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04 September 2008

Palin Speech Exceeds Expectations, Should Fuel Talk Radio


Palin's Grand Slam Energizes Talk Radio, Conservative Base

*** French News Agency Reviews Speech Before it is Delivered! ***

In talk radio and politics alike, it is said that real leaders are born, not made. In order to truly excel, the necessary skill set must be encoded in one's DNA.

And during Wednesday evening's triumphant emergence onto the global stage, Sarah Palin only served to reinforce that theory.

Sure, she has plenty of political experience in her home state of Alaska, but with only one week to prepare for her debut, only natural, God-given talent could explain her grand slam performance.

The resulting standing ovation from the audience, as well as praise from pundits who were forced to concede they'd wildly underestimated her, is sure to fuel talk radio's fire for weeks to come. At least one cable guest called her "a natural".

More importantly, Palin's triumph has just blown the presidential race wide open, with Barack Obama now facing a true rival in the oratory department. Unlike the Democratic presidential nominee, however, the Alaskan governor offers specifics, not only from her past work at home, but also a vision for America's future.

Of course, not for a moment does this site believe that Obama's supporters, especially those inside the mainstream media, will call a cease- fire after a week of sleazy attacks against Palin and her family. Now that she's had a chance to define herself, however, the left will have to become far more creative.

John Kerry's strategy, for example, has been to claim that Rush Limbaugh compelled McCain to select her. Now that she has been shown to be presidential (not merely vice-) material, isn't Kerry accidently paying Rush a compliment on his running mate selection skills?

But in terms of attacks, that's just the tip of the iceburg, as Limbaugh himself explained on Wednesday's show:

RUSH: McCain's campaign strategerist, a guy named Steve Schmidt, says that he's been contacted by a bunch of big-time Drive-By reporters demanding paternity tests for the Down syndrome child. The Drive-By Media has called Steve Schmidt of the McCain campaign and is demanding paternity tests for the Down syndrome child! I am not making this up. That's what Steve Schmidt is saying. They don't believe it. These far-left fringe bloggers are defining the template of the Drive-By Media now. They are defining the template. They have sunk to a low that was previously unsuspected, and there's plenty of room for them to go straight down to hell -- and they're on their way. They are destroying an entire industry, and I'm content for that to happen, but, boy, it's painful to watch as they flail about, trying to hold on and save what is so desperate to them: and that is liberal socialism, reforming and running this country.

He didn't name them. He didn't name the reporters, but he said he's had a bunch of A-list reporters demand paternity tests for the Down syndrome child 'cause they believe that it actually is the daughter's child, who is now pregnant, and that Sarah Palin covered by faking being pregnant to protect her daughter and so forth; even though the 17-year-old daughter is five months pregnant. They want a paternity test on that Down syndrome kid because their standard mode of operation is: "Whatever a conservative or Republican says is a lie, it isn't true," or it's worse than that. Folks, they're not even interested in the truth. If we get down to the bottom line here, it's rumor, rumor, rumor, and establish rumor as fact -- and that is the modus operandi.

Just put any rumor out there, and when you know that sycophant vacuum cleaners in the Drive-By Media are going to be entertained and intrigued by whatever fringe insanity they read on these fringe kook websites -- if those websites understand that whatever they write is going to be picked up and investigated as a legitimate news source. All the while these people complained about the New Media, the conservative media, which has "no editing process," which has no "filters." We, of course, in the New Media pose a great risk to democracy and freedom because we're just a bunch of wild asses shooting from the hips -- and it's just the exact opposite. Some of the most extreme, insane, insulting, lunatic stuff now approaches the mainstream; reaches the mainstream; and becomes rumor/fact of the day.

Instead of directly confronting Palin, VP opponent Joe Biden attempted to shift the debate back to the Bush Administration, promising criminal charges against George W Bush if Obama is elected. But this desperate attempt at gaining attention failed miserably, few media outlets even reported the story and the main report came from overseas.

If this is the best the Obama camp can come up with, they are running a much weaker campaign than any of us had previously believed.

For talk radio, Palin's entrance into the national political landscape provides more than just fresh topics, she brings a newly energized, no longer dejected listenership back to the medium. Regardless of November's election outcome, conservative talkers have an upbeat message of real hope to share with their respective audiences.

It's good for ratings, revenue and most importantly, America.

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  • Stop lying, Brian.

    There have not been "attacks". Not by the mainstream Obama supporters. Not by the mainstream media.

    You know that Palin has been called to the carpet based on her own scandals, based on her own hypocrisy surrounding the family values she obviously failed to instill in her own daughter.

    And, the main crux of the issue is that Mccain picked her without vetting her, putting these issues in the public eye in the process. She is scandal-laden. Hypocrisy-laden. And that's her fault, not the media's, not Obama supporter's.

    And, Mccain's campaign put out the story about her daughter's pregnancy so they didn't get scooped.

    And they are the ones who have been dragging that story and the daughter and the boyfriend into the spotlight.

    And it was Palin's responsibility for not turning down the invitation to run - she is the one who put her familial troubles in the spotlight by accepting the nomination - not Obama supporters, not the media.

    Stop lying about the context of all this.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 September, 2008 01:37  

  • There ARE no "mainstream" Obama supporters.

    Only losers, thugs, and flat-out savages...

    Your candidate! OWN them!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 September, 2008 08:46  

  • TJ said: "There have not been "attacks".

    What planet do you live on?

    The media was all over the slander that Palin was not the mother of her 4 month old baby. Slam after slam all weekend long.

    Now all they have to say is her hairstyle is 20 years old!

    How stupid must Democrats feel right now? Who decided it would be a good strategy to kick a Mama Bear?

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 04 September, 2008 10:26  

  • dood - you live in a completely different universe.

    The only ones claiming the "media" has been saying that are those conservative pundits proclaiming it.

    NOT ONE MAINSTREAM media pundit/news organization forwarded that as a story. Ever.

    But I understand you, Benson - you're just as ridiculously partisan as maloney.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 September, 2008 19:59  

  • The mainstream media bought the Daily Kos slander hook, line, and sinker. The media ran with it all weekend, unless you were blind.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 04 September, 2008 20:58  

  • No? No mainstream media outlet mentioned it? What about this one:

    That's the AP. Pretty mainstream...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 September, 2008 17:15  

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