it, which is pretty loose and draws your perspective into question.

    b) Doesn't really seem all that different that a righty swift boat attack.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 September, 2008 15:25  

  • anonymous,
    I think it's quite a bit different On the one hand,you have of huge majority of people who'd been associated with a candidate who felt he was so untrustworthy that they'd make great efforts to stop him from becoming President.That hteir association was in the one of most intimate relationships people can have and they found him wanting speaks volumes.Certainly this coupled to his Mis statements on medls ,geography(Cambodia),chronology When the event was 'seared' into his memory made many feel Sen Kerry was a bit(or more) of a charlatan.(By the way,did you ever read the book ?

    BY contrast Ms Rhodes has no contact with the governor,and certainly not a track record of either insight or neytrality towards members od her party.I do wonder,however,how she will support herself when her program folds


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 September, 2008 16:12  

  • Corwin, liberals lack some basic human characteristics so arguing with them is meaningless. They are not capable of shame or embarrassment. They are intellectually dishonest to the point where they don't even know they are lying, oh yeah, some do, like their leaders but intellectual nitwits like anon and stacy haven't a clue.

    By Blogger Capitalist Infidel, at 13 September, 2008 16:29  

  • This "woman" has no regulator in her head. She just spins off uncontrollably in any direction. As a broadcaster of 35 years, I'd be scared to death to have her on my station.

    By Blogger Lone Ranger, at 13 September, 2008 18:20  

  • I listened to Randi Rhodes once. It sounded like a bag lady wandered into the studio and the microphone was open as she babbled to herself while looking for empty cans. Her show must be a cult of personality thing for lefties who allow themselves to scream raw hatred with the disclaimer they're utopians driven to it by evil conservatives.

    Sorry Stacy, but the joke IS about sex with children. You may be an expert at documenting every recipe and personal slight you've ever experienced, but you don't need my years of comedy writing and performance to know the lady who was brutally attacked by 12 gin & tonics while walking her dog was making a dumb pedophile joke.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 September, 2008 19:55  

  • There go some more swing voters.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 September, 2008 20:34  

  • Maloney -

    I heard hear talk about this and of course you leave out all the other jokes she was making that would put it in context.

    Buy a dictionary and look up the word "sarcasm".

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 September, 2008 21:25  

  • Does anyone listen to Randi Rhodes?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 September, 2008 21:35  

  • At what point can these libtards (and their stations, papers, coporate owners) be sued for slander and/or libel?

    oh, btw anon - for future reference, the "swift boat veterans for truth"'s allegations have to this day NEVER been DISPROVED. So "swiftboating" really means making true factual statements and counter arguments, something libtards can't comprehend.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 September, 2008 22:00  

  • Uh, Randi Rhodes IS STILL ALIVE?!?!?!?!

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 13 September, 2008 22:53  

  • I just generally figure Rhodes is drunk again (or still). Her 'show' is the same sort of stuff you can hear in a great many Blind Pigs around 2AM from drunken women sliding toward bag lady status.

    By Blogger JorgXMcKie, at 14 September, 2008 00:54  

  • Oh please..this is almost laughable. It's so obvious that Rhodes is suffering from a severe case of jealousy. My advice for Rhodes would be to "get a real job". If I were Sarah Palin, I just might consider bringing a slander suit against Rhodes, for making such a sleezy allegation.
    Enough said.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 September, 2008 02:00  

  • Reading the transcript, I think it is you whose mind is in the gutter, not Rhodes. Not that I agree with Rhodes' politics, but this is a stretch.

    If I were a Mom who had a kid that wanted to go over to the Palin's house, where one kid is known as a rambunctious troublemaker now trying to straighten up in the armed services (good choice, I hope it works out for him) and another kid is an underage pregnant teen, I think I too would say to my son, "Don't go over there, hang out at the pizza parlor or here at home instead."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 September, 2008 02:24  

  • Sorry Brian this one went right over your head. Rabid Roads comments were accurate, you know I'm a big fan so I will help turn you around.

    "She's the woman that shows up at kids birthday parties" was meant as a compliment. Her friends have kids, not abortions, cake to stick candles in, not fetuses

    "starts opining about everything from politics to lawn care" AGAIN a compliment. She "KNOWS" what lawn care is and she doesn't define it as the company that comes once a week. The any community organizers know how to start a lawn mower, NO! Sara rebuilds the in the garage on Saturdays. As for politics anyone near her BEGS to hear her speak about sticking to what she believes and how she is not a career politician.

    "This woman knows it all" and finally the left is admitting it!

    "Will shout you down" stands up for in justice!

    "will get revenge on you" as appose to figuring out why the terrorists hate us she will track them down herself if need be. McCain has new ad coming out that Sarah's first assignment will be to get Osama, she'll get one bullet, no gun.

    "that's who she is" DAMN RIGHT! now who or what is Obamiwan Canobeans? Vote him in and find out the hard way.

    "She'd friends with teenage boys" Hey she's know Gerry Studs or Barnet Frank.

