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28 April 2010

Sharpton Scolds African-Americans For Supporting AZ Immigration Law


Reverend Al Angry With Blacks For Supporting AZ Law

Quite possibly setting a record for fastest alienation of one's political base, the Reverend Al Sharpton is continuing to jettison some longtime supporters in favor of a new alliance with Washington's elite establishment.

While we've noted the trend for some time, which has included many angry calls to his radio program, today's rant reveals a clear escalation of tensions, initiated entirely by Sharpton himself.

Last Wednesday, the reverend revealed on-air that a number of his listeners and associates had expressed support for Arizona's new immigration law, which includes a potential crackdown on illegal aliens.

At the time, Sharpton noted the difference of opinion, but used a polite tone clearly absent during today's program, to the point of questioning the self-esteem of African-Americans who oppose his position on the bill or are critical of Obama's performance.

Taking the insults a step further, he accused black critics of being more interested in Sanford & Son reruns than what Sharpton sees as best for African-Americans.

My, how things have changed in one short year:

SHARPTON (32:51): It’s amazing to me that now that others (Karl Rove and Jeb Bush) who are more conservative and even now a Sheriff (Pima County AZ) is taking a position. Now, we’re not that extreme.

And I keep telling you the part of leadership is to stand up for what’s right and to set the tone and the trend not to follow it. A lot of people wait to see which way the wind is blowing and that’s the way they go. You’ve got to set public opinion, not just follow it. We change polls we don’t just take em and say up this is up let’s go with that.

So, when this law first went down and many of us (black community) jumped out, well not many of us, a few of us jumped out with the Latino leaderships saying it was profiling all weekend long I was getting all kind of bashing from many across the board.

Now all of a sudden that others are saying it, it is a responsible position. Well, it was responsible Friday when we said it. It didn’t just turn responsible because some conservatives are now feeling the heat of these protests and feeling the heat of going put and educating the public.

And that’s the part of what a lot of us (in the black community) don’t understand. People talking about, oh you’re always on television, that’s how you educate the public. A lot of people didn’t understand the implications of this bill if we didn’t go on TV and talk about it.

I’m not on cribs showing my house. I’m on these talk shows talking about how this could make our community vulnerable. How this is unequal protection under the law. I’m not on there showing my closet. So, I mean people that get angry at people that are out there representing their interests, you’ve got to ask yourself what’s wrong with them?

Why would I get mad if someone is speaking up for me unless I got a problem with my own self-esteem. I hear a people talking about ‘oh, the president’s over-exposed.’ I don’t care if the president’s on every five minutes if he’s talking about jobs for me, health care for me, better education for my kids. How do I get too much of that?

So, let me get this right, the president shouldn’t be on every day talking about what he’s going to do to make the country that was at brink of disaster function better and when it was at the brink many of us already over the brink because we bear the worst.

He shouldn’t be on the hook talking about that. I shouldn’t be dealing with civil rights issues on TV three or four times a week. We should all stay off so you could watch reruns of Sanford and Son. That’s much more constructive for you. I got it. I’m clear. I hope you clear. Hundred stations now and you mad if we on one representing your issues seriously. Something wrong with that.

If Sharpton's goal is to be hated by his own political base, he's accomplishing the task with flying colors. A few more meltdowns like this and the deal will be sealed for good.

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  • I see Brian you learned something from Savage, Savage used to call him sharp-tongue

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 April, 2010 19:11  

  • Big Al is looking for a new group of patsies to shake down, the good Americans of African decent are sick of his pandering to a group that has come for their jobs...they're not stupid Al.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 05 May, 2010 07:30  

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