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11 July 2009

Libtalker Ed Schultz Takes Heat For Slamming Al Franken


Franken Proves A Particularly Polarizing Figure

Since his installation
as US Senator, the biggest surprise regarding Al Franken is how polarizing he can be within his own liberal side of the fence.

For slamming Franken on the air, libtalker Ed Schultz faced almost immediate blowback from callers. Was Ed prepared? It doesn't appear that way.

Here's one example that turned particularly nasty:

CALLER (35:10): You know, I listen to you talk about Rush Limbaugh and how awful he is. You're becoming him, Ed. You've got to become ...

SCHULTZ: Now, you're, you're, you're way over the top now. That is a personal shot. I am not a drug addict, you bastard.

CALLER: Sounds like you're drinking.

SCHULTZ: And how dare you call me that.

CALLER: It sounds like you're drinking.

SCHULTZ: And how dare you call me that ...

CALLER: I didn't call you a drug addict ...

SCHULTZ: How dare you, how dare you put me in what that scumbag who is a liar. I'm not a liar. Let me tell you, John, I am not a liar.

CALLER: Oh, I believe that you're not a liar ...

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  • This is how lefties debate? Sounds more like zoo animals shrieking while they hurl fecal projectiles at each other.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 July, 2009 15:19  

  • Polarizing? Not Quite.
    He get huge ovation at swearing in ceremony.

    By Anonymous pbrauer, at 12 July, 2009 00:33  

  • I'm glad to hear that cons never lie or shout abuse. Would you like some swampland in Florida with that?

    By Blogger toddsschneider, at 12 July, 2009 11:11  

  • "libs", are not talk radio sheep, talk radio is not the authority for "progessives", many of us give Obama thumbs down, talk radio , especially Shultz and Rhodes, does not reflect the left's dissapointment with Obama. Shultz and Rhodes can attack Franken (political outsider like Ventura) but not dare question Obama.

    I have my own views, and don't care what Shultz, Rhodes, Maddow,Montel, Reagan, Miller or Press has to say.

    You guys depend on radio to form views , or so it seems...

    lefties don't...

    By Anonymous patrioticommiebastid, at 12 July, 2009 20:13  

  • MoPoop,

    Is there ever a time you come here to post and NOT tell a lie? You are a charactature of the left. You echoed the most left wingnut talking points of (Sc)air America. You have no credibility.

    By Blogger PCD, at 13 July, 2009 14:24  

  • I have an idea MOP’s an idiot who is intellectually dishonest has no ideas that matter.

    He will follow his unions into unemployment and expects the government to bail them out because they can’t make it in the real world. Be a man and stand on your own.

    By Blogger pf1, at 14 July, 2009 01:01  

  • "libs", are not talk radio sheep, talk radio is not the authority for "progessives"...

    That's right! You tards have a hard time finding someone to continously explain to you what's being said on the radio...

    By Blogger juandos, at 14 July, 2009 05:58  

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