    "You have to say no when your kids say, 'can we sleep over at the Palin’s? No! NO!'" Yeah, yeah, yeah... I get that from my wife too, buts its not because my wife is an ugly fall down drunken lesbian that blames falling down on a mugging or because she is jealous of real beauty (my wife is hot anyway). Its not because my wife doesn't kill her babies and believes in family values. Its not because her enlightened ways of knowing more that all is not being adopted by the Palin's. It's because she wants to sleep over but only if Todd's home.

    I hope this help you see the light Brian. Ta ta for now see you at the sleep over Friday night if my wife lets me:(


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 September, 2008 07:12  

  • Is she mental? Was she sucking down her swill when she was on camera?

    What an abject waste of humanity. She's never been a good host.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 September, 2008 09:20  

  • Isn't this the woman who according to the leftists was assaulted by evil Rethuglican KKK forced, but actually was just another drunk who fell and hit her head?

    By Blogger Unknown, at 14 September, 2008 11:46  

  • Ms. Rhodes is telling us who she is and what is on her mind. These are the thoughts that swirl in Ms. Rhodes mind. Rhodes is projecting her own thoughts onto another female. Then lashing out against her own thoughts in angry guilt. Perhaps it is time to skip the Rhodes sleepover party.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 September, 2008 12:57  

  • I kind of agree with Stacy Harp: I am no fan of Randi Rhodes (I think she's a c*nt), but I don't see where she said Palin sleeps with teenage boys. I think they are reading too much into it...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 September, 2008 13:24  

  • Rhodes is on Obama's speed dial.

    She's been on his campaign since before he announced and she's a Stalinist, just like him.

    So this smear, like all of the others, comes directly from Obama himself.

    Considering Air America harbors ACTUAL pedophiles like Bernie Ward, it's easy to see where they got the idea.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 September, 2008 16:53  

  • As an Instructor of Escape & Survival
    tactics to Pilots and Spec.Ops. During The Vietmam War. It is understandable
    that someone Still in DIAPERS can get the facts wrong. This alleged journalist should try speaking to a certain member of congress who lost Both his legs about John McClain's honesty. She obviously got her facts mixed up with Jane Fonda.PLhinfc

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 September, 2008 19:45  

  • sounds like an attempt to be funny. So what? Considering the devils on the Anti-family right have convinced working class families to vote for the party of the ricvh for 30 years, this is meaningless. Who cares?

    what is sick, is right wing radio. The average right wing radio listener is on social security or a $24K a year laboror and the trash that they listen to has convinced them to vote against their own best interest for 30 years.

    Rhodes is annoying and whiney...... however this is silly and meaningless. What the radical right does is pure Goebells propaganda. They are scum, they should all be tossed of the air, supporting the GOP is an act of treason, and always will be.

    If you earn a paycheck, the radical right is your worst enemy.

    Workers of the world unite, topple the profits over people media

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 September, 2008 09:47  

  • WingNutsTakeProfitsOverPeople

    Why, how fascist of you. Hitler would have been proud!

    By Blogger Capitalist Infidel, at 15 September, 2008 12:53  

  • Corwin -
    You mentioned the Swift Boat vets knowing Kerry deeply and being against him. Well, if you say that that's enough to keep someone out of office, then the same goes for McCain - Vietnam Vets Against McCain. The only difference is they don't have billionaire backers like the Swift Boats.
    - Liberal Outlaw

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 September, 2008 13:26  

  • No, the "only difference" is that John McCain paid the price and spent 5 and a half years as a POW being tortured on a daily basis. So much so he can't even use his fingers on a keyboard. What did Kerry sacrifice again? Oh yeah, 4 months and 3 fake injuries. But thanks for playing

    By Blogger Capitalist Infidel, at 15 September, 2008 15:00  

  • Randi makes an occasional opinion and you dolts take it and run with it. Yet take anything that the right wing crack machines spew out as gospel. Weiner and Bortz is ever bit as loony as you make her out to be.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 September, 2008 16:56  

  • yes! They are capable of sinking much deeper. Mainly because they no morals or principle holding them back. What they say is GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY so it does not matter.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 September, 2008 08:39  

  • Frankly, Rhodes' repeated immature attempts at being funny are somewhat amusing to me. Mainly because she seems to fail at it so conclusively. I have yet to run into anyone who listens to her ... though I'm sure she has 3 or 4. What do you expect from a woman with the intellect of a turd?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 September, 2008 05:31  

  • Air Force Veteran ~ Randi Rhodes

    You want her on that wall!

    You need her on that wall!

    and don't you forget it...

    Maybe if ya listened to da folks on the left ya wouldn't be bitchin dout ya 401k...Chief

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 September, 2008 00:58  

  • RHODES WENT AWOL FROM THE AIR FORCE. She said in her interview with CSPAN'S Brain Lamb that she "LEFT" after 2 years. LEFT=AWOL. (Go to Wikipedia- click discussion at the top of the page) She lies and tells her listeners she served 6 years and she was never an Air Force mechanic. She is one very skillful liar.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 September, 2008 19:11  


    No, she went Palace Chase, which is switching to Reserve duty. She got an honorable discharge, which is something you don't get after going AWOL unless your dad is George Bush Sr. You clearly don't know crap about being in the service.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 October, 2008 16:03  

  • I think Randi needs to drink more often. Who knows what a good bump on the head could accomplish.

    By Blogger kenema, at 24 December, 2008 23:18  

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