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08 May 2009

Op-Ed: Building A Banned List For Britain


Memo To Jacqui: 'Hate' Radio Cuts Both Ways


Lost in the debate over the banning of syndicated talk host Michael Savage is the fact that many of his liberal radio counterparts have their own record of on-air antics that British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith would most certainly find objectionable, right?

Don't hold your breath.

But if Smith is interested in expanding her blacklist of banned individuals in the United Kingdom, your Radio Equalizer has some suggestions. In today's Washington Times, yours truly makes the case.

An excerpt:

As one might expect, the inevitable public backlash has begun: According to UTV News, curiosity has set in as U.K. residents wonder about the fuss. Until Tuesday, most had never heard of Mr. Savage - his program does not air in Britain. Now, the network believes Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has done him a huge, unintended favor.

So far, media reaction has been mostly predictable, with one BBC Radio 4 commentator wondering why Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talkers hadn't also been included. Yes, the banned personality list just isn't long enough!

Though Ms. Smith didn't provide specific details upon announcing Mr. Savage's exclusion from the country, the BBC indicates it was because he's "considered to be engaging in unacceptable behavior by seeking to provoke others to serious criminal acts and fostering hatred which might lead to inter-community violence."

If we take that to mean the United Kingdom no longer tolerates commentators who utilize violent or racially insensitive commentary, then why stop with Mr. Savage? Does she believe extreme rhetoric exists only on the right?

Perhaps Ms. Smith might also consider banning a few of the left's most notorious radio talk hosts:

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  • Ah....I think the real reason Savage was banned and not the others you mentioned is simple. He's a Jew.
    And in case everyone hasn't noticed already Britain....or what used to be known as Britain before it became caliphate too busy doing the dhimmi-shimmy to let their last three remaining collective brain cells come together for a meeting on REALITY.

    By Anonymous christmasghost, at 08 May, 2009 17:02  

  • Brian, how could you forget Randi's "Fredo" comment back in May 2004? That was an even more blatant "Kill Bush" sputtering than her skit from 2005.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 May, 2009 19:51  

  • Brian? She's a useless drone coming out of England... why bother the time and effort?

    Is there some sort of "I wish I was IRA" and banged on Maggy's farm going on?

    Really, dude, no one cares what this Brit twit thinks about the price of ham in Manchester.

    By Blogger TC, at 08 May, 2009 20:16  

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