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28 July 2009

Al Sharpton Frustrated Media Isn't Sufficiently Fanning The Flames


Sharpton Unhappy With Media Coverage Of Gates 911 Tapes

At a time when
the White House has accused Rush Limbaugh of fanning the flames of racism in order to sell advertising on his show, it's interesting to note the behavior of the Reverend Al Sharpton since Cambridge Police released the Henry Louis Gates 911 tapes. Which side is doing the real race-baiting?

On yesterday's syndicated Al Sharpton Show, the host and niece / sidekick Brittany Sharpton lamented the rapidly-diminishing opportunity for divisiveness to be derived from the incident:

SHARPTON (00:58): You know one of the things Brittany that bothers me as I keep the television on in studio and the cable news station and they’re playing up "no mention of race".

The 911 caller didn’t mention race and the fear I have is when people see that headline they're gonna say, "oh, that proves there wasn’t race involved."

The caller not mentioning race does not mean that race wasn’t involved. It’s what the
cop was dealing with. Had nothing to do with what he was responding to. It’s the actions when he got there.

SHARPTON (43:52): Isn’t the fact that the policeman stepped over the threshold into the house without a warrant mean the policeman broke the law? What was he doing in the house without a warrant?

If Dr Gates establishes it was his house, the policeman had no business being in the house. He didn’t have a warrant and the person's whose house it was establishes it was his house and had not invited him in. So, what was he doing in the house? That’s why I think the President was not off-base saying this was not handled right.

If not for Obama's personal interjection into this issue, it would probably have disappeared from the news cycle several days ago.

With a White House meeting between the parties "on tap" for Thursday, however, the story isn't going anywhere. Will Al Sharpton & Friends yet find an effective way to exploit it?

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  • World Net Daily says a talk show duo in Louisiana were fired for discussing the birth certificate issue.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 July, 2009 17:23  

  • The cop does his job, Gates acts like a jerk, the caller doesn't mention race (and says she can only see from a distance and not real clearly) and Sharpton and others are still not happy? there is something seriously wrong about this.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 July, 2009 20:12  

  • This Sharpton dude is a big racist and he accuses everyone to be one.

    Imagine...Satan accuses man of sin. Same thing happening here.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 August, 2009 16:13  

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