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21 April 2010

Sharpton: Many Blacks Support Illegal Alien Crackdown


Al Sharpton Admits: Many Not With Me On Illegals Issue

With the political winds clearly shifting in favor of a proposed illegal alien crackdown in Arizona, Senator John McCain is not the only major figure caught up in the crossfire.

During today's syndicated Al Sharpton Show, the reverend admitted to butting heads with many of his organization's longtime members, who oppose his stance against the legislation.

Senate Bill 1070, which would provide Arizona law enforcement agencies with new tools to use when confronted with illegal immigrants. It's currently sitting on Governor Jan Brewer's (R-AZ) desk.

In fact, Sharpton has received enough criticism of his position from friends and allies that he felt the need to address the issue on the air. Overall, 70% of Arizona voters are said to support the bill.

From today's program:

AL SHARPTON (14:30): Many of you may remember I’ve gone to Phoenix and had my battles with Sheriff Arpaio there. And now the Arizona legislature has passed state law waiting for the signature of the governor of Arizona to sign saying that police can stop one just if they look like they’re an illegal immigrant.

I think that is dangerous. I think that is racial profiling. I think it undermines the constitution.

But there are many, including many in our community that say, "no, these immigrants are taking our jobs.

"They’re not, they’re milking our economy and reverend, I don’t agree with you on that."

I have a lot of people even in the National Action Network say, "reverend, I’m with you on a lot of things, I’m not with you on this."

So you know my position. I’m going to open up the phones and let you give yours.

Expect white liberals to pretend they didn't hear about this.

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  • Being stupid seems to be the only thing Rev. Al Sharpton can do well. Arizona's law is against "perpetrators" of an illegal act. NOT against a race. Sharptons statement that the law is racist implies that ONLY people of color are breaking the law. When we are told that EVERYONE should be drug tested "randomly" to 'control drug 'use' and non users have "nothing to hide" so should not be concerned about "enforcement" or "laws" designed to identify users. There is no difference here. This is an action designed to identify criminal illegal aliens. Those who don't fit that description "have nothing to worry about".

    By Blogger Peter Four, at 22 April, 2010 09:49  

  • Frankly, I don't understand why the entire Black community isn't out there supporting the crackdown on illegals. African-Americans are the ones most suffering b/c of illegals - if not for the illegals, many young blacks would have the entry-level jobs or the side jobs necessary for them to support their families while getting an education. In addition, illegal Hispanics are what make up almost 100% of the Hispanic gangs across the country, and their biggest rivals are the black gangs. Sharpton should know that less Hispanic gangbangers = less violence and less Black gang activity.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 April, 2010 16:00  

  • @ Anon - I doubt the blacks want to do the menial jobs the illegals do, such as dishwashing, migrant farming or construction jobs, etc. I am absolutely against illegal immigration and am all for Arizona's position. But I don't believe the illegal immigrants are taking jobs from blacks who should be educated enough to get better jobs. After all, they've had the same opportunities as the rest of us.

    By Blogger Sweet Baby Kate, at 26 April, 2010 17:44  

  • I saw Sharpton on Fox and he is a twister and a demagogue. He should not be appearing on a respectable show, any more than David Duke should be.

    He is also rude--shouting and interrupting constantly.

    By Blogger miriam sawyer, at 26 April, 2010 22:33  

  • To Sweet Baby Kate...I don't think masonry, carpentry, cabinet making, truck driving, etc. can be considered menial labor jobs that most Americans won't do. Plumbers, electricians, carpet layers...these jobs and more are being taken away from blacks, whites, orientals, even Native Americans, by illegals. It's time for Americans to be American first, including all the legal Hispanics who were born here or immigrated legally. The people crashing the border do harm to ALL of us, so this truly is a time to learn to be a united nation and put our differences aside, or better yet in the past and move forward.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 April, 2010 02:29  

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