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07 March 2010

Libtalker Malloy Accuses 'Glenn Beck Fan' Of Pentagon Shootings


Lefties Master The Baseless Preemptive Attack

After years of refining their technique, lefties seem to have mastered the art of the preemptive smear. Now, political opponents are instantly to blame for virtually any tragedy that might befall the innocent, anytime and anywhere.

The case of John Patrick Bedell, the Californian who was killed earlier this week after a Pentagon shootout, provides the latest example. Though it quickly became clear through his writings that Bedell was more likely a hard-leftist, the "progressive" camp quickly tied him to conservatives.

The Politico even ran a story about the right's "resistance" to such a connection, as though conservatives had a genuine reason to distance themselves from him. The Christian Science Monitor also featured a similar piece at their website.

Although he had no connection to Bedell or the incident, lefties worked quickly to bring Glenn Beck into the mix. Sloppily, HBO's Bill Maher said he wished Beck had been killed at the Pentagon, while longtime libtalker Mike Malloy claimed the shooter was one of Glenn's fans:

MALLOY (04:01): So, a shooting at the Pentagon, uh, a Glenn Beck fan who obviously went beserk and decided to kill police officers at the, at the Pentagon and didn't succeed; at least neither officer is dead yet.

Um, and the perpetrator apparently is not dead yet either, so maybe they can, uh, when they fix him up, they can waterboard him a bit and find out what it was that Glenn Beck said that made him decide to open fire, uh, near the entrance of the Pentagon.

Jesus, God, Glenn, you better back off, seriously. You're pushing the nut cases in this country to the max. Well, that's what you're trying to do, never mind.

Of course, once the details have emerged and it becomes clear they're wrong, apologies are almost never offered. That's why frontloading smears has proven so effective: they're rarely held accountable when the truth is revealed.

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