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21 January 2009

Early Obamist Blunders Have Talk Radio Switching Gears


Obama Off To Unexpectedly Weak Start, Hosts In Position

Just one day
after the breathtaking excess, boorish behavior and sickening trashing of the Capitol by the Obamists, talk radio hosts couldn't possibly be more upbeat.

Just a few days ago, despair was the order of the day for many, but a clearer picture has changed that view. Instead of worrying about whether a viable opposition movement will emerge, it is now far more likely that the Barack-lash will be unlike anything previously seen in American history.

For answers as to how and why circumstances have shifted so quickly, let's examine the specifics:

In writing his own speech, Obama made a key tactical error. As a result, it came across as lackluster and disjointed (as Rush Limbaugh explains here) rather than polished and memorable. Not a strong way to kick off a new administration.

The overtly racist inaugural prayer by the Reverend Joseph Lowery and baffling, downright goofy poem from Elizabeth Alexander stole the show. At Washington's WMAL-AM, morning hosts spoofed it and came up with their own versions.

Beyond that, perhaps for the first time, it revealed the kooky nature of the Obamists to middle America. Obama's smile as Lowery insulted various ethnic groups has exacerbated the controversy.

The classless and downright boorish behavior of the Obamists as they jeered President Bush yesterday only underscored their childishness. Talk hosts and bloggers have since seized upon this disgusting display.

The sickening manner in which Obamists trashed the Capitol grounds is generating attention today, especially at the Drudge Report, where readers are submitting photos of the mess. Obama's supporters are certifiable slobs.

Already using official resources to attack Bush via the White House website over Hurricane Katrina, the Obamist Regime has already shown that it is willing to break protocol for the sake of petty, partisan politics. During today's Laura Ingraham Show, even longtime Democratic Party operative Lanny Davis denounced the move.

Talk hosts are finally waking up to the reality that they are now on the offensive. That brings tremendous benefits. As New England regional talker Howie Carr notes in today's Boston Herald, "the blame game is over for moonbats."

With the inaugural overkill finally behind us, it's now back to the nonstop parade of Democratic sex, bribery and tax evasion scandals. The latest: Portland (Oregon) Mayor Sam Adams, damaged by charges of predatory sex with a troubled young male.

The mainstream news media's shameless fawning over Obama has permanently destroyed its credibility and will be difficult to maintain as the regime begins to alienate some of its supporters (inevitable once it begins to take unpopular stances). Talk hosts and bloggers are now in position to go after Obama's most outrageous partisans, with Gwen Ifill and others topping the list.

Here, syndicated talker Mark Levin picks apart Tom Brokaw's particularly bigoted, divisive Inauguration Day antics. Brokaw's (who Levin calls Brokejaw, but has also been known as Drunkaw by others) parting shots against Dick Cheney and slurs against non-Obamists are particularly outrageous.

Hosts who previously thought undermining Obamism would be difficult in the face of fierce public support are now beginning to recognize that he's a quickly fading fad.

Initial crowd estimates appear to have been too large, with numbers reduced sharply. In November, four million were expected to attend the inauguration, but a new report places the actual number at about a million, which may not have even set a record. Further, several parties were actually cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

In addition, despite unprecedented hype, TV ratings fell far short of expectations. In fact, a surprisingly small minority of Americans tuned in for Tuesday's overkill. It beat Jimmy Carter's inauguration by just three million viewers. Considering how substantially the population has grown since then, this is less than impressive.

And in the brilliant piece by Juan Williams referenced above, the longtime Democratic activist / pundit has this cautionary advice for Obama's supporters: "let's not celebrate more ordinary speeches."

Just weeks ago, it appeared the Obamists would be formidable. Now, talkers and bloggers are delighted to discover that his regime is a mere anomaly on the continuing path of American greatness. And during this brief, Carter-like period, he will provide a daily helping of fodder that will allow the conservative movement to rebuild in a manner stronger than ever before.

Beyond that, the Obamists are clearly smaller in number than previously thought. A large number of Americans have refused to join the cult.

Over time, Americans will come to see that the Obamists bring false hope and empty promises. As their belief in him fades, a strong opposition will need to be in place to fill the leadership void.

Let the Barack-lash begin!

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  • whiney Republicans

    the fringe
    the hated
    the ignored

    traitorous scum

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 January, 2009 13:45  

  • Democratic sex, bribery and tax evasion scandals

    and Republicans are squeaky clean?

