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31 January 2010

Rosie O'Donnell: Radio Is About Letting Loose


Interview: Rosie O'Donnell Lets It All Hang Out


Like the newscaster who admits he's not wearing any pants (film at 11), libtalker Rosie O'Donnell is telling us far more than we need to know about her new satellite radio gig. From an interview with the Los Angeles Times:

You've been doing Rosie Radio since last fall. Do you miss having a bigger platform like The View or The Rosie O'Donnell Show?

The radio show is the perfect platform for me. I don't have to wear makeup, I don't have to wear a bra. It's two hours long and there's no boss. There's no executive producer trying to slant the presentation. Honestly, although I enjoyed the opportunity to do "The View," the practicality of trying to talk about really serious, deep subjects in seven or eight minutes, with four other women trying to get airtime, it just was not conducive to anything that felt substantial to me.

I was not looking for a sound bite. I am not looking to be on "Crossfire" and fight with a 30-year-old pregnant girl. I was glad at the time I did it, that there was a woman on TV with a voice of dissent. I found out that the format of network TV is too constricting for me at 47 years old.

Ouch! Thanks for sharing the wardrobe details, Rosie!

And while O'Donnell would have readers believe she's perfectly happy to have left The View, this clip from her radio program, which aired last week, seems to reveal lingering bitterness:

Though her show was meant to focus on lifestyle issues, it's clear she's delivering a highly political program. During the above five minute segment alone, there are rants against Fox News, Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly. And in recent weeks, there have been digs against the Bush Administration and others.

So much for non-punditry. From USA Today in October 2009:

Now, of course, it's all different. "And that's why Obama won the Nobel Prize, much to the chagrin of every carnival barker on Fox," she says. "But the fact of the matter is, the world stood up in unison and gratitude and said, thank you, perhaps the beacon of light and hope that America has been for 200 years is once again lit. It was diminished criminally by the last administration."

Whoa. So is this the kind of talk to expect on her show? No, she says. "I'm not a politician or political pundit. My desire is not to go after or be one of those people in the Glenn Beck/Bill O'Reilly arena. I don't want to play in their sandbox."

She'll talk about issues, she says, but approach them from a "human level."

Are the "10, 12 blue-chip advertisers ready to go" who expected non-political radio sticking around? It's hard to say, though the program now seems to regularly feature long segments without commercial breaks of any kind.

More ominous: Rosie apparently doesn't work Fridays, as that day's broadcast features best-of clips from earlier in the week.

What does she wear that day? We'd rather not know.

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  • who is rosie O'Donnell - what are her qualifications to be a serious commentator

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 February, 2010 11:28  

  • Wait, does Rosie think that she was the voice of dissent? What a loon! She was as boilerplate lefty as they come, with a side helping of tinfoil hat foolishness re 9/11.

    By Blogger Kensington, at 02 February, 2010 21:22  

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