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13 July 2009

Sotomayor Backers Resort To Old Rush-Bashing Trick


'Act Blue' Pushes Fundraising To Air Divisive Radio Ad

Recycling an old idea that has previously produced unclear results, left-wing groups backing US Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor are raising money to air new Spanish-language anti-Rush Limbaugh ads.

Working in conjunction with ActBlue, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) seeks to air the Rush- bashing spot on as many stations as possible, hoping to spark pro- Sotomayor calls to congressional representatives.

PCCC says that its staffers are former activists, as well as advisors to 2008 Democratic campaigns, while ActBlue is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with directors coming primarily from the ranks of the Bay State's left-wing political establishment.

Called "Denuncia Rush", the campaign has so far raised $1520 (Update: over $2000) toward the purchase of airtime. It's also been uploaded to YouTube:

At NewsBusters, there's a discussion of this campaign.

In March, Democrats hoped
to erect a billboard near Limbaugh's home (seen above) that would attack the syndicated talker, but the effort ultimately fizzled.

Beyond needlessly promoting ethnic division, it's hard to fathom what Democrats are hoping to accomplish with this ad. Since Sotomayor is widely seen as having a lock on the nomination process, the effort would seem unnecessary.

So what is their true goal? Is this simply another excuse to bash conservative talk radio?

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  • Rush is a pig..... and I am a
    life long member of the Republican
    This Chicken Hawk has the nerve
    to complain about a 4 star combat
    general (Powell). Rush can is not
    qualified to carry water for the
    General Powell.

    By Anonymous phillip, at 13 July, 2009 12:39  

  • Powell's a liberal, and being a 4 star potato peeler doesnn't make him any better than your liberal rantings

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 July, 2009 00:40  

  • phillip whines like an abused prison butt boy: "Rush is a pig..... and I am a
    life long member of the Republican

    Hmmm, either phillip is the typical gutless lying libtard (which is my guess) or a R.I.N.O. which means he's a criminal waste of oxygen...

    Powell was and s'till is a fool, a panderer to the seditious PINKO PARASITE' defiling the Oval Office today and an 'almost man' with no shame...

    By Blogger juandos, at 14 July, 2009 05:53  

  • phillip,

    At best you are a RINO. I suspect you are just the usual far leftwing nut who doesn't have any compunctions against lying to try to win a point.

    You are not qualified for anything.

    As a General taking orders, Powell was fine. As a politician, Powell is a dud with streaks of racism.

    By Blogger PCD, at 14 July, 2009 09:30  

  •'s hard to fathom what Democrats are hoping to accomplish with this ad....

    Unfortunately, as with any of these liberal power plays, it doesn't matter how specifically successful they are. The net effect is that it paralyzes people -- and specifically conservative senators -- from doing their jobs. They become afraid from doing real critical analysis, for fear of being branded racists.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 14 July, 2009 11:17  

  • poor, poor 20%ers

    so you are not a Republican if you don't love Rush?

    Funny, my Grandmother is a Republican for 70 years, she is 95 and she hates Limbaugh, as most normal people do

    a leftie, Rush is the greatest thing since sliced bread

    How did operation chaos go?
    remember according to Rush, Obama had no shot
    Rush helped elect Obama, millions of dittoheadsregistered Democrat to vote Obama, because Rush was scared of Hillary

    How did operation chaos go?

    Little nazis on here: if you dont love Rush you are not a Republican!!
    sick, freaks

    By Anonymous PaleFacedFlunkiesLoveRush, at 14 July, 2009 13:44  

  • MoPoop, stop your psychotic projections. You are the sick one, and you are proving it daily.

    You think not? Why did Hashfanatic abandon you?

    By Blogger PCD, at 15 July, 2009 13:34  

  • Hash Abandoned me?

    I don't even know who he really is, jsut a poster on a blog

    now, explain to me, how you can't be a republican if you don't love Limbaugh?

    you are the sick one, I make no standards and call people fake liberals if they disagree with the president or a talk show host, you do, not me

    You accused Phil of not being a Repubbie because he hates Rush

    You are sick in the head, Rush laughs to the bank, as he poisons your broken down brain

    you are just a nother pale faced conservative flunkie, hated by the nation, laughed at by the nation and rejected by the voters

    EAT LEAD in the size of .44 to be specific
    you filthy terrorist, Rush sheep

    By Anonymous CONSTHINKLIKE3YEAROLDS, at 16 July, 2009 16:37  

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