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07 April 2010

MSNBC Libtalker Ties Reagan Tax Cuts To 2007 Bridge Collapse


Schultz: Reagan Tax Cuts Led To MN Bridge Failure

Is Ed Schultz really trying to further the "progressive" cause, or is the joke on his fans? The MSNBC talker suffered a major credibility collapse during his radio show earlier this week after attempting to blame Reagan-era tax cuts for the 2007 bridge collapse in Minnesota.

While the tragedy was quickly used for partisan political purposes to attack Bush, it was later revealed the failure was tied to a dispute between the state and a contractor over who was responsible for safety and repairs on the I-35 structure. Litigation related to the case was only recently settled.

Since then, most of the left has moved on to other subjects, but not Ed, who said this:

SCHULTZ (06:21): And so, you can make the case, well, Reagan cut taxes and turned things around.

You can also make the case that bridges fell down across this country and 13 people were killed in Minnesota and what the heck, maybe we better invest in our infrastructure. It's all what your priority list is.

Ed, your top priority should be maintaining at least a shred of credibility, don't you think?

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  • As I recall, the problem was finally traced back to the time period when the bridge was designed -- back during the Johnson administration.

    By Anonymous Rhymes With Right, at 07 April, 2010 18:08  

  • Maybe Special Ed would like to look into how much of the money spent on transportation HERE IN Minnesota has gone to things like LRT(Lite Rail Transit)or to bike trails in northern Minnesota where James Oberstar's district is. Lots of tax dollars went into things libs wanted, rather then maintaining things we already had & still need.

    Just another in an endless list of reasons why Ed Schultz has piss-poor ratings on both TV & radio.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 08 April, 2010 03:10  

  • The bridge collapsed because the builders, back in the 1960s, used half-inch thick plates instead of one-inch plates for the key gussets that join the beams. The lawsuits amount to grousing over the fact that no one noticed this until after the bridge went down.

    The state never noticed, nor did any of the private companies charged with inspecting the bridge.

    Ed, who shot his dog, of course doesn't know crap about it.

    By Blogger Gordon Scott, at 21 April, 2010 08:44  

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