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31 January 2010

State-Run Media Left Without Scandalous Rush-Miss America Story


Miss America Disappointing For Rush Dehumanizers

You've got to feel sorry for state-run media scribes praying for a flap-tastic display at last night's Miss America pageant: Rush Limbaugh as a voting judge failed to create major controversy.

That meant no juicy story and most importantly, a missed opportunity to further dehumanize the talk titan through cultural marginalization (quashing his NFL bid, undermining his personal life, etc).

Instead, the dirty work was left to Internet smear sites, but even they struggled to come up with more than petty, childish insults or absurd attempts at undermining his presence there.

When Limbaugh's appointment was announced in October, it had the makings of a fodder goldmine for the left: "sexist" Rush judging women in bikinis. From the far-left Think Progress:

But the MAO’s [Miss America Organization] choice is most shocking because of his fairly solid history of making sexist remarks. He has once said that women love Hillary Clinton because they’ve “had two or three abortions,” that women “live longer than men because their lives are easier,” and that all women want is to be hired as “eye candy.” Limbaugh also regularly rails against feminism, the “feminization of this culture,” “feminazis,” and the “chickification” of America. Unsurprisingly, women don’t like Rush Limbaugh. One wonders what MAO President Art McCaster is so “thrilled” about.

Scrounging around for a story, smear sites were left to ridicule his (intentionally silly) dancing, especially since it revealed Limbaugh as a regular guy who likes to have fun (humanizing), an alarming setback for his enemies:

Oh, Miss America pageant, why must you force us to watch the human body being grotesquely twisted this way and that, like some electrified lump of meat? But, hey, that’s enough about judge Rush Limbaugh strutting his stuff to “Poker Face” earlier in the week. What about the TLC broadcast of last night’s Las Vegas-held contest?

Elsewhere, the race card was whipped out faster than Al Sharpton could turn on his megaphone:

22-year-old Caressa Cameron of Fredericksburg, Virginia has become the seventh Black woman in history to be named Miss America.

The Virginia Commonwealth University student took home the crown Saturday beating out Miss California, Miss Tennessee, Miss Louisiana and Miss Kentucky for the title and a $50,000 scholarship.

Her win came as a surprise to some considering that Rush Limbaugh was judging the competition.

Along with Rush, Vivica Fox, jazz musician Dave Koz, Miss America 2002 Katie Harman, gymnast Shawn Johnson and former 'American Idol' finalist Brooke White also judged.

But it was Rush himself (aided by a caller) who saw that one coming in advance:

CALLER: Hey, I want to know if you've experienced the strange phenomenon yet that when a black contestant is on the stage, you "forget" that she's black.

RUSH: (laughing) You are not helping.

CALLER: It does happen.

RUSH: You are not helping me out here. (laughing) I forgot... (laughing) Actually the black contestants are not on the stage for 70 minutes or at least an hour, and it took that long for Matthews to realize that he'd forgotten Obama was black. Which, again, caused a little bit of a stir. But, no. We're colorblind here at the Miss America Pageant.

CALLER: What would the media had done to you if you had said something so completely off-the-wall, stupid, ignorant like that?

RUSH: Oh, I know. I've had a bunch of people if I had said that, if I had said what Harry Reid said, "He's a light-skinned black, doesn't speak with a Negro dialect unless he wants to. This guy can win!" If I had said that, oh, you'd still be here, why, you're still hearing about my comments that were not even about Donovan McNabb and it's five or six years after the fact now. So you're exactly right, a brilliant observation on your part.

CALLER: Rush, the Drive-By Media has forgotten how to blush.

RUSH: Yeah, I don't think you can embarrass them. It's pure propaganda all the time.

The best angle, the one most of the media missed (with exceptions), is that it's been years since Miss America had much relevance in our lives. Limbaugh's presence put the pageant back on the map, mostly likely the reason he was selected to judge contestants in the first place.

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  • I think it's kind of refreshing to see a guy who actually LIKES women as a judge at Miss America like El-Rushbo. Last year we were treated to Perez Hilton, who has no interest in women, & decided he needed to be the story.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 31 January, 2010 22:34  

  • They had to get a conservative male to be on the panel. Liberal guys don't like girls!

    By Blogger Unknown, at 01 February, 2010 00:55  

  • Interesting that the one negative comment quoted here about Rush and women is so wrong. Women love Rush. He is an advocate for women. The femi-nazi comments are an illustration of the sexism in the women's movement. The very thing that Rush is accused of, is manifested every day in the militant feminism movement. I know of what I speak. I have followed this for decades as has Rush. I am a woment that has listened to Rush since 1994.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 February, 2010 03:08  

  • Amen, danybhoy-Rush is the greatest ever and always!

    Thanks, Brian-great post!

