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14 April 2010

Sharpton Show Callers Continue To Pound Obama


Sharpton Callers Increasingly Angry Over Obama

As we've been tracking for months, Al Sharpton's callers are increasingly dissatisfied with Barack Obama, despite polls showing near-unanimous support for the president among African-Americans.

More recently, however, the on-air tone projected by his listeners has begun to shift: polite dissent has now become outright anger.

How does this fit with the mainstream media's narrative that Obama's detractors are almost entirely white (racists)?

In a particularly jarring example from today's show, guest host / crony Dr Ron Daniels is confronted with fed-up caller Nathan, who objects to the cozy ties between Sharpton's entourage and Obama ahead of the National Action Network Convention:

NATHAN (CALLER) (3:34): Anybody with good sense don’t want to go to this convention. It’s nothing but an Obama fan club. It’s a total disgrace. Al Sharpton has no credibility and you either. You have no credibility cause you’re cheerleaders for Obama. You’re a total disgrace. (Daniels interrupts)

DR RON DANIELS, SHARPTON FILL-IN HOST: You got a problem with Obama? You got a problem with Obama? What’s your problem with President Obama?

NATHAN: He’s a thug just like George Bush. He’s bombing people in Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s killing up people. There’s no difference between him and George Bush.

DANIELS: So you see no difference between he and George Bush?

NATHAN: No difference and black people done lost their minds.

DANIELS: Health care doesn’t matter? Unemployment and extending benefits doesn’t matter?

NATHAN: That was an insurance company bailout. That was an insurance company bailout and you know it.

DANIELS: Well, there are millions of people across this country who I think who feel a lot better because they’ll have health insurance my friend.

NATHAN: You are a total sham. You and Al Sharpton are a total sham you all ought to be ashamed of yourself.

DANIELS: Well I have my criticism of President Obama, but I think there are a lot of people who would think we’d much rather have him then having Bush in the White House. But look you have an opportunity to share your (Nathan interrupts)

NATHAN: You a total disgrace, you know that?

DANIELS: All right well, I’m willing to be disgraceful here on national radio. I appreciate your call. Nathan.

NATHAN: You’re a total disgrace.

DANIELS: Nathan, appreciate your call sir.

If racism can be
the only genuine motive for opposing Obama, how does the state-run media process this clear trend?

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