    America will never forget Larry Craig, EVER

    and Republicans outnumber Democrats in sex scandals and rape 400 to 1
    it is far more common amongst the sexually repressed conservative cult

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 January, 2009 14:12  

  • This post is a virtual cocktail party.

    Both whine and cheese served!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 January, 2009 14:55  

  • Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, consAretheMoonBatshowiecarlovescockinface, off-the-meds and on-line! The future of the Democratic Party!

    In all seriousness though, cons, chill. I can't imagine the vitriol you spew is doing any good for your blood pressure. If we tick you off so much, why do you seem to spend so much time here amongst
    us lowly 12%ers? Surely, someone with your undoubtedly formidable intellect has better uses for his time now that Obama is in office. Also, why all the homophobia?

    Me? Though I didn't vote for him, I recognize that Obama's inauguration is a historic event, a true watershed moment, one that all Americans should be proud of.
    Having said that, of course, there is no way that Obama could possibly live up to the expectations that many, like cons, have of him. When that becomes apparent, it's gonna get real interesting...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 January, 2009 15:56  

  • If Obama is political Viagra, the media are at that stage in the ad where the announcer warns that, if leg tingles persist for over six months, see your doctor.

    I couldn't have said this better myself.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 January, 2009 16:17  

  • I normally don't say such things, but the overwhelming majority of liberals who have been leaving comments on this blog the past couple of days have shown themselves to be possibly the dumbest, vilest, most vitriolic, deranged and brain-dead individuals I have witnessed in quite a long time. Congratulations on the achievements, libs. You must all be so proud to have stooped so low and become so classless and ignorant.

    By Blogger Carl, at 21 January, 2009 16:45  

  • Wow! Judging by the state of anger and hatred some of the lefties are displaying...I half expect them to come by my station.. hunt me down and put a plastic bag over my head till I suffocate.

    ...On another note.

    Does Obama remind you of a little bull dog that has chased a garbage truck for years and has finally sunk his teeth into the rear bumper?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 January, 2009 17:58  

  • "...I recognize that Obama's inauguration is a historic event, a true watershed moment, one that all Americans should be proud of..."


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 January, 2009 22:54  

  • Unfortunately, I have to disagree with you Brian. If these lefties criticized "the One", they are only criticizing themselves. And they have drunk so much Kool-Aid, even 4 years from now, anything that goes wrong will still be Bush's fault.

    They will never see or allow any criticism as (1) no matter how many facts are presented, they won't believe it anyway; (2) they'll only be indicting themselves if they do; so even if they were to recognize something is wrong, they'll force themselves to cover it up.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 January, 2009 04:52  

  • hashfanatic,

    to answer your question, you know exactly why..... only 60 years ago brown people like Obama could not attend High school....... Guess you can't relate..... empathy is not in the bones of a closet con, hash, you have always been a nasty, Anti-American conservative, a brown man defeating Hillary brought out the con in you. Next step Hash, Hal Turner!! I know you listen.

    Karl, 30 years ff your Anti-American, Anti-Middle class, Anti-lib vile, sickness brought forth me, I have no shame in saying, I despise conservatives, I blame your sick ideology for the destruction of this country, and would classify conservatives for the most part as terrorists. Your ideas have terrorized working people, poor people, veterans, children, and the country in general. Limbaugh is an enemy of this country, I have had it with you filthy, traitorous pigs, this is not a game, your vile, wrongful thinking has cost millions their livelihood and their jobs. I curse Ronald Reagan's existence, I celebrated the day he died, he was an enemy of the common man. Nothing crazy about my views, they are grounded in reality. Since the early 80's conservative ideas have slowly strangled the working class
    Everything I claim is based in reality, REALITY. You dirty freaks and your mouthpieces have tried to re-write history, and demean all that has benefited America (such ads the New Deal) in another effort to destroy working people and the Middle class. Your mouthpieces deceive, lie and twist reality, for the half-wits who hang on their every words. Everything the radical right has done since the 80's is Anti-American, vile, traitorous and destructive.

    As a patriot, I will attack the right at every opportunity, let the world know what degenerate, Anti-American freaks you are. You devils tried to demean all that is right for 30 years with the sick network of mouthpieces in the media, from the radio hosts, to the psychotic talking heads on talk shows, all designed to turn people against what is right. Designed to turn the working class and poor apart, by having us at our throats. Turning a $30K a year slob against his fellow brother who happens to be even poorer, all the while giving the uber wealthy a pass as they rape this country blind.
    Conservatives have created a class war, the have-nots hating on the have-even-less. That is what Limbaugh has done when the pig spoke about "welfare queens" for 20 years, that is what Ronald Reagan did as well when he started the same speech Rush used demeaning those less fortunate than him.

