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07 January 2009

Obamists Continue To Reinvent 'Racist' Terminology


In Obamist Worldview, All Criticism Is Racist


To the long list of previously- mundane expressions now considered derogatory by the Obamist political faction, add "tricked out".

Yes, according to close Barack friend and Massachusetts First Lady Diane Patrick, the use of "tricked out" to describe Governor Deval Patrick's publicly-funded Cadillac is "racist" because the term is apparently used to disparage black people.

Though Patrick aimed her tirade at the Boston Herald, it was one of several Boston-area news outlets that ridiculed the Bay State governor after trading in a more modest state vehicle for a brand new Caddy.

In particular, New England talk hosts hit him hard, badly damaging his public standing upon taking office in January 2007. Regionally-syndicated talker Howie Carr even created a website called Coupe DeVal that still exists today.

Diane Patrick's sentiments were revealed in a new book by far-left Obamist commentator Gwen Ifill, The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.

Obama's presidential campaign was a near carbon-copy of Patrick's 2006 race in Massachusetts, but the national GOP failed to recognize that, leading to the former Illinois senator's easy November victory. Deval and Barack have long been close friends, with Chicago as the connection point.

According to reporter Hillary Chabot, Herald editors are standing by their previous coverage on the matter:

“It didn’t have boom boxes, speakers on the outside, but they called it tricked-out,” Ifill quoted Patrick as saying.

Herald Editor Kevin Convey said the term “tricked out” had no racist implications.

“We’re sorry that the first lady feels the way she does, but the term ‘tricked out’ as a synonym for decorated or adorned is over 100 years old and has no racial connotation whatsoever. Moreover we meant none,” Convey said.

Gov. Patrick raised eyebrows when he switched his state car from a Crown Victoria to a Cadillac DTS and upgraded his office with $12,000 drapes and new sofas shortly after he took office in 2007. Patrick had also hired a $72,000 chief of staff for his wife.

Admitting he mistepped, Patrick later moved to pay for the Cadillac and the staffer stepped down.

Convey couldn't be more on the mark here. In fact, the term "tricked out" has recently been used in this widely-viewed television commercial for Progressive Auto Insurance, a company run by one of Air America Radio's earliest financial backers:

But this certainly isn't the first time ordinary, everyday language has been moved into that category by the Obamists. During last year's campaign, his backers tried to claim that calling Barack a "socialist" also had racist connotations.

From Rush Limbaugh's October 22 2008 program:

RUSH: Folks, you who live in Kansas City and who read the Kansas City "Scar," you have an idiot on the editorial page. I'm not even going to try to pronounce his name because I don't see how. But he has written a piece saying: "The 'socialist' label that Sen. John McCain and his GOP presidential running mate Sarah Palin are trying to attach to Sen. Barack Obama actually has long and very ugly historical roots." Now, so far, so good, because "socialist," that label, refers to a lot of dead white guys. I don't know. When you think of a socialist, can you name one black leader you think of as a socialist? When you hear the term "socialist," historically? I mean, you might think of Robert Mugabe now and you might think of the guys running South Africa, but I bet you can't name 'em.

You'd have to really, really work at it to come up with some historical black leaders who were socialists. You might want to throw in Idi Amin Dada. You'd really have to work at it. When you think of socialists you think of Mussolini. You think of Hitler. You think of Hugo Chavez -- and then from there you go to communists, from there you go to Nazis. They're all white guys. You think of Soviet Union leadership and the politburo. You think of people like Mao Tse-tung -- or Mao Zedong, depending on which pronunciation you prefer. This idiot at the Kansas City Scar said, "J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI from 1924 to 1972, used the term liberally to describe African Americans who spent their lives fighting for equality. ... McCain and Palin have simply reached back in history to use an old code word for black."

