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26 January 2010

Ed Schultz Trashes Congressman Who Questioned Ballot-Stuffing Assertions


Libtalker Enraged By Congressman's Floor Denunciation

Talk about twist-Ed, our favorite MSNBC libtalker just doesn't know when to quit while he's way, way behind.

After making an ass out of himself ahead of the special US Senate election in Massachusetts, Ed Schultz has refused to apologize for assertions he'd happily stuff the ballot box for Democrats were he a Bay State voter.

Despite negative publicity that began with a Radio Equalizer story and spread across the Internet, Schultz simply doubled-down, telling radio listeners he'd vote 20 times instead of a mere 10.

Is voter fraud something to joke about? Probably not, but Schultz really didn't seem to be kidding.

Not finding any of this funny was Rep Tom McClintock (R-CA), who questioned Schultz's reckless rhetoric on the House floor. Rather than back down, Big Eddie has again utilized his syndicated radio show, this time to denounce McClintock for daring to suggest there might be a problem.

First, see McClintock's House speech, followed by our exclusive clip featuring Schultz's reaction:

SCHULTZ (33:48): I don't know if you saw this or not but this numskull congressman from California decided to talk about me on the floor the other day, about this vote in Massachusetts, claiming that I was influencing the voter, was advocating voter fraud because I said I'd vote so many times.

That's how, that's how out of bounds stuff can get! Take one word, one sentence, you can't even say anything in jest anymore. [clip continues with anti-corporate rant]

Yes, in his
twist-Ed world, denouncing voter fraud is akin to corporations buying elections, or something like that. Nice try, buddy.

ELSEWHERE: Michael Savage secures new San Francisco Bay Area affiliate, KTRB-AM, a 50,000 outlet that otherwise carries sports coverage

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  • Special Ed is a hotheaded bully. He has always been one, he has gotten into trouble in bars, as well as at football games. He shoots his mouth off before he thinks, & then doubles down. I really wonder about the man, did he suffer any head injuries when he played college football, or when he had a short stint with Winnipeg in the CFL. There is something wrong with the man. Having a different opinion on things is one thing, but most people can disagree in a civil manner. It seems Ed can not, & that seems to be a pattern on MSNBC as well. Civility is not part of the plan over there.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 26 January, 2010 14:49  

  • Re: Savage on KTRB: They are the flagship station of the A's and will be until 2019, I believe. What happens when A's are in Eastern or
    Central time zone cities? Picture:

    3:05 pm PT: Michael Savage
    3:30 pm: A's pre-game
    4 pm: A's vs Red Sox at Fenway Park

    So much for Savage. Ironically enough he is quoted in a KTRB press release as saying, "I chose an all sports station to increase my reach into an audience that loves a winner. In sports, as in politics, either you're safe or you're out."

    Many times, he may be...out.

    WRKO had bumped Savage to 10 or 10:30 pm due to Sox games. Then
    WEEI took over Sox full time (despite promos WRKO keeps running which say "The Boston Red Sox are on WRKO") so no more pre-emptions/bumping

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 27 January, 2010 14:00  

  • According to, WTKKK-FM's cume dropped by about 50,000 for the "holiday" period (presumably Beethoven's Birthday on the 16th). The raw 6-plus quarter-hour rating is well below WRKO's, but aside from the Senatorial primary on December 8th, there perhaps was not that much to engage their listenership.

    By Anonymous Laurence Glavin, at 28 January, 2010 17:55  

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