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29 January 2010

Senator's Slurred Speech Catches Mark Levin's Attention


Levin: Was Vermont's Leahy Loaded On Senate Floor?

It's no secret that
Democrats are in a tizzy over the US Supreme Court's decision to ease government control over political campaign funding. They see the Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission ruling as opening the door for contributions to conservative candidates by business interests.

During his widely-panned State of the Union address earlier this week, Obama even chastised the justices behind the decision in a thuggish breach of established decorum.

Since then, Democrats in Congress have also been on the rampage, working to turn "Alito" into a dirty word. As part of that tag-team, Senator Patrick Leahy (Fossil-VT) lashed out at the court during a Thursday rant from the floor of the chamber.

But was Leahy (right image) sober during his angry tirade, or absolutely plastered? That's what syndicated talker Mark Levin would like to know. Listen as Levin analyzes the evidence:

Levin may be on to something, especially when Leahy seems to drop the "A" in "Alito".

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  • The GOP needs to remind people this was not really a campaign funding decision at its root but a Free Speech case.

    By Blogger GeronL, at 30 January, 2010 18:10  

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