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18 December 2008

Reports: Rudy Giuliani In Talk Radio Hosting Deal


Former NYC Mayor May Become Talk Host

Proving that the radio industry absolutely never learns from its past mistakes, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani may be poised to sign a syndicated talk radio deal.

On Wednesday, reports surfaced in several places, including the New York Post, that the onetime presidential candidate was in talks with Westwood One, a supplier of talk radio programming. If a deal is finalized, he would take over for Bill O'Reilly once his show ends early in the new year.

From their coverage:

EVERYONE knows Bill O'Reilly is quitting his radio show to concentrate on his Fox News TV program. Now, Page Six has learned the leading candidate to succeed him is Rudy Giuliani (above). Westwood One, which syndicates the O'Reilly show, is negotiating with the former mayor. Giuliani, who doesn't suffer fools gladly, famously ridiculed a ferret owner on the radio in 1999, calling him "deranged." Some wonder if Rudy could sit for three hours a day chitchatting about politics. The other question is how it might affect his possible gubernatorial run in 2010. Giuliani's office did not return calls.

Unfortunately for both Rudy and Westwood One, however, there are several potential snags:

Like other celebrity "hosts" who decide to play radio for fun and profit, Rudy has absolutely no experience outside of sitting in a studio as a guest. Forced to answer unpleasant questions that he's spent a career ducking, Giuliani would face heat unlike anything before.

Because hosting talk radio programs involves stating opinions on issues, Rudy's show would provide a great deal of potential opposition material should he make an expected run for New York governor in 2010. Talk radio and elective office are not compatible pursuits.

As he's developed a reputation as a relatively liberal Republican, there's no natural audience constituency for Rudy. Generating ratings and revenue would be especially challenging without a dedicated base of fans.

His potential employer, Westwood One, is nearly broke. Recently delisted by the New York Stock Exchange, the onetime CBS subsidiary now trades on the pink sheets (OTC:WWON) as a penny stock. The company has been given up for dead by Wall Street.

If Rudy Radio is just a temporary stop on the way to gubernatorial campaigning, there's little reason for affiliates and listeners to get excited about the show.

And finally, rival network Fox News Radio has already offered O'Reilly radio affiliates a new John Gibson radio show that will immediately slide into that time slot. Gibson is a known quantity in broadcasting and far more likely to generate support from station owners.

If you've ever wondered how companies end up with shares trading at four cents, it's a result of coming up with boneheaded ideas such as this one.

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  • Falling off my chair, I agree with Maloney... Good call on this, and it's about radio!!

    Who would listen to Rudy? Republicans obviously find him repulsive, as even Ron Paul received more delegates in the primary than Benito Giuliani.

    Rudy however is NOT LIBERAL, being pro-gay and pro-choice does not make you "liberal"..... on every other issue the man is a dictatorial fascist. I'm personally pro-life but fall on the far, far,far left on every other issue, so does that make me conservative?

    The right hates the man, the left hates this freak.....

    Who would listen to this freak? The one delegate Rudy won in the primaries?

    He is seriously despised by conservatives and liberals.
    One of the few political figures most agree is a SCUM BAG.

    What are they thinking? This man has a horrible lisp, unfit for the radio, and there is nothing entertaining about him, except for his cross-dressing habits.

    They would be better off picking up the conspiracy guy, Alex Jones, he is entertaining. If coast-to-coast is a hit for almost 20 years, why not Alex Jones?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 December, 2008 11:23  

  • keep in mind it comes from Page 6 of the NY post... so the odds of it happening are next to none

    thank G*d

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 December, 2008 11:24  

  • I put a post on my blog at that Rudy Giuliani was at Del Fresco's in NYC last night and indicated that he was not going to do the radio show.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 December, 2008 11:02  

  • Fred Thompson will get the slot
    according to this release.

    "Westwood One is pleased to announce the debut of The Fred Thompson Show on March 2, 2009. The show will replace The Radio Factor with Bill O'Reilly when the program ends its successful six-year run on February 27, 2009"

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 22 December, 2008 11:39  

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