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05 January 2009

2009 Already Providing Tremendous Fodder For Talk Radio, Blogs


New Year Brings Stunning Range Of Fresh Talk Radio Topics

As talk radio hosts return from the holidays today, they face an unusually rich selection of major topics to cover. Bloggers are already reaping the rewards of this embarrassment of news cycle riches. Does it get any better than this?

A quick look:

With yesterday's latest scandal, this time involving Bill Richardson, it's become abundantly clear that Obama's tenure in office will likely be plagued by scandal. With two major flaps even before being sworn in, the Dear Leader seems hellbent on setting some kind of record for political self-destruction.

While the antique media scrambles to cover for their messiah, critics are now armed with enough political ammo to carry them through at least the first year of what is destined to become a troubled presidency.

Though Obama's supporters promised Americans that the world's tyrants, despots and terrorists would suddenly love us upon his election, protests against the Dear Leader have already occurred in Jakarta (see above-right image) and his inaction on the Israel-Gaza conflict while sitting on the beach in Hawaii has certainly won him no friends overseas.

Over several potential appointments due to vacancies, Senate Democrats are in meltdown mode. In Illinois, the potential sale of Obama's seat to the highest bidder has embattled Governor Rod Blagojevich clearly outmaneuvering Harry Reid and the rest of the party's leadership. Meanwhile, the overt effort by Caroline Kennedy to be crowned New York's next senator has turned into a public relations fiasco.

In Minnesota, the sleazy, ultra-partisan effort by Democrats to steal a US Senate seat for alleged comedian Al Franken has become so brazen that the Wall Street Journal now considers the process and Franken himself "tainted". Here, they've documented the thievery step-by-step.

Wild-spending governors (primarily Democrats, with a RINO Republican or two in the mix) are now looking to Obama for trillion-dollar state bailouts, rather than making difficult decisions to cut spending and prepare for lean times ahead.

An ongoing corruption scandal affecting elected Democrats in Massachusetts shows no signs of going away anytime soon, with some of Obama's closest Bay State supporters ensnared in a FBI sting operation.

With so much on the plate, the toughest decision for talk hosts in the new year is knowing where to begin. For the medium, these are truly salad days.

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