    I don't represent the "left". Many things the "left" care about... I DO NOT CARE LESS ABOUT. I do not necessarily believe in Global Warming, I do not care the slightest about gay marriage
    ( I value tradition), I strongly support the right to have a gun, I don't believe in the "new world order" and "Bush blowing up the towers" and I understand the dangers of radical Islam..........

    However conservatism has been a tool for the filthy rich to destroy the working class and bring us back to the robber baron era, where the wealth of the nation is concentrated to the fewest. Reagan started this trend by busting unions, demeaning working people, lifting tariffs on imports, eliminating millions of jobs as a result..... Nothing but poverty, bankruptcy, unemployment and suffering have come out of conservative economic principles.

    and conservative talk radio has been the tool used to tear working people apart, misinform them with insane twisted versions of history, fill the environment with hatred , racial and economic division.

    I do believe what Limbaugh does, what Savage, Levin, Coulter, and the rest of the pigs do is disgusting, Anti-American and shameful. I hold the radio networks in high contempt for promoting this Anti-American agenda. I firmly believe any personality that turns working class people against other workers (by blaming the poor for everything) should be deported. They are keeping this majority back from uniting and stopping the raping of this nation by the uber-rich. Conservative pundits exist to help the uber rich, exploit the system and exploit the 95% of us who work for a living

    and honestly I don't trust "D", I don't trust "R"... I just defend democrats to piss you small minded idiots off, because you have been trained like seals to hate "D" and defend to the death "R".... I don't love Obama, I defend him, because you water-heads after 30 years of Reagan ideas want more legislation for the rich. It is truely astonishing, If Obama adapts to the Reagan era sickness, I would be the first to speak out. Party means ZERO to me. I care about ONE thing and ONE thing ONLY: protecting the majority from the tyranny of the minority (the rich)

    apparently you degenerates care about one thing: defending conservatism

    Try defending the 95% of us who work for a living. Try that for once, instead of defending the people who are destroying us

    I'm not radical, you people are the radicals, I defend American vales, you defend the rich and the dumbing down of the commons via right wing talk radio.

    and Hash. It is so sad to see a once smart man, totally brainwashed by angry PUMA lesbians, psychotic Clinton zealots, have taken hold of your brain. Pathetic. Hillary would have done nothing for working people, either would have that freak Palin and McCain but Hash turned to PUMA and the racist wing of the DLC for inspiration and the tiny nobama crowd for hateful inspiration. You have lost your mind Hash. will not save the working class, PUMA will not save your brothers and sisters from losing their jobs........ Hate runs through your veins, you are a true bigot.... You once were a sensible person, until a brown man started winning the Democratic primaries

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 January, 2009 10:08  

  • Well, TheMarketWasTheirGod, you have just further confirmed what I have written about liberal extremists like yourself. You are no patriot but someone who suffers from deranged hatred. You can't even understand what conservatism is so you have to intentionally misrepresent conservatism to try to demonize it. In doing so you only demonize yourself. I wrote, "the overwhelming majority of liberals who have been leaving comments on this blog the past couple of days have shown themselves to be possibly the dumbest, vilest, most vitriolic, deranged and brain-dead individuals I have witnessed in quite a long time" and you have fit well in that group. You must feel so proud to be full of hate and vitriol. You must feel so proud to stoop as low as you have done. You are an example of one of the things that is wrong with the United States that needs to be fixed. Your hatred has overwhelmed you, blinded you, caused you to be irrational and is consuming you even as we speak. You claim you are not a radical but in the same set of comments you admitted to celebrating the death of Ronald Reagan. That is radical and quite evil. You used so much ad hominem and vitriol. That is radical and immature.

    So not only are you a liberal extremist you are also a dishonest one as well. But then again, there is no such thing as an honest liberal extremist. Much, if not all, of what you accuse conservatives (e.g. -- class warfare, media control, etc.) is documented to be caused by liberals and liberalism. But you are too ignorant, too irrational, too emotional, and too dishonest to face facts. Typical.

    "TheMarketWasTheirGod", I'd suggest you get a reality check but in your world, it would bounce. Come back after you get your facts straightened out. Otherwise you are merely a living example of deranged liberal extremism proving Rush Limbaugh and conservatives to be correct once again.

    By Blogger Carl, at 22 January, 2009 12:54  

  • Hash, I said that in the spirit of the great Iowahawk.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 January, 2009 13:25  

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