    By Blogger ProudGulfWarVet65, at 01 February, 2010 03:29  

  • Anonymous said it well. I am a women who adores Rush. Rush adores women. A man who loves women is a great judge for the Miss America pageant. So what is the issue here? It's the liberal feminazi's that do not like Rush. Please do not lump me in with the likes of them. They believe in free choice only when it's a choice they approve of, they seem to believe womanizing is ok if the person accused is a liberal. I haven't seen one of them supporting women in the Middle East who rights are suppressed every moment they breathe. They are hypocrites. I love that Rush is proving the state-run media wrong at every turn.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 February, 2010 17:16  

  • I am a woman from Rush's adopted home town of Sacramento California. I've been listening to El Rushbo since he started broadcasting here in 1984. Ditto to anonymous above. Women love Rush! I tuned into the Miss America contest to see Rush. He can add Great Dancer to his many talents.
    Marti from Sacto

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 February, 2010 18:17  

  • Well done Brian.....great "linkage" as well!

    By Anonymous Dittos Rush!, at 01 February, 2010 20:45  

  • and here's yet another woman who loves Rush.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 February, 2010 21:56  

  • Rush Limbaugh would vote for the best looking gal who conducted herself with class and poise.

    We don't know for sure that Miss Virginia was his number one pick but if she wasn't at the top of his list, she would have been very close.

    The judges made a good choice.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 February, 2010 23:07  

  • I am also a strong conservative woman who has been listening to Rush since 1991. I love Rush, and he is not sexist. The femi-nazis are the real sexist. Dittos to the other women on here who love Rush. The people at the Miss America Pagent did a very smart thing by asking him to be a judge. It's a good thing too, after the bone-headed move they made last year with the choice of Perez Hilton. What an idiot he is! Great job Rush, as always.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 02 February, 2010 01:27  

  • I think its wrong to say women dont like Rush. To be correct, "liberal" women dont like Rush. The rest of us free thinking well educated women love Rush. I am a member of the Womens Republican organization here in Fayetteville NC and we love Rush. He tells the truth. Feminist have lost touch with reality and really do more harm to women than good, especially when it comes to our family and spiritual lives. I was SO excited to see Rush as a judge for Miss America. Making it relevant is right. I havent watched the pageant since I was a young girl but I watched this year!

    By Blogger sjones4568, at 02 February, 2010 11:01  

  • I am also a woman who has listened to Rush since 1984,(his Sacramento Days) and I have always absolutely loved Rush from day 1. He is an advocate for women against the Feminazi's who only defend women only when it suits their pocketbook or agendas.
    I love it when the media goes on for days because they take his sense of humor and absurdity for fact. The Libs are idiots.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 02 February, 2010 12:34  

  • Rush is an advocate of woman, aman who patronizes South American hookers?


    you people are sad

    By Anonymous dittoheadsdeserveLEAD, at 02 February, 2010 12:37  

  • I haven't watched Miss America in years. I only tuned in because of Limbaugh. The more people who are actually exposed to Rush without the media filter, the more who love him. He is smart, fair and an astute judge of our society. He's hilarious in a time when the country seriously needs a sense of humor. Great job, Rush. You rock.

    By Blogger Dianne, at 02 February, 2010 12:48  

  • I had Rush Limbaugh's picture in my locker when I was in high school! Now, as a woman in my early 30's, I get a thrill every time I listen to him. (which is daily-- I have to get my Rush fix!) Rush is my Mr. America! Woot!

    By Blogger Avid, at 02 February, 2010 16:07  

  • I am a 75 yr. old woman that loves
    Rush and have listened to him for
    28 yrs. He is always "right-on"
    no matter what the subject. It
    makes me laugh when the libs try to
    discredit and ridicule him. He
    always comes out being the great
    gentleman he is and they look like
    the "envy-mongers" they are. Rush
    was the only reason I watched Miss
    America. First time since Bert Parks.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 February, 2010 16:31  

  • Rush is the perfect replacement for Perez Hilton. They are both nuts.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 February, 2010 16:43  

  • To correct my comment ---75 yr. old
    I have listened to Rush 18yrs. not
    28 Sorry about that. Just learning
    to email.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 February, 2010 17:04  

  • Rush did a great thing. He managed to be his usual classy self and left nothing for the desperate left to latch onto. WTG Rush. Look here for an artilce abotu Rush
    Oh and @dittoheadsdeservelead .. You are right, I'm sad. I'm sad that anyone as stupid as you is allowed to live here. You are lucky I'm not president... you would be living with your terrorist brethren in a tent in Afghanistan, running from our soldiers..

    By Anonymous Citizen68, at 02 February, 2010 17:22  

  • "dittoheadsdeserveLEAD"

    Seriously, why are this loon's comments approved, especially when he's constantly advocating the murder of conservatives?

    Unless this is Mike Malloy being extended professional courtesy...

    By Blogger Kensington, at 02 February, 2010 21:26  

  • I'd like to point out that Rush said "Black" accent and not Negro like you said. Just saying

    By Blogger squshy23, at 03 February, 2010 23:15  

  • One other thing! Perez Hilton hosted Miss USA. This is Miss America.

    By Blogger squshy23, at 03 February, 2010 23:17  

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