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03 July 2009

Talk Radio Hosts React To Palin's Resignation


Dr Laura, Levin, Others React To Palin's Bombshell


Though caught as off-guard as anyone else, the nation's talk radio hosts reacted swiftly to news of Sarah Palin's resignation as governor of Alaska late today. Most had already wrapped up their broadcast week, but a few were blindsided by the unexpected development while their shows were still underway.

That included best-selling author / syndicated host Mark Levin, whose supportive on-air response pieced together her likely political game plan, as well as New England-based regional talker Howie Carr, who strongly felt Palin had made a huge political mistake. More on that from our sister site, here.

Here's Levin's response:

So far, conservatives are
divided on what it means for both Palin's political future and the GOP, with some calling it the end of her career, while others consider it a shrewd move. MSNBC weasel "Morning Joe" Scarborough was quick to write her obituary, yet commentator Bill Kristol was impressed by her apparent strategy.

Not yet weighing in is talk titan and key Palin advocate Rush Limbaugh, who will be away next week.

Because some have suggested family issues played a role in her decision, with constant state-run media attacks against her children becoming a key concern, your Radio Equalizer turned to top radio advice talker Dr Laura Schlessinger for insight.

Last year, Dr Laura expressed opposition to Palin's selection as McCain's running mate for reasons related to the governor's family, so it is especially interesting to get her take now. In an email interview, Schlessinger told your Radio Equalizer that Palin's speech was "powerfully articulate and compelling":

RADIO EQUALIZER: Dr Laura, I know you were critical of Palin last year, especially as her candidacy potentially conflicted with family issues. Do you have any reaction to her resignation as Alaska's governor? Do you believe these issues played a key role?

DR LAURA SCHLESSINGER: I just watched her whole speech and:

1. She did not need/use a teleprompter and was powerfully articulate and compelling.

2. The "reason" for her resignation was valid: the liberal media and politicos with an obvious agenda are causing her state harm with a distraction from state business and overwhelming public and private financial costs to defend against specious attacks on her ethics.

The agenda behind these attacks appears to be fear of her running in next presidential election.

3. Palin also lamented the nasty attacks on her special-needs child. But family issues did not seem to play a key role, according to her speech.

If this is sincere, and not a political tactic to stop the attacks in order to prepare for the next presidential election, then I am impressed.

I believe her parental responsibilities trump political aspirations - or should.

Meanwhile, angry Democrats responded with immediate personal attacks, while CNN engaged in reckless speculation.

Stay tuned for many additional updates on this breaking story.

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  • If Sarah Palin is the best that you neo-nazis can do, then Obama is a shoo-in for 2012! The ability to see Russia out of your kitchen window DOES NOT qualify you to be president!

    By Blogger Unknown, at 04 July, 2009 10:58  

  • Chris demostrates how stupid Democrats are. It was Tiny Fey on SNL that said that. I shouldn't say Chris is stupid, just dishonest.

    By Blogger PCD, at 04 July, 2009 12:58  

  • Chris, you sound like a childish, hateful little troll. If that is the best YOU have, then your movement is ultimately doomed.

    By Anonymous RogerCfromSD, at 04 July, 2009 16:01  

  • Tina Fey does a better Sarah Palin than Sarah Palin does. Her speech yesterday was just pathetic. “Only dead fish go with the flow” LOL

    By Anonymous pbrauer, at 04 July, 2009 18:35  

  • All is still speculation about what Governor Palin will do next, but don't forget - THEY ATTACKED HER CHILDREN. Momma's gonna rip their faces off - politically, of course. And who better to contrast the corrupt O machine ...

    By Anonymous H, at 05 July, 2009 22:36  

  • "...then Obama is a shoo-in for 2012!"

    I think you're on to something, what with him being the incumbent, and everything.

    I mean, it would be pretty bad to hold the office for only one term, the way Jimmy Carter did, wouldn't it? Sort of like tasting the coffee, and spitting it back into the cup.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 July, 2009 02:03  

  • Palin is great but her Derangement Syndrome sufferers are fascinating. If she's governor, they hate her. If she is not governor, they hate her. If she doesn't talk about her kids they hate her; if she does they hate her. They are so insane they live to hate her no matter what she does or does not do, or what she is or is not. She could not please them if she committed hari kari on live TV - because she would rob them of their bete noire.

    They hate her because she is everything they want in a female politician, but she's conservative, and she's a game-changer. They cannot allow a game-changer, above all.

    And the conservative base wants a game-changer more than anything else. Who are the true progressives?

    By Blogger Peg C., at 07 July, 2009 05:38  

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