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19 March 2010

Libtalker Attacks Michele Bachmann: 'She's A Freaking Dwarf'


Left's Attacks On MN Congresswoman Increasingly Personal

It's no secret the left has long despised Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, but the most recent attacks on the Minnesota Republican have become increasingly personal.

What's moved "progressives" into overdrive? It's more than her assertive, charismatic and unwavering nature: Bachmann's ability to rally the troops on issues like ObamaCare is a serious threat to the Obamist left.

Just this week, Bachmann's been called a bigot by alleged comedian Kathy Griffin, labeled as living in "Crazytown" and now, called a "freaking dwarf" by libtalker Randi Rhodes.

From the latter's radio show:

RHODES (09:56): And in comes Michele Bachmann and I almost didn't recognize her. Here's the deal; check this out, she's a freaking dwarf! I'm so serious. You know it's always something with those girls, she's a dwarf!

She's maybe four foot eleven, I swear to God, and maybe, maybe she weighs eighty pounds. She's a dwarf, she's got a Napoleon complex, that's what going on with that! And she - first, she comes and she makes a beeline over to me and Shepherd and she goes 'hello my name is Michele Bachmann and I'm a member of Congress and I really haven't met you yet, so I just wanted to introduce myself. You're Shepherd Smith aren't you?' And Shepherd goes, who are you?

Hey Randi, isn't Janeane Garofalo also about that size? Does that make her a "freaking dwarf" with a "Napoleon complex"? She's every bit as strong-willed as Bachmann, if not considerably more so.

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  • what about Barbara Mikulski and Henry Waxman?

    they aren't exactly giants either

    By Blogger PeterK, at 19 March, 2010 22:46  

  • Unsurprisingly, when the left is intellectually challenged on context they begin the childish name calling. Just like they did with Sarah Palin. What a great point of debate: ".. dwarf.." from the "tolerant" crowd. Grow up already.

    By Blogger Peter Four, at 20 March, 2010 04:39  

  • Yep..I believe that Shepard Smith is that stupid that he doesn't know the the smartest most beautiful and patriotic woman in the US Congress, on another note..if I were a vertically challenged individual, I believe that I would call for the randi womans resignation.

    By Anonymous Augiestyles, at 20 March, 2010 07:21  

  • Randi Rhodes is still on the radio?
    Who knew? And who cares?

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 20 March, 2010 07:33  

  • Randi Buten, the gravel throat-ed Jewish crotch muncher from Brooklyn. Well you haven't changed much since high school or since you single handed-ly brought down that liberal bastion, Air America. You are still a loser. The only way you can garner an audience is to call people names and then that audience is maybe 4-5 people at most.

    You could never win an argument based on facts, even in hifh school and you always resorted to name calling. Give it up now, please, as you are an embarrassment to yourself and family. You are a loser.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 March, 2010 08:05  

  • How about Barbara Boxer? Not only is she short like a troll she will not let her employees talk to her or look her in the eye, talk about a Napolean complex.

    By Anonymous Roberta Lester, at 20 March, 2010 09:32  

  • Hey Randi, you are nothing but a Tea Bag Licking Tool. Get a life looser.

    By Anonymous Jake34, at 20 March, 2010 11:23  

  • "She's maybe four foot eleven,"

    Big deal (pun not intended), who cares?

    "and maybe, maybe she weighs eighty pound."

    So what? Lucky her, at least she doesn't have an obesity problem. Obese people everywhere probably envy her, especially if they have a setpoint that stops their diets from working.

    OK, she's not someone I want to wrestle with. But hey, I've never been into wrestling anyway.

    What does size have to do with anything? How does it effect her ability to perform her job? Unless your job is heavy manual labor and requires you to lift heavy weights quickly and easily, size has no impact on one's ability to do one's job, and shouldn't even be an issue.

    If you've got a problem with somebody, it should be for a real issue, and only criticize for real issues. Comments on someone's size are just childish.

    "Nah-nah nahnah nah, I'm bigger than you are." Sounds like what you'd hear on a playground.

    By Blogger Cecilia, at 20 March, 2010 16:23  

  • Hey Anonymous
    Why did you have to mention Jewishness in your criticism of Randi? You could have criticized her on other grounds and left the Jewish comment out of it. We don't need anti-Semites around here. It hurts our cause big time (brings on God's curse). Please leave and take your anti-Semitism with you.

    By Blogger Cecilia, at 20 March, 2010 16:32  

  • Dwarves unite! Rise up! Hate speech! Hate crime! You have been demeaned, disrespected, and hated! Exercise your right as a minority group to receive extra-special treatment, and sue the **** out of this airbag!!!

    By Blogger Liza316, at 20 March, 2010 17:16  

  • It's a shame that liberals, who say they are tolerant, are such liars and name callers and cannot discuss facts. Look at the difference between Bush and Obama when people disagreed with them. Bush told them the First Amendment gave them the right to do so. Obama starts name calling. Their lack of leadership and their ignorance starts at the tops and goes all the way down to those who follow them blindly. Pure ignorance and name calling. They act like grade school children.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 March, 2010 18:12  

  • Oh, I wasn't aware she still had an outlet. (Maybe a pituitary condition). What does she use, tin can and string? Bullhorn? Or maybe she borrows Tom Daschle and Little Bear's 2.8 kb stream.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 March, 2010 20:10  

    Randi Rhodes must be a midget
    Randi Rhodes is a skanky hypocrite.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 March, 2010 17:51  

  • Considering Randi only has a few "inches more" one opinion possibly gained from her opportunistic clinging to The "Vine" (lobbyist - The Howard) and the added return of "Her Manzo" to advance Randi's OWN stature in getting a "few added inches" where she enjoys it most.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 March, 2010 21:51  

  • I love conservatives. I absolutely love them! It's because of conservatives that Barack Obama will still be president of the free world in 2013. The great conservatives are offering the rest of America candidates like Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, et all. Can anyone truly believe that conservatives, who gave us a great president like Ronald Reagan, are now supporting people like Sarah Palin, who cannot even tell us what she likes to read, Michele Bachmann, who doesn't even know, much less, understand American History and Newt Gingrich, the family values guy, who divorced his first wife while she was dying from cancer. Oh and I didn't forget the rest of the Republican field, they're just as boring and unintelligent as those mentioned above. Thank you conservatives. Please continue your movement. You're helping liberals and progressives more than the liberals and progressives.

    By Anonymous Birdine L Remaley Jr, at 31 May, 2011 18:36  

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