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31 August 2009

Libtalker: Kennedy Death Brings Divine Tears To NYC


Guest: FOX Is The 'Chappaquiddick News Channel'

After almost a week of nonstop, Ted K-sparked media insanity, finding the most outrageous example of Kennedy-related silliness can be a challenge.

Between Emily Rooney's assertion that virtually no other politician's death would warrant the attention given to Kennedy and the praise being lavished all over Vicki Kennedy (who may be handed his US Senate seat by Governor Deval Patrick), there are strong contenders.

But the idea that God's tears over Ted's passing caused rain in Manhattan might just take the cake. From libtalker Stephanie Miller's program, here's the exclusive transcript and clip:

STEPHANIE MILLER (28:25): Perhaps God crying over ah Senator Ted Kennedy, I think you’ve seen the pictures; it’s been a sad day. It’s been a sad week for liberals in America.

JOHN FUGELSANG: It’s been a sad day unless your idea of a drinking game is watching Fox News and taking a slug of Jack (Daniels) every time you hear the words Chappaquiddick. Those are very drunk and happy people. I was watching the Chappaquiddick News Channel all day yesterday and listening to Chappaquiddick Radio all over the AM dial and those guys are having a lot of fun right now.

According to Tim Graham,
many in the state-run media are especially sensitive to mentions of Mary Jo Kopechne's name or that infamous island.

Tell us, mainstream media friends, how did He react to her death?

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  • There was yellow rain in NYC yesterday?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 August, 2009 18:24  

  • Glad ya liked the line . . .

    By Anonymous Anonymous One, at 31 August, 2009 22:22  

  • I love how the left, which expressed disappointment that Cheney wasn't assassinated and said that Tony Snow deserved his cancer, now wants to preach to us about class after someone's death.

    Saying someone deserved cancer for opposing your agenda = Okey Dokey.

    Actually bringing up a past incident in the deceased's life = Classless.

    I think I'm slowly grasping lefty logic.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 August, 2009 23:44  

  • Our hearts and prayers are with the Kennedy family. They and our nation has suffered a great loss. The greatest tribute would be for all of us to continue to be pro-active in our fight to get universal health care.

    I have contacted the Waterkeeper Alliance to forward the following policy proposal to Robert F. Kennedy. This policy change could help seal the legacy for both Robert and Ted Kennedy as it could cover the uninsured and also cut the governments carbon footprint by 20% to 50%.
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    Now featured on under the heading:
    "Using Shift work for white collar jobs to greatly reduce the fiscal and environmental cost of new office space"

    I believe that when this policy change is adopted by the federal government and the sates, it could have the greatest impact on our society, the economy, and the environment of any other event of Obama's first term. We are looking for a national spokesperson. If adopted by private industry, it would be like finding vast new reserves of oil and metals in the USA, enough to construct as many buildings as we have in the last 150 years. Almost all buildngs can be retro-fitted for the white collar work of the 21st century. It would also stop the giant sucking sound and make American workers competetive again in the global economy. Outsourcing and the movement of our jobs overseas could be reversed. I am working with the unions and environmental goups in Michigan to arrange a meeting with the governor to push this policy change and end the furloughs of state and local government employees.

    -It is time to stop the madness at the town hall meetings. The federal government already has the money to pay for universal health care. I have presented my proposal to Michigan congressman, Senators, and governor. Also the Whitehouse, CBO and several environmental groups, unions, and health care advocate groups. I am trying to put together a consortium as the plan will save jobs, save the environment, save money, and provide health insurance. It could have a greater positive impact on the environment than if we could snap our fingers and instantly change every car in the united States into a hybrid

    The fact that 50 million of our friends, neighbors, and relatives do not have health coverage is a human tragedy. See for an immediate solution. The government has the money right now to pay for it.
    Please post a comment if you do not think this will work or send me an email @, if you have questions. Please share this with everybody.