No, "socialist" is not a "code word." It has a specific definition. It's a socialist! It doesn't matter what race; it doesn't matter what religion. It doesn't matter what sex, orientation, gender, whatever. A socialist is a socialist. The guy goes on to say, "It set whites apart from those deemed un-American..." Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Idiot at the Kansas City Star, but up until now, most Americans considered socialists to be un-American. It wasn't the way our system was designed. We are capitalist! Socialist was considered to be an enemy. Socialism was something we fought against. Socialism is something we liberated people from, and this guy is now saying the word "socialist" is a code word for black? I went to the Urban Dictionary to find out what in the world this idiot writing for the Kansas City Star could possibly have been thinking.

There are 26 definitions of "socialist," and not one of them in the Urban Dictionary indicated blackness. Number 14 referenced whiteness. Let me read to you from the Urban Dictionary. There are 26 different definitions of this word, and here's number 14: "A socialist, in democratic, capitalistic, western countries, is a person who was, more often than not, raised in a white, middle class family and adopts a socialistic political world view to vent the guilt felt by such an upbringing. This cathartic measure is a form of psychological flagellation and an attempt to identify with poorer people and countries. The socialist realizes that the hand they were dealt was not contingent on their being 'special' but lucky." That's definition number 14. (interruption)

What, Snerdley? Hmm? (interruption) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's a stretch. That's a bit of a stretch. But this guy is such an idiot, you may have a point. Let's read this again and figure out where this idiot at the Kansas City Scar might have been confused here, that socialist is a code word for black. "A socialist in Democratic capitalistic western countries is a person who was more often than not raised in a white middle class family..." Well, that is Obama, and since Obama is black, maybe... It's convoluted. (laughing) It's convoluted. You know, if a few people back through history got the distinction between racism and socialism mixed up, that was their problem. The USSR, the ChiComs, North Korea, other than socialist countries we think of today can hardly be considered strongholds of black activism or civil rights activism.

The fact that this employee of the Kansas City Scar decided to equate anti-socialism with racism is itself such an obvious racist ploy that it's embarrassing. It's embarrassing. This is so typical of the Drive-Bys and who they hire and who they have working on their newspapers today. This is on the editorial page. Now, I mentioned in... (interruption) Yes? The program observer has a question. What's the question, sir? Make it quick. Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. Why is it white liberals know all the code words and the rest of...? 'Cause they make 'em up as we go. They're the ones that make up the code words! Look, "socialist" is now a code word. "Community organizer" is a code phrase. "Past associations" is a code phrase. "Spreading the wealth" is a code phrase. His middle name, Hussein, you can't say it. "White grandmother," you can't say it, except when Obama goes to visit.

Jeremiah Wright, can't talk about him. Bill Ayers, can't bring him up. Michelle (My Belle), don't talk about her. We have duct tape on her mouth anyway. We can't talk about his big ears. We can't talk about anything here. Anything we bring up is racist and a code word for racism. By the way, I hate to be a I-told-you-so, but this was one of the things I feared and one of the things I predicted the way this campaign would play out is that any criticism of Obama is going to be said to be racist. By the way, if he does win the election, that's going to continue. That's not going to stop. Everybody thinks, "Oh, well, if we elect a black president, that's the end of the racial strife in the country. Oh, there will be love and sweetness all around."

We've truly entered an era where any and all criticism of the Obamists can be labeled "racist", with Barack & Friends as the final arbiters of what is and what is not considered a slur.

While this tactic might work for a while, once the inevitable disillusionment has set in, what will they do? In desperation, they could become far more dangerous.

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Diane Patrick image: Boston Herald

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  • Drug addict worth millions said

    When you think of socialists you think of Mussolini. You think of Hitler

    wrong!! When we think of right wing fascism we think of Mussolini and Hitler, both right winger.

    Remember, Rush does not have an associates degree! He knows jack about political ideologies

    Ditto-heads, your leader is a retard

    poor, ditto-heads, educated by an idiot.

    ABC should be ashamed for paying this junkie anything

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 January, 2009 15:46  

  • MOP is that you or impersonator? If so, this is like the second consecutive post without spelling errors.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 January, 2009 18:57  

  • you mean, there's more than one jared?? LOL...

    i'm so sick and tired of blacks defining what is racist and what is not for the we have to go back to calling them "colored" before they realize the idiocy of it all?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 January, 2009 18:17  

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