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09 April 2010

Mark Levin's Stern Warning About Obama's Supreme Court Pick


Levin: Obama's Nominee Will Impose Dictatorial Control

With a stern warning for those still cherish what remains of our freedom, Mark Levin used a portion of Friday's syndicated radio program to spell out the mission of Obama's US Supreme Court pick: imposition of dictatorial control over American lives.

While it's true we don't yet know which contender will be selected by the regime, Levin believes the mindset of the likely nominee will reflect Obama's extreme-left ideology.

Do Americans recognize just how different those values are from their own? Or the damage that could be done if Obama successfully installs a fringe radical, as expected?

Here's Mark laying out the clear distinctions between American values and those of the Obamists:

Levin is correct: understanding the mindset of America's Obamist foes is key to undermining their needlessly destructive agenda.

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  • The stupid... it burns.

    Can't you wingnuts at least wait for the nominee to be named before spewing your outrage at the choice?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 April, 2010 10:52  

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