    By Blogger whitecollargreenspaceguy, at 01 September, 2009 00:51  

  • I got news for Stephanie and her guest: ALL the news networks talked about Chappaquiddick and Mary Jo Kopechnie as part of their news coverage. I will actually give the mainstream news channels some credit for this.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 September, 2009 00:54  

  • Chappaquidick was the real tragedy, despite the "tears from heaven" assertion.

    Telling to me, however, is the almost complete absence of probably the most disturbing behavior ever exhibited by a U.S. Senator. Treasonous Ted? You betcha.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 September, 2009 10:03  

  • This lefty troll is even more whacked out than MoPoop, but he is the legacy of Chappaquiddick Kennedy.

    By Blogger PCD, at 01 September, 2009 10:51  

  • My question here is...and just what has John Fugelsang done? Been a VJ on VH-1..AND DID A SUCK-O-LA JOB AT IT

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 01 September, 2009 11:31  

  • Last week, Tammy Bruce announced that she was ending her terrestrial-radio talk show, and with good reason. When the now-defunct-as-an-English-language-right-wing-talk-show-station WNSH-AM 1570 i9n Beverly carried her show, she could talk foe THREE hours and not get a call. She was replaced by equally-bat-guano-crazy right-wing harridan Monica Crowley: same thing..NO CALLERS. Today (Tuesday 09/01) Hal Sparks was substitute host on the great Stephanie Miller show and as soon as he opened the li9nes, the calls came cascading in...and usually call volume falls off when the eponymous host of a show is on vacay. That's testament to Steph's large and loyal following.

    By Anonymous Laurence Glavin, at 01 September, 2009 13:39  

  • Please send that rain out to Nevada,where they would be considered tears of joy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 September, 2009 14:46  

  • I think the tears over NYC was Mary Jo, joyfully weeping that Uncle Teddy was finally going to answer for her death. Burn, baby burn.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 September, 2009 19:24  

  • Over the past month, I've tuned into KeithO about 5 times. Each time, during his #1 story, he had a different commentator from Best Week Ever offer insight. I occaisionally listen to Steph Miller in the morning, and she ususally has Frangela, Hal Sparks, and now this guy (more BWE hosts). The left's use of 3rd string comics to comment on the news is pretty funny, which is more than I can say about the comics themselves.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 September, 2009 00:41  

  • Mr. Glavin,

    I remember when Bruce was a bat-guano-crazy lefty-Homosexual activist on KFI in Los Angeles, and she manufactured calls.

    Don't gloat too much. Some hosts just aren't worth calling, as in the "Phony from Philly".

    By Blogger PCD, at 02 September, 2009 09:19  

  • Maybe God was trying to show how it feels to drown like Mary Jo!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 September, 2009 12:40  

  • I think the tears came because God so loves each of us... his creations... and unfortunately He had to send Teddy to HELL. He does cry over each of his lost sheep...... Teddy, you should never have gone pro-death, baby.

    By Anonymous maureen, at 02 September, 2009 14:49  

  • I agree with Anonymous. If the rain coming from Heaven was for Ted, I'd say He was urinating on his grave. I'm not surprized the Leftist couldn't tell the difference.

    By Anonymous Big Dawg, at 02 September, 2009 16:02  

  • MSNBC cannot be trusted. They deify Ted Kennedy who drove a woman off a bridge and tried to coverup her death. FOX cannot be trusted because they exalt a prostitute toe sucker named Dick Morris and present him as a credible source of truth and moral integrity.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 September, 2009 20:15  

  • shoreke, like Bob Beckel didn't try blackmailing the Electoral College into voting for Gore in 2000? You want to be so blind partisan when you are trying to appear reasoned?

    By Blogger PCD, at 03 September, 2009 09:02  

  • God must have gagged when Ted, “Hero of Chappaquiddick”, showed up for judgment. I expect Lucifer has found a new playmate.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 September, 2009 21:48  

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