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16 October 2008

Reverend Al Sharpton Gloats Over McCain 'Loss', Obama 'Victory'


Sharpton, 'Civil Rights' Friends Celebrate Obama 'Victory'


Remember when so-called civil rights leaders couldn't contain their jealousy over the sudden rise of Barack Obama onto the national political stage? Consider that ancient history.

Now, it's clear they view the potential election of Obama as good for business in their lucrative race card/ corporate "donation" racket industry. With the Illinois senator installed as president, who could say no to the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others?

That's why the Reverend Sharpton is positively giddy over what he sees as a foregone conclusion. From Thursday's syndicated Al Sharpton Show:

SHARPTON (16 October 2008 / 3:56): Now let me ask you Rev Watkins before I bring in George (Curry) and Dr. Tatum who are non-clergy members, between you (Joe Watkins) and I as a Minister, wasn’t last night the Republicans' wake and the funeral will be November fourth. I mean, you got to be getting your black suit out!

REVEREND JOE WATKINS (4:11): Ha ha ha ha. Well there is no doubt about it, the polls say what they say that Sen. Barack Obama is leading right now in a number of fronts and in a number of states, a number of battleground states and he’s doing very well. Senator Obama is doing very well. It is an uphill battle right now for John McCain, but John McCain has been a fighter and (ah ah) has managed to overcome the odds in the past. But right now, there’s no doubt about it, Senator Obama is leading.

SHARPTON (4:44): Well, that’s a great concession. George, the debate last night, did you watch it and what are your views?

GEORGE CURRY (4:50): Ah, I absolutely watched it. I tell ya, I stopped counting how many times they mentioned Joe the Plumber at 20.

SHARPTON (4:55): Ha ha ha ha.

Aside from the weak hedging strategy employed by Watkins during the interview, this is another reminder that the chief beneficiaries of an Obama presidency will be the same fringe activists who've done so much to damage race relations in America for their own fun and profit.

It's not surprising that Sharpton & Friends make no attempt to hide their outright gloating, especially given polls that show their new best friend coasting to victory on election day.

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