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16 April 2010

Maddow Slams Republicans For Using Same Language As Obama


MSNBC Libtalker's Kooky GOP Conspiracy Theory


While conservatives are often accused by left-wing opponents of buying into crazy conspiracies, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow has revealed just how silly left-wing theories can sound when expressed in a public setting.

Simply because Republicans have recently used a few rather basic phrases also found in survey data, the libtalker believes a single pollster, Frank Luntz, is directly dictating Republican policy!

As applied to too-big-to-fail bank bailouts, how unique is "never again?" Isn't it quite possible Luntz was asked to survey voters on phrases the party's establishment had already planned to use? Maddow doesn't consider that possibility, instead framing her kooky conspiracy theory as "who writes your stuff?"

Maddow's position truly derails when one considers Obama's use of the same "never again" term in a push for his bank regulation bill. That occurred most recently today, with ABC and the New York Times including it in their reporting.

From Wednesday's Maddow show on MSNBC:

MADDOW (Wednesday 14 April 2010 - 02:59 in segment "GOP sticks to script against financial reform"): It's not surprising that Republicans are opposed to Wall Street reform. No Republicans voted for it at all when it passed the House. The Republican Party has pursued this unified strategy of saying no to everything in Congress while they're in the minority.

And it's not surprising they're against Wall Street reform. It is interesting, though, that they're explaining why they're against Wall Street reform by railing against something that's not at all recognizable in the bill in any way.

Note how Maddow rails against Republicans for criticizing something that's not "in the bill in any way." That's the GOP's point: any credible banking legislation should include a provision that bans future financial bailouts, yet Democrats have intentionally left it out.

Why? Does Maddow really favor future TBTF bailouts? Why does her party leave the door open for more?

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  • What language should they be using Cantonese? French?

    They need to make up words for their slogans?

    "Kerplexin Poponson Etnarik Ayyy!!!"

    That'd win, I'm sure.

    By Blogger GeronL, at 16 April, 2010 20:40  

  • Oh gosh, I like this Libtard better when he was on 'Friends" playing Chandler!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 April, 2010 23:46  

  • Rachel Maddow is welcome to duplicitous phony Frank Luntz. Another Trojan Horse Republican consultant.He hired himself out to the Environmental Defense Fund in January 2010 to tell them how to fool republicans into voting for cap and trade. Yes, he sdvised calling it something else but still committing the same crime against America (which they are doing in fact), he told the EDF guys republicans were tired of partisan bickering and would therefore go for it. He said we could be fooled into it by being told we needed to be a big tough power and not let China beat us, and that we just need clean air. We are obviously so stupid to Luntz and the RNC that we can be mocked and sold out to the left.

    By Blogger susan, at 17 April, 2010 22:16  

  • I'm not worried about Frank Luntz & his remote dial test groups. But I am worried about people like GOP Senators like Graham, Collins, Snowe, & sometimes Hatch, Luntz does'nt screw up this nation by going along with & voting bad bill into law.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 19 April, 2010 16:16  

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