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02 July 2009

Ron Reagan Accuses Rush Limbaugh Of Domestic Violence


Ron Reagan: Domestic Violence Marred Rush's Marriages


Among the oldest tricks contained in just about any dusty, dog-eared political playbook is to ask one's opponent when he stopped beating his wife. As the burden shifts to the accused to prove otherwise, there's no need to back up the charge with evidence.

It's also one of the cheapest tactics, however, reserved only for the truly desperate. That most likely explains why Air America libtalker Ron Reagan (seen in right image praying to the Sun God for ratings) has resorted to it: his career depends on generating some much-needed attention.

Rather than ignore
his cry for help, your Radio Equalizer would like to call attention to his words, especially given Reagan's supposed reputation for thoughtful analysis rather than sewer-level attacks.

Hey Ron, have you got any evidence to back this up?

Here's our exclusive YouTube clip and partial transcript from Monday's Ron Reagan Show:

REAGAN (8:52): I’m guessing that the White House advisor on domestic violence will never say that beating your wife is OK, which may be a disappointment to Limbaugh.

And you wonder why this guy can’t stay married...

To fuel his smear effort, Reagan selectively excerpted a Limbaugh monologue from a week ago that expressed concerns over Obama's overuse of White House-appointed "czars" to oversee nearly every aspect of life in America today.

As these directors are accountable to no one but the president, it represents a rapid, unchecked expansion of the executive branch that has many concerned about potential abuses of power in the years to come.

It was just two weeks ago that we caught Reagan resorting to grade school-level fat jokes. As in that instance, Ron's comments again appear to be scripted.

While there's a case to be made for ignoring the rantings of Ron Reagan and others in the bizarre world of liberal radio, it provides further evidence that the "hate talk" so despised by "progressives" often actually originates from the left. It also reveals a chronic inability to make substantive arguments that would build a case for liberal idealism.

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  • If Reagan keeps this up, he'll have fewer listeners than MoPoop does for his internet screeds.

    By Blogger PCD, at 02 July, 2009 15:24  

  • Brian -

    So, when will we see the YouTube clip of you crying "Leave Rush Aloooooone!"?

    By Anonymous samiam, at 02 July, 2009 16:57  

  • Ron who?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 July, 2009 23:48  

  • So sad that the son of the great President Reagan is such a third rate loser. And another reason why we shouldn't judge someone based on their children's failings. Nancy and Ron's kids are such disappointments. Maybe he should have stuck with Jane Wyman.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 July, 2009 01:48  

  • Your father was such a great man.

    A good question to ask yourself
    is would my father say this about anyone?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 July, 2009 09:35  

  • His jab was very subtle. I'm guessing you didn't get it. He didn't accuse RL of wife beating. He just out did him with an old fashioned "cut -down" that was up-to-date, and very mature.
    A person who can turn a good pun, will often have one with a straightforward meaning, and then a dicey follow up, leaving the opponent with a one-two punch sensation. In this instance the first jab was the statement that Rush was not OK with having the domestic violence appointee. The next few words leave any antagonist thinking, "Did he just put me down?" And it's a neat trick, because, he did not "put you down". And at the same time he DID by making you wonder about it.
    Smart guy, that Ron Regan. No wonder the masses who like such entertainment as "Lifetime TV" and "Trick my Truck" are Rush fans instead of his.

    By Blogger Salty, at 29 August, 2009 06:02  

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