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27 August 2009

Libtalker: Kennedy Brothers Killed By 'Right-Wing'


Libtalker Claims Right Responsible For Kennedy Killings


How fast could Ted Kennedy's death be used to smear conservatives? As expected, liberal talk radio set out to find the answer.

And sure enough, in record time, Mike "Violence Fantasy" Malloy has stepped up to the challenge:

MALLOY (1:30): Good evening, truthseekers, Mike Malloy here, thanks for tuning in…you know as well as I know that the death of Senator Ted Kennedy is the death of a man, absolutely, and everything he was to the people in his extended family, but we also understand it’s the death of an era, one of the remaining, if not THE remaining lynchpin of liberalism in this country is gone.

Aand you know what the term lynchpin means. So with the death of Ted Kennedy last night, liberalism in this country has lost its champion; the person who, in the modern era, personified liberalism to a greater degree than anyone in Congress; I think that his death heralds the beginning of a very, very very dark period in this country.

I remember feeling that way in 1963 and in 1968-when his two brothers were murdered by the right wing in this country.

Hey Mike, if Sirhan Sirhan was a right-winger, then why did left wing radical / Obama confidant Bill Ayers dedicate his book to RFK's assassin?

Kennedy image: USA Today

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  • As a post on NewMajority.Com points out, President Kennedy's assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was a self-avowed Marxist. Moreover, Oswald actually emigrated to the Soviet Union before returning to the United States to murder Kennedy.

    Far from being a "right-winger," Oswald, in fact, was a left-winger through and through. But of course, the Left has little use for facts and reality.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 August, 2009 23:37  

  • Not to mention that Oswald was a communist, who apparently murdered JFK in retaliation for the Bay of Pigs.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 August, 2009 23:52  

  • Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan are right wing? I think Mike Malloy needs to go back to school.

    By Anonymous James, at 28 August, 2009 00:05  

  • Hi, Brian,

    Great catch.

    But liberals never let something as inconvenient as the TRUTH interfere with their belief system.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 August, 2009 00:29  

  • So, JFK is killed by a Communist that tried to defect to both Cuba and the USSR... and RFK was killed by an Iranian praised by Bill Ayers. And somehow, the "right wing" did it?

    By Blogger DesScorp, at 28 August, 2009 01:30  

  • Avowed Communist Lee Harvey Oswald can scarcely be described as a "right winger" either, unless you subscribe to the Oliver Stone wishing-makes-it-so version of history.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 August, 2009 02:48  

  • Got to love these guys eh?

    "I don't know the facts, but hey, I am sure some right-wing nut did this, so let's blame them..."

    Same goes with most of, if not all these incidents. Behind every bomb, gun, etc is a left-wing headcase. Even Timothy McVeigh, originally a Libertarian Republican took a hard leftward swing before his act of terrorism, pushing for radical ideas like "The People's Socialist Republic of California".


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 August, 2009 03:41  

  • Not to mention Lee Harvey Oswald, communist sympathizer

    By Blogger GeronL, at 28 August, 2009 03:55  

  • Is Malloy likely to offer an on-air correction?

    By Anonymous huxley, at 28 August, 2009 09:32  

  • I hate doing the Lefts' work for them, but I'm sure right-wingers are responsible for Teddy's cancer also. No doubt from making him and the rest of the elderly eat cat food and use catsup as a vegetable following the draconian budget cuts of the Reagan years.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 28 August, 2009 09:51  

  • Malloy must take his history lessons from Chris Matthews.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 August, 2009 09:52  

  • Mike Malloy = Major Moron

    By Anonymous Ralph Gizzip, at 28 August, 2009 19:14  

  • Mike Malloy is STILL ALIVE?!?

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 29 August, 2009 08:14  

  • The simple proof that we didn't murder John or Robert Kennedy is that we did NOT do Teddy for the hat trick.

