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29 April 2010

Imus Calls Bluff As Joe & Mika Claim Radio Show Will Return


Hey Scarborough, When Does The 'Expanded' Show Begin?

All week, the biggest inside joke in broadcasting has been news of an "expanded" version of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski's syndicated radio program coming just as the current one appears to have abruptly ended.

Heck, that sure sounds like an on-air good-bye (captured in the clip below), complete with tirades against some of those on the MSNBC host's ever-growing media enemies list.

So, Joe, when does the "expanded" show begin? Should we expect Rush to give up his first hour on WABC to make way for you?

In the second portion of the clip below, listen as Don Imus nails the situation perfectly, calling out Scarborough on his deceit and questioning why he would make up such an implausible story.

In particular, Imus is dead-on correct in his assertion that Joe's crazy tale was meant not only to save face, but to intentionally mislead the New York Daily News, New York Times and other state-run media outlets. No one at Citadel has since refuted the I-Man's take on the situation, leading many to believe his version is accurate.

Remember, Joe got back into talk radio most recently as a result of hearing about Rush Limbaugh's mega-contract renewal. Admitting defeat here means handing a clear victory to Rush, something Morning Joe's increasingly unstable (and downright fragile) ego simply cannot process.

If we're all wrong and Joe's program really is about to return, let's get the confirmed details, especially from Citadel. Otherwise, Scarborough needs to come clean with the truth.

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  • NO JOE!! The reason you beat Glenn is cuz your show is on WABC ! Even DEAD AIR on WABC will win against sad sack WOR.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 April, 2010 21:35  

  • For starters, Joe & Mika on radio was a decidedly different show than Morning Joe on MSNBC... more often than not, I heard more conservative points-of-view from Mr. Scarborough on the radio compared to his televised show.

    It is also refreshing, Brian, to see something less-than-negative written by you about Don Imus. I know you aren't a fan of his, but when he's right he's right.

    By Blogger Charlie on the PA Turnpike, at 30 April, 2010 08:57  

  • Let me take a wild guess that the Joe Show didn't get great ratings?

    Just a wild guess.

    By Blogger GeronL, at 30 April, 2010 12:47  

  • agree with Imus, joe is nothing but a backstabbing phoney, hes also a rino, he lost his soul when he went to work at msnbc, I could not believe what he was saying here, that radio is going to change, that the old radio host are out, insinuating sean, rush imus are old stuff, is he a joke??? look at their ratings compared to his, I say what goes around comes around. when is msnbc going to wake up to what a disaster they have over there, never watch anyway.

    By Anonymous sandra, at 30 April, 2010 15:46  

  • RINO radio, it never lasts.

    By Anonymous Yephora, at 02 May, 2010 20:01  

  • How pathetic! Nobody watches his morning show and apparently,despite what Joe would have us believe, nobody listened to his radio show either. How many markets did that show air in? Ten? Liberal talk radio has been proven to be a failure. Remember Air America? Case closed.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 May, 2010 18:43  

  • I'm so glad Joe and that stupid show are off the air... I would listen to Imus, then shut off the radio until Rush came on. I am very conservative, but JS is just a RINO... and so full of himself... a huge ego. So huge in fact, he has no idea how he comes across... as a self-involved pompus jerk. A very unlikable man. Mika is a smart, thinking person (although a liberal!), and I hope her career does not suffer from association with this buffoon. Now we can only hope that he disappears from his cable show, and we can all take a breather...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 May, 2010 11:12  

  • Re: "he's also a rino, he lost his soul when he went to work at msnbc..."

    Huh? Joe was on MSNBC before it became a leftwing counterpoint to FOX. He was on when Tucker Carlson and Michael Savage ruled the roost. It only became a TV version of Air America after Olbermann had some minor success and started calling the shots and hired his pixie lesbo buddy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 May, 2010 16:30  

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