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31 December 2008

Left's Selective Use Of Divisive Racial Rhetoric Especially Apparent


Obamists Play Mind Games Over Race Issues



In the hours since embattled Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich outfoxed his Democratic rivals (no kidding!) by appointing an African-American to the US Senate, we've seen many Antique Media references to Blago and his supporters having played "the race card".

Coming after a week-long holiday smear campaign orchestrated by these very operatives against conservatives and Republicans over a year-old parody song created for the Rush Limbaugh Show, the accusations are rich indeed.

Let's get this straight: when activists to the left of Obama (including the only man to have defeated Barack in an election contest, Democratic Rep Bobby Rush) plead for the acceptance of their Senate appointee, that's racist, because it appears based primarily on the ethnicity of former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris.

Good thing race was never a factor in Obama's victory! Luckily, guilt-ridden white liberal boomers had nothing to do with it.

Likewise, when those to the right of Obama dare to parody a Los Angeles Times Op-Ed column referring to the Dear Leader as a "magic negro", that's also racist, because only liberal mainstream media types and other Obamists are allowed to use that kind of language.

Do you see where this is going? Far-left Democrats are bigoted when they don't fall in line with the Obamists, while Republicans are guilty of the same offense merely for daring to oppose their Messiah.

The result: Barack Obama's (largely white) supporters are now the arbiters of all things racial.

Here's a clip of the press conference, which has Obamists in a tizzy:

This 'race card' is clearly marked. You'd never get away with that in Vegas!

Clearly, all of this is a distraction designed to take some of the heat off of the Dem's massive PR bungling on a number of open US Senate seats, including New York's. From today's Wall Street Journal:

So to recap all of this change you can believe in: A Kennedy and Cuomo are competing to succeed a Clinton in New York; the skids are greased for a Biden to replace a Biden in Delaware; one Salazar might replace another in Colorado; and a Governor charged with political corruption in Illinois wants one of his cronies to succeed the President-elect. Let's just say we're looking forward to 2009.

At the same time, the ongoing dishonesty at the far-left Los Angeles Times continues to know no boundaries, with Lisa Richardson attacking Republicans over the Limbaugh parody while failing to mention that it was based on a column that ran in her own paper! Take a look:

It's a given that Republicans are done trying to appeal to black voters, but are they really ready to give up everyone else who isn't white? Because if not, here's the thing: it’s not much of a stretch for Latinos and Asians -- who also voted overwhelmingly for Obama -- to imagine how a president-elect of their ethnicity also could be the target of such lighthearted Republican fun. "Mike the Magic Jap” and “Maria the Magic Mexican” probably wouldn't go over that well either.

Remember, this manufactured controversy was cooked up by the left because a little-known GOP chairmanship candidate distributed a song recorded 18 months ago and dismissed even by Obama himself at the time. But you won't see the dying Times come clean about any of that.

Don't be fooled by this trickery: Obamist Democrats are scrambling to contain the damage caused by the scandals over these open Senate seats. Resorting to attacking others, even sacrificing other liberals if necessary, is simply par for the course.

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Blago image: AP

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  • poor, poor, poor Republicans. Recent CNN poll, 85% of America approves of the way Barack Obama is handling his presidential transition and 60% of the American people think Obama's team did nothing unethical regarding the senate replacement in IL.

    the more you stay focused on this the more irrelevant the shrieking sissies on the right become.

    nobody cares. The WSJ is clueless, Americans care about the economy and the future of this country, which thanks to the Reagan era (30 years of governing for the rich) is grim..... The old political crap nobody cares about.. Nobody cares about the Senate replacements, only 12%ers, who miss George W Bush

    you fools are so irrelevant, the grownups have taken over, and nothing you can do but whine.

