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22 March 2010

Sharpton Callers Continue To Slam Obama


Sharpton's Show Again Used To Criticize Obama

In a further sign of increasing division within the black community, callers are continuing to use Al Sharpton's radio program to criticize Barack Obama.

With Al having abandoned street-level protests in favor of Beltway establishment elitism, the exchanges are becoming increasingly awkward. While he plays defense, listeners vent their frustrations.

Even his fill-ins are feeling the heat: during Friday's show, substitute host / longtime Sharpton crony Charlie King used White House talking points to rebut unhappy listeners and defend the Reverend himself:

DERRICK IN CHICAGO (32:26): We all felt that sense of pride in self the night in Grant Park when Barack Obama became the first black president, but I once was quoted saying it’s not about a black president solely. It’s about what's going to be done for our people. At the rate he’s going, if you had to be perfectly candid my friend, you would agree that he probably on pace to be the first black, or the first president period regardless of what ethnicity group to totally, virtually abandon his own people.

DERRICK (45:54): I’m critical of Rev. Sharpton because that’s an about face. I mean he’s become this world figure now and it seems like the bigger he gets the more; the Bible lets us know you judge one’s greatness by how they treat the least of thee. So, to give us all this gibberish on his radio show every day and then here’s an opportunity for him to deal with the issues.

Don’t go in no private meeting with Barack Obama and so-called civil rights leaders and come out of there and now all of a sudden…

[King interrupts]

CHARLIE KING: Well, hey Derrick, let me flip it to you the other way, you’ve got folks who aren’t meeting with the President of the United States who aren’t coming up with an agenda. I asked you what Obama should be doing.

I’ll tell you that what I think you know President Obama should be doing is to make sure that we have in our community, health care and I think he’s doing that with this Bill. It’s the first step. And I think with the jobs program, he is beginning to do that as well and when it comes to education, I think he’s taking care of our schools. So, I’m giving you some concrete examples.

Previously, we've tracked this growing phenomenon here and here.

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