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16 September 2008

Roseanne Barr Makes Yet Another Attempt At Talk Radio


Roseanne Again Seeks Elusive Talk Radio Success

Is Roseanne Barr incapable of taking a hint?

After failing at talk radio several times in the last few years, the comedian/ unhinged lefty is taking yet another stab at it, returning to the same Southern Californian station that was the scene of some of her previous crimes against broadcasting.

During an unsuccessful attempt at permanently joining Air America Radio's lineup, Barr actually called for riots during Denver's Democratic National Convention. Though much of the mainstream media covered for her (with just a few exceptions), this type of dangerous rhetoric has become the norm during her program.

From the Riverside Press-Enterprise:

After a year-long absence from the airwaves, Roseanne Barr will return to radio this afternoon on Inland-based KCAA Talk Radio 1050 AM.

Her show with partner Johnny Argent will air from 4 to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Friday for at least six months.

"She wants to have a voice," said Todd Rowan, of Rowan Kelly, a radio programming and advertising consulting agency that brought Barr to KCAA.

She originally kicked off "Roseanne Talk Live" with Argent in March 2007 and it ran for three months before she ended the show.

During her first run, Barr broadcast the show from Las Vegas, where she was performing. Rowan said the new show will be broadcast from Full Moon & High Tide Productions & Studios in El Segundo. KCAA's studios are in San Bernardino.

Barr and Argent often talked politics and religion on the radio show.

"With the political season coming up, it's going to be great," Rowan said.

An Emmy-winning comedienne, Barr is best known for her sitcom "Roseanne," which ran for nine years and tackled issues facing a lower-middle class family.

Argent was one of the writers for Barr's 2006 HBO comedy special and appeared as himself on "The Real Roseanne Show" in 2003.

Could someone please bar the studio's front door before she finds her way in front of a microphone? Oops, it's too late, the show apparently began today.

From here, there's little doubt Rosie & Co will push for national libtalk syndication, given the limited reach of her current outlet and the fact that she will be using a remote studio in another city, rather than KCAA's San Bernadino studios.

Given her history of reckless outbursts and miniscule audiences, however, how much luck can she really hope to have?

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  • Roseanne Barr -- irrelevent, ignorant and no longer funny but still highly annoying.

    Hmmm...could that be why her audience is so small?

    By Blogger Carl, at 16 September, 2008 21:29  

  • I don't find barr funny, never quite "got" her show (though I did watch the reruns alot when I didn't have cable)...

    however, this is just another example of maloney attacking someone of the other political bent out of jealousy that they can get a radio gig and he can't.

    partisan bitching is what it is.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 September, 2008 12:15  

  • Interesting attack TJ...totally baseless but interesting nonetheless...

    Typical...don't address the issue presented...attack the person.

    Congratulations, TJ you just exemplified an "ad hominen."

    By Blogger Carl, at 17 September, 2008 13:10  

  • On Bill Moyers' TV show last Friday (09/12), they ran a video of Rush Limbaugh expressing the wish that activists would indulge in violent acts at the Dems' convention in Denver...they waited a week and went on a spree in St. Paul instead.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 September, 2008 15:29  

  • Anon, Moyers took the edited clip out of context relating to the previous several minutes which showed Limbaugh using sarcasm. I was listening when Limbaugh was making that point and Moyers, in his typical unethicial journalistic style, intentionally misrepresented a conservative. It's not the first time Moyers has done this and probably not the last. He's intentionally misrepresented Ann Coulter & Bill O'Reilly in the past and was exposed. When confronted on camera, he avoided the topic, tried to change topic and constantly refused to address the issue. So if Moyers is your source for relevant information you have chosen dishonesty over accuracy.

    By Blogger Carl, at 17 September, 2008 18:09  

  • The Inland Empire is what Los Angeles considers a combination of the country and the desert. I don't know who she thinks will tune in for her show.

    Roseanne is the poster child for functional insanity.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 September, 2008 12:13  

  • well, i hate to POP your Bubble, mister, sir I speak to you with respect, but looks like ROSEANNE is RIGHT and not left.

    Or maybe she is so RIGHT that she is left, center and all around the truth.

    Americans are been shorn like sheep, but looks like they are beginning to wake up and smell the Bull****

    Feel free to email me at

    thank you,
    Shannon aka cacao so far to the right, that i came full circle

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 September, 2008 21:27  

  • Shannon, are you serious? Are you kidding me? Rosanne Barr, a right winger? You gotta be pulling our legs.

    However if you are serious, then you really need a reality check.

    By Blogger Carl, at 25 September, 2008 22:55  

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