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04 December 2009

MSNBC's Ed Schultz: Tiger Woods Is The Victim


Libtalker's Sympathy Lies With Golfer, Not Wife

Providing a truly surreal moment in radio broadcasting, MSNBC's Ed Schultz has told listeners he believes Tiger Woods is "a victim".

But why stop there? The syndicated libtalker then offered Woods some especially strange advice on how to deal with the golf champ's professional fallout.

Here's the transcript and clip (edited for brevity, includes three passages from one broadcast segment during Thursday's program), listen as Schultz spells out what Woods should do next:

SCHULTZ (28:23): Tiger Woods is really at the point now of being a victim in my opinion. What does he have to do, OK?

What's he gotta, I know a lot of you are going to be mad at me for saying that I think he's a victim, but wait a minute now. When does it stop? No laws broken, police report complete and now it's all juice from this point out, what's interesting.

SCHULTZ (33:28): If I'm Tiger Woods' agent or if I'm his business associate, we cancel all contracts today.

Yeah! We cancel all, we call up Nike, it's over, we want out. We want, we want every sponsor, it's over, all the stuff about well we've been with him for a long time, no, no, go on the offensive, Tiger. Go on the offensive and say it's over, I'm starting completely over.

GUEST NORMAN GOLDMAN (34:11): Ed, that's really counterintuitive. I mean, most people wouldn't do that. They wouldn't walk away from all that money.

SCHULTZ (38:50): Tiger Woods hasn't been charged with anything. This is a personal, this is a personal indiscretion. There is an admission, there is a recovery, so when does it stop? It's not the question of when does it stop. When does it start?

When does the new Tiger start over? I'm Tiger Woods' business agent, I control his interests, all contracts are off today! We'll see you next year if you're interested. By the way, there will probably be a 25 percent increase.

Had he stopped
with the "victim" rant, this monologue might qualify as merely bizarre, but with the addition of the contract shredding tip, Schultz has ventured into a very strange place. What is the agenda behind this one?

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