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28 April 2010

Phoenix Cop Tells Libtalker: I Will Refuse To Enforce New AZ Immigration Law


Arizona Officer Says He Will Ignore New Immigration Law

Telling a libtalker
"I will refuse to enforce it," a Phoenix police officer using the name "Paul" laid out his reasons for unilaterally discarding Arizona's tough new crackdown on illegal aliens during a Tuesday radio program. But who is the cop behind this disturbing phone call?

In the background, a police radio can be heard during the conversation. In addition, during the segment, "Paul" sounds authoritative enough to be convincing.

If that means he's for real (it certainly seems that way), is he alone, or are there other officers ready to pick and choose which parts of the law they're willing to recognize? Has the department been infiltrated by the far-left?

STEPHANIE MILLER (Tuesday 27 April 2010 - 46:25): Paul in Phoenix is a policeman. Hello Paul.

PAUL: Hi Stephanie.

MILLER: Hi, go ahead.

PAUL: Well, this law makes me sob as a cop. I will refuse to enforce it even though my union president is for it.

MILLER: Really?


PAUL: I have no problem with supporting felons, but this law is out and out inhuman. It will destroy families. Lots of children with illegal immigrants are born in this country. Their unnaturalized brothers and sisters will be deported. Their parents will be deported. Spouses will be separated. Remnants of families will hide with aunts and uncles with neighbors. Children will stop going to school. We have school resource officers out here that are hired by the schools, they work for the schools, but they’re law enforcement officers and they’re going to have to question every Spanish speaking English as a second language kid in school. They’ll be required to.

MILLER: Yeah, well Paul did you see this press conference yesterday? John McCain there is flanked by police officers and he’s making this about you know ‘how dare you suggest these fine officers would racially profile.’ Well, nobody’s blaming the officers. You’re obviously being ordered to racially profile. Aren’t you?

PAUL: Oh well, yeah. It’s easy as pie to racially profile. The thing is is they lower the bar so low that it’s going to be something we’re required to do. That will be our reasonable suspicion. I’m sure that going to be part of the training that going to be instituted by the governor.

It’s like you see someone walking down the street during the summertime and wearing a coat, you have to stop that person if they have their hands in their pockets or something. That’s a reasonable suspicion thing. Well, you’re working at a school and a kid doesn’t speak a word of English, you’re going to have to the school resource officer is going to have to say hey. Tell me all about your family. Now, let’s go pick them all up.

MILLER: Paul, I hear ya. Thanks you very much. I appreciate your call. All right. OK. Let’s dive in yeah one of the many there’s so many repercussions to this ridiculous law it’s like you don’t even know where to start.

Though it's not unheard of for callers to misrepresent themselves on the air, "Paul" is convincing. What would be the point of faking such a call? That's what makes the exchange all the more disturbing.

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  • I bet it was actually Phil Hendrie.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 April, 2010 00:58  

  • Being a cop is a lot like being in the don't get to pick and choose which orders(or laws) you are going to follow or enforce. You can fake it until you get caught and then you are subject to disciplinary action. I would hope that this officer reconsiders his insubordination and follows the law.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 April, 2010 20:39  

  • This guy is a Phoenix police officer. you have to be kidding. Who recruited this fool? Probably Chris Curley or some similar douche.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 May, 2010 03:17  

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