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12 March 2009

Democrats Select Anti-Rush Billboard Winner


Dem-Funded Anti-Rush Billboard Carries Winner's Message


Announced while the
man himself is temporarily away from the microphone, the winning entry for a new Democrat-sponsored anti-Rush Limbaugh billboard campaign has caused great amusement for many on the Internet today.

Unfortunately for the Dems, however, they're laughing at the billboard, not with it. That's because the "joke" is so unfunny and unoriginal, it is more likely to benefit Limbaugh's program than cause harm.

Don't take our word for it, when even the Christian Science Monitor isn't amused, it's obvious this campaign is dud on arrival:

Setting a world record today for beating a dead horse, the Democratic National Committee will announce they’ve selected an anti-Rush Limbaugh slogan to be placed on a billboard in the radio host’s hometown.

The DNC began soliciting slogans a week ago in response to Limbaugh’s well-known statement that he wants President Obama to fail.

“If you’re anything like me, then you’ve had the urge to talk back to a right-wing talk radio host more than a few times. Now you can,” reads an email blast from the executive director of the DNC. “Can you help us come up with a message for Rush that we’ll place on a billboard right in his hometown?”

The envelope please

That message has apparently been decided. CNN is reporting that the billboard will say, “Americans didn’t vote for a Rush to failure.”

Apparently, more than 80,000 slogans were emailed in and astonishingly all were somehow deemed worse than that one.

At Hot Air, Ed Morrissey has this reaction:

What, “Don’t play Rush-ian Roulette” didn’t come up? Did they miss “nanny nanny boo boo” too? The collective genius of Democrats gets put together and this is what they’ve managed to come up with? I guess that explains Porkulus and their decision to raise taxes during a severe economic crisis, too.

Now, Rush Limbaugh certainly needs no assistance in defending himself, particularly when the opposition is as intellectually disarmed as Democrats show themselves to be here.

Powerline adds this thought:

This whole anti-Rush campaign is so patently silly, at a time when the Obama administration and its Congressional allies are obviously floundering, that I think it has become an embarrassment to the Democrats. Of course, as we know, they are not easily embarrassed.

Clearly, Rush himself welcomes the free publicity and made a point of talking about this campaign repeatedly on the program. On March 5, he pointed to a particularly successful campaign undertaken by KFBK in in the 1980s, before we was syndicated nationwide:

RUSH: Tell 'em put the billboard in Port St. Lucie? They do need to be stimulated up there. You know in Port St. Lucie, how bad it's gotten? It's Rio Linda East. If you go in there and you want to buy a foreclosed house, they demand you buy a minimum of two. (laughs) Port St. Lucie is where the woman went in there and called 911 three times when McDonald's didn't have enough McNuggets, a woman you could say was probably an order of fries short of a Happy Meal even before she went in the place. Let's see. There have been many billboards on me, not since I got famous nationally, but in Sacramento, some of the best billboards ever were put up for me by KFBK. The way radio stations work is they don't put a billboard up to let people know who you are and exist.

They only put the billboard up after you've made it. The billboard goes up as sort of a validation. It's validation advertising. If a lot of people listen to Rush Limbaugh and they see a billboard they're validated, they think it's big, and that's how it's used. So they put up this billboard that was great. This is 1986. It had a white background, and it was a car radio dial with those five bush buttons in front of it and there was a finger and a hand pushing one of the buttons to the frequency of KFBK, 1530 AM -- and above all this, it said, "Wouldn't you just love to punch Rush Limbaugh?" So it was a double entendre: Punch me, punch the radio dial to get me. People were driving out of their way to see these billboards. They put three or four of them up, so it begot a new series of billboards, and, you know, started out a plain old light billboard. "Rush Limbaugh is a harmless, lovable little fuzzball."

Then two weeks they went out and painted tomato splotches on the billboard, then in two more weeks they added some mustard splotches, and at the end of a month (laughing) the billboards... (laughing) It was as though the billboards had been vandalized. They were creative. (laughing) See, I could laugh at myself. I thought both of those were hilarious. Now, the DNC is soliciting entries, and the last time the DNC did this, they had a petition. I forget what the petition is. I guess sent a petition to me, to stop saying this or that. Okay. We saw to it that there were far many more of you suggesting things in their petition, so they took it down. It was not... They didn't want to send a petition to me that basically had 99% of them saying, "We love you, Rush." So you can go to, the Democrat National Committee website, and suggest some of the most laudatory, lovable slogans for the billboard they're going to buy. The only thing is, I want to make sure that this is actual Democrat National Committee money and not taxpayer stimulus money or TARP money. I want to see evidence.

Question: how many
listeners will mistakenly believe the billboard was erected by his own syndication firm on behalf of the program?

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  • Similar to the 1986 billboard with a finger and a hand pushing one of the buttons to a radio frequency with, "Wouldn't you just love to punch Rush Limbaugh?" (Or "Wouldn't you love to punch the dial button and listen to Rush Limbaugh?")...

    ...This billboard will send a similar message!


    Having been voted into Office less than 100 days, American's have watched Obama rush to failure. There's likely many more American's wondering the same thing, only to have it validated with a nice billboard reinforcing Obama's failure and promoting Rush Limbaugh at the same time!

    Paid for by the democrats; this will get interesting.

    By Blogger A 1-In-100 Blogger, at 13 March, 2009 01:40  

  • They left out the line at the bottom.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 March, 2009 09:53  

  • “Americans didn’t vote for a Rush to failure.”

    BUT that is precisely what America got in the Obama Administration and Democrat majority in Congress.

    By Blogger PCD, at 13 March, 2009 11:07  

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