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13 January 2009

Ann Coulter Proves She's Not Afraid To Take On Opponents


Despite Open Hostility, Ann Coulter Takes On All Foes

Even those who don't agree with Ann Coulter have got to give her credit for utter fearlessness in confronting political foes. Who else could take on the The View's relentless harpies while remaining so cool and collected?

During Monday's program, even Whoopi Goldberg's aggressive, yet characteristically cheap debate tactics had no real effect on the best-selling conservative author (Guilty) and lecturer:

But that didn't
stop one HuffPo extremist from taking gutter-level shots at her:

Remember that crazy woman in Pittsburgh who carved a backwards "B" into her own cheek and then claimed that rampaging black men had assaulted her because they saw a "McCain-Palin" bumper sticker on her car? Well, Ann Coulter's routine on The View this morning proved that she's just as crazy as the Pittsburgh woman (although, unfortunately, more politically influential).


I wish Ann Coulter would just go away. And I wish she would take Joe the Plumber and Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin and the whole Republican "movement" carnival act with her. But I know that will never happen. These right-wing corporate media darlings have access to piles of money to circulate their "ideas" in the public discourse as promoted through "books" and A.M. talk radio shows. Their authoritarian, racist, "eat the poor" ideology serves the interests of ruling corporate elites; so these barren, windswept notions will be shoved down our throats no matter how many Barack Obamas we elect.

"Global warming doesn't exist!" "Labor unions are evil and corrupt!" "Liberals coddle single mothers and single mothers raise children to be criminals!" "Cut corporate taxes and regulations and prosperity will 'trickle down!'" "Ketchup is a vegetable!" "Trees cause pollution!" And so on, and on, and on.

Perhaps more impressive is the way she handled alleged conservative Mike "Fried Squirrel" Huckabee, who seems to be using his new FOX program to air primary campaign grievances.

Here, the partisan spoiler (whose insistence on remaining in the GOP race long after his sell-by date caused McCain to best Romney, paving the way for Obama's easy November victory) confronts Coulter over some of her past Huck-zingers:

After these encounters, it's hard to know which is more repulsive, the girls or the squirrels. But one thing's for sure: with every televised verbal boxing match, Coulter's star is rising. No matter how hard they try, the "progressive" left can't seem to slow her down.

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Huckabee Fried Squirrel:

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  • I am a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, Bush supporter and a full-fledged supporter of the war in Iraq - and Brian, you have never been more wrong in you life. Ann Coulter is absolute poison to the conservative movement. She is the right-wing version of Randi Rhodes. That's right - Randi Rhodes. Do you have any idea how many assassination jokes Coulter has uttered? That's why I make the Coulter/Rhodes comparison. Coulter is getting more shrill by the day, and she will not take constructive criticism ever.

    Bernard Goldberg said it best: You can't say Coulter is thin-skinned. She simply has no skin at all.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 January, 2009 16:59  

  • I think Ann Coulter is an absolutely PERFECT spokeswoman for neoconservatism!

    Carry on, Ann! We love you!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 January, 2009 12:19  

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