    Nobody cares about Bribovitch, nobody cares about Caroline Kennedy
    Democrats are not scrambling to fix the damage, there has been NO DAMAGE, Obama has an over 85% approval rating, NOBODY CARES... We get it, politicians are corrupt, Republicans and Democrats, however America does get, no matter how bad Democrats are, Republicans almost destroyed America forever. It really is a matter of the lesser evil, Republicans have proven they hate working America, hate families, hate the military, hate veterans, hate children, hate Middle Class and the poor....... Nothing the democrats do, will bring the public back to the GOP, NOTHING.... THE G.O.P will be despised for the next century. I guarantee it, the GOP brought this country to the brink of extinction.... and America knows this. Nothing you can say, nothing Rush can say, nothing Hannity can say, will change the overwhelmingly majority's rejection of the sick failed policies of Reagan era Republicanism.. in the next election cysle, even more Republicans will be removed from power. You can stand on your head screaming Blagojevich,Blagojevich,Blagojevich,Blagojevich, until you turn blue in the face. America will NOT elect a Republican majority for the next century. You almost destroyed our nation. Your drug addled hero can scream Blagojevich, until he spits blood. Republicans will continue to lose elected positions, until the party is completly powerless.


    YOU HAVE BEEN REJECTED AND DEEMED THE ENEMY OF AMERICA. The vast majority of this nation agrees

    It is not 1994, RNC radio will not be successful trashing the Democratic party 24.7, Republicans are despised, loathed and most Americans want nothing to do with conservatism or Reaganism anymore.

    Get used to it.

    and no I did not support Obama.I reject both parties.

    Every last post of mine has been 100% accurate. Sorry cons, you attempted to destroy the working class. We are NEVER supporting the GOP again. You are terrorists, terrorizing our wages, our unions, our livable wages, our healthcare, terrorists will NEVER hold power again.

    please carry on Brian

    bu bu bu Barrack the Magic negro, bu bu bu bu bu Blagojevich, bu bu ub bu Caroline Kennedy, bu bu bu bu bu Blagojevich, bu bu bu, race card



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 December, 2008 11:05  

  • You're an idiot. The world is literally going up in flames, and you want to parse the proper application of PC language.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 December, 2008 13:17  

  • It looks like the Democrats are setting their high water mark for Senate seats.

    Y'know, with these, y'know, weak friends and family replacements of powerful Democrat politicos, plus the apparent "election" of the ethically challenged, irritable and irritating Al Franken in MN, over the next 6 years, there could be a large conversion of seats back to Republicans.

    By Blogger Chromium, at 31 December, 2008 16:20  

  • Well said MOP.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 December, 2008 18:53  

  • Republican criminals,

    Al Franken's lead now stands at 225 votes.

    I find it appropriate that a former host for Air America Radio is about to become a U.S. senator.

    I hope the Democratic party rams legislation downs the throats of right wing a-holes.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 January, 2009 23:42  

  • Wow,
    I didn't think you would post my grossly off-topic comment. My excitement is building:

    "A state election board on Monday will announce Democrat Al Franken has defeated Republican incumbent Norm Coleman in Minnesota's U.S. Senate race, state officials told CNN Sunday.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 January, 2009 19:32  

  • FRANKEN wins!!!!!

    and Coulter's new book has a place reserved of it on the $5 bin at a bookstore near you.

    The destruction and complete destruction of conservatism and ever increasing irrelevancy of conservative radio is so satisfying.

    I still can hear conservatives in 2002, declaring their 100 year rule and incessant attacking of anyone to the right of Mussolini. 6 years later a "failed talk show host" and BEST Selling author is going to be a senator!!!!

    Ironic, how conservatives bash the people who elected Franken because he is from "Hollywood", yet the conservative masturbatory fantasy man Ronald Reagan, was also a Hollywood entertainer. The stupidity of the conservatives never cease to amaze me. I guess the media gives them attention, because you can not ignore the mentally retarded, they are people too. How nice of the corporate media to give so many mental retards airtime

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 January, 2009 16:50  

  • "The destruction and complete destruction of conservatism and ever increasing irrelevancy of conservative radio is so satisfying..."


    it's not as though they won't "reinvent" themselves and find even sneakier ways back in, like mildew on a shower curtain liner

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 January, 2009 19:51  

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