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22 January 2010

Dennis Kucinich (D-UFO) Now The Voice Of Reason


Even Kucinich Gets It, So Why Doesn't His Party?

Talk about a bizarre week: a Republican is elected in Massachusetts, Air America runs out of $ugar daddies and Obama seeks to destroy the very banks he spent last year bailing out.

But this one may be the week's topper: Rep Dennis Kucinich (D-UFO) sounding more coherent and intuitive about the average American voter than perhaps anyone else in his party. Are we living in a parallel universe?

During an interview on the Ed Schultz Show earlier this week, Kucinich, known for extreme left views on nearly every issue, seems to find common ground with frustrated voters in Middle America and beyond:

KUCINICH (39:25): I met with people who were, you know, unfairly ridiculed as being just a bunch of teabaggers and frankly they had basic economic concerns just like everyone else, they felt that government wasn't listening to them, and this is where the Democratic Party better wake up.

So while others in his party look to make excuses that deflect blame elsewhere, the Ohio representative's message is short and simple: wake up, stop trashing the electorate and figure out what makes them unhappy. Is it really that difficult?

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  • We all see the same problem. Too much government with too much power.

    Solution: Less government taxes and spending.

    Lib Solution: More government control over every aspect of our lives.

    By Blogger United Citizens Council, at 22 January, 2010 15:56  

  • He is an alien!! Hey I think I left a comment already, but its invisible!

    By Blogger United Citizens Council, at 22 January, 2010 17:51  

  • Wasn't he in Avatar?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 January, 2010 22:11  

  • I thought the thumbnail was doctored to make Kucinich look like a Vulcan, but I blew it up and it wasn't doctored. Illogical.

    By Anonymous Dave (in MA), at 24 January, 2010 20:04  

  • conservative solution:

    let the rich control everything
    and we can get the scraps at $7 an hour. Gov't does not need to limit wealth and power of the filthy rich, the rich will be nice enough to look out for us

    that is your ideology in a nutshell

    cons trust the rich over representative govt

    teabaggers are fine in my book, they are not bootlickers of the rich, like ditto-heads

    you are all bootlickers of he rich

    Kucinich knows Obama is too a con terrorist

    embrace Obama con sheep

    he is one of yours

    By Anonymous CONSTRUSTTHERICH, at 26 January, 2010 13:41  

  • love the rich
    trust the rich

    we don't need gov't

    the rich will NEVER get greedy

    gov't is not needed
    the kindness of bankers will save us
    the kindness of the billionaire will bring liberty!!

    conservatism is a FAILED IDEOLOGY
    conservatism the ideology of bootlickers

    By Anonymous intherichconstrust, at 26 January, 2010 13:44  

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