    Would've been easy. Could even have made it look like an alcohol-fueled accident.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 August, 2009 01:30  

  • My cousin recently retired from his P'town to Boston Bus Route. He'd clean the bus every day finding all sorts of gay radical leaflets targeting politicians. Ted K. was intensely disliked by Mass.gays who thought he wasn't doing enough and should resign or be removed. The story going around even before his cancer was known was that the gay waiters in Va. where he ate had dosed him with radioactive substances that cause brain cancer. FBI/Marshalls had been known to visit anyone talking about these things. For me the Kennedy Clan destroyed our country with drugs, loss of nationalism, and rich elitist Demo's taking over. BTW I'm a retired document examiner (32 yrs) Obama's birth certificate is printed on bogus paper that hasn't been allowed on any gov. document since 1999-2000. If you look at the copy there is a Nov,2001 date outside the margin. The info on the doc. may be true, but the paper it's printed on was used extensively by forgerer's in the US in the 1980's and 1990's.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 August, 2009 14:09  

  • I'm pretty sure Malloy is a 9/11 Truther. At the very least he's pushed 9/11 conspiracies on his show in the past.

    If that's the case, believing in JFK conspiracies is probably par for the course, and most of those involve right-wing cabals, I think.

    In any event, he's still a creep and a loon.

    By Blogger Kensington, at 30 August, 2009 16:58  

  • "[O]ne of the remaining, if not THE remaining lynchpin of liberalism in this country is gone.

    "So with the death of Ted Kennedy last night, liberalism in this country has lost its champion...I think that his death heralds the beginning of a very, very very dark period [for libs] in this country."

    Oh, if only this were true.

    Everyone in the world knows [except this guy] that Oswald was a communist. Sirhan committed maybe the first act of PLO style Islamic terrorism on American soil.

    During his 1980 debates with Jimmy Carter, Reagan could just chuckle and point out to the audience (There he goes again) every time the bumbling bumpkin let loose with another batch of ridiculous claims and stupid lies.

    From that point on, I don't think I have ever heard a cRat speak for more than a minute without lying.

    By Blogger Cy, at 30 August, 2009 17:25  

  • Does not one of you realize that neither LHO nor Sirhan Sirhan were responsible for the murders attributed to them? Have none of you ever read anything?

    Mike Malloy was not talking about these two patsies. He was talking about the real perpetrators, not those who were blamed for the acts.

    I could write an entire book on the subjects of JFK and RFK's murders, but how does one explain more bullets fired at the Ambassador Hotel than were held in the gun allegedly used? How does one explain the RFK autopsy report that said the fatal shot was fired at point-blank range just behind the ear, and yet not one witness put Sirhan closer than five feet from him?

    Regarding JFK, the anomalies are far too numerous to mention, but most people don't realize that the Warren Commission was not the final official word. The House Select Committee on Assassinations found that JFK was assassinated "probably as a result of a conspiracy".

    Please people, think! They were right-wing conspiracies, and what Malloy said is completely reasonable when that is taken into account.

    I fully expect those that read this to start calling me a "conspiracy theorist" or making comments about my "tin foil hat". I'm equally certain that those who choose that line of attack have never studied the facts in either case.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 August, 2009 22:34  

  • "Mike Malloy is STILL ALIVE?!?"

    Bob Anthony What are you trying to say ... Chief ?

    By Anonymous Anonymous One, at 31 August, 2009 00:27  

  • Ted Kennedy was a drunk who drove Mary Jo Kopechen off a bridge and abandoned her to die in a watery grave. No glowing eulogy will ever erase he murderous cowardice.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 August, 2009 11:31  

  • Is there a full moon? The only thing we are missing is Rosie O'Dumbass telling us that 9/11 couldn't have happened because fire doesn't burn steel.

    By Blogger PCD, at 01 September, 2009 10:54  

  • Whatever Oswald`s true political leanings were is irrelevent. It`s obvious, with even the most cursory research, that he was in some capacity working for the US gov.

    I mean really....the guy disavows his US citizenship, goes to Russia, becomes fluent in Russian, marries his Russian sweetie, returns to the USA as though nothing has happened. And the US gov. welcomes him back!

    Then regarding the dastardly deed itself...inconclusive paraffin test, one smudged palm print (lifted after his death according to the mortician), the absurd magic bullet, Zapruder film (back and to the left), Ruby`s known mob connections, JFK brain disappears from the NATIONAL F**KING ARCHIVES within 2 years of his death!!!

    And most of you mentally challenged posters here have no suspicions about Oswalds involvement?

    Of course most of you also had no suspicions about attacking a country that posed no threat, just happened to be one of the most oil rich on the planet, with the attack being ordered by a known oil man president?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 September, 2009 12:25  

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