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23 March 2010

Barney Frank: ObamaCare Opponents Just Like Bullies Who Drive Teens To Suicide


Frank Reminds Us: He Wrote The Book On Sleazy Rhetoric

While the state-run media work overtime portraying Republicans as "losing ugly" on ObamaCare, along comes Barney Frank to show them how it's really done! Sore Winner Syndrome (SWS) is alive and well on the left.

After all, the Massachusetts Democrat pretty much wrote the book on dubious rhetorical associations, though this may prove a fresh low even for him. During last night's Rachel Maddow Show, Frank linked opponents of socialized medicine and Republicans to schoolyard bullies who drive teens to suicide.

Barney's referring to a new law passed in the Bay State as a result of several disturbing incidents, especially the recent suicide of Phoebe Prince, a 15-year-old Irish student attending school in South Hadley. Connecting the incident to recent ObamaCare protests is a stretch to say the least, but here it is nonetheless:

FRANK (11:32): In Massachusetts, they just passed a very good bill, unanimous, Democrats and Republicans, to try and prevent junior high school kids and high school kids from being bullied, from the name-calling, etc., and that's going on in a lot of places in the country. We've had suicides from young people who have been bullied. What do they see, though, if they watch television over the weekend, adults doing the same kind of bullying and Republican leaders cheering on the bullies.

[Maddow references Politico story]

FRANK (12:12): My partner, Jim, and I were walking from, and I say, we walked from the (garbled) House office building to another, there was a great deal of shouting, you know, waving of fists and signs and people sort of getting very close and yelling and a number of the comments were homophobic.

The bottom line: Democrats can complain about protests as much as they like, but Americans are far more concerned with figuring out how to pay for this trillion-dollar boondoggle.

As for Frank, unless a credible Republican enters the race (not a perennial candidate with criminal convictions), he is safe in November.

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