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26 April 2010

Ed Rendell: 'Protect Puppies' Rally Could Outdraw Tea Party 100-To-One


Gov Rendell: Tea Party Movement A Joke

Just after building up the Tea Party movement as a scary, terroristic threat to America, the Obamist left is now busy tearing it down.

That has ├╝ber-partisan Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA) ridiculing recent events, claiming he could get 100 times as many people to participate in a "protect puppies" rally.

During an interview with radio libtalker Bill Press Friday, the bombastic guv made clear he sees the movement as a joke.

And earlier today, Rendell presented a slightly more subdued version as a guest on Fox & Friends.

From his appearance on the Press show:

ED RENDELL (16:53) (in response to question from Press about impact of Tea Party movement): ...ugh, unbelievably so. And not just the conservative media, by the mainstream media. Everyone covers these Tea Party events, and I said the two biggest events they've had were the Tax Day rally where their own organizer said they drew 1500 people.

And the rally the week before healthcare was voted on where they drew 1000 people. Bill, I could get 1000 people to Washington to protest the bowl championship series system in college football.

And if we chose to rally to protect puppies, we'd get 100,000 people in Washington.

Democrats who expect to maintain credibility on this issue might consider whether Tea Parties are indeed a joke or a destructive force in American political life. It's hard to fathom how they could fit both categories simultaneously.


  • Has PETA been killing those poor animals again?


    By Blogger GeronL, at 26 April, 2010 20:00  

  • Why is it hard to believe? Remember how Bush could be both an idiot and an evil genius at the same time?

    By Anonymous Duncan, at 27 April, 2010 11:28  

  • As a Pennsylvanian & former Philadelphian, I can attest to the fact "Fast Eddie" Rendell is not only pathetic, but also lower than pond scum. For anyone who wants to know about the REAL Ed Rendell, read the book "In Eddie's Name". In November of 1994 Fox Chase h.s. student Eddie Polec was beaten to death by a gang of baseball bat wielding teenagers from neighboring Abington Township h.s. Over a dozen 911 calls were made by witnesses to the beating, but the police response was hampered by the poor 911 system & incompetent 911 operators in Philadelphia. Eddie Polec died because of the poor response. Ed Rendell, then Mayor of Philadelphia, refused to give in to the demands of Eddie Polec's family members to reform Philadelphia's 911 system UNLESS they dropped their wrongful death lawsuit against the City of Philadelphia. He also re-hired the 911 operators who did not do their job, therefore causing Polec's death! Only a slimy Leftocrat like Rendell could do something that low & classless. THAT is the REAL Ed Rendell & anyone who takes anything he has to say seriously, beware of who you are dealing with.

    By Anonymous LIBSTOMPER, at 27 April, 2010 15:18  

  • Eddie Polec's murder was unfortunate...and preventable. The 9/11 system was poor, and so was the response by the dispatchers, and Mayor Rendell should've been tougher on them for falling down on the job, but one has to realize that the fabricated rape story of a teenaged Abington girl is what provoked this whole thing in the first place, and the repercussions of fabricating such a story were as follows:

    A) The girl's fabricated rape story helped get an innocent person killed.

    B) There's a even broader implication with the fabricated rape story on the part of the girl: On the long run, a woman or girl who really does get raped will have a much, much tougher time getting people to believe her, and therefore gaining the necessary support from family, friends, police and the courts.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 August, 2012 15:23  

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