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27 May 2010

Al Sharpton Struggles To Defend Obama's Gulf Disaster Non-Response


Reverend Tries, Fails To Defend Obama's Gulf Oil Response

Is there no limit to the Reverend Al Sharpton's devotion to Barack Obama? Even in the face of angry longtime supporters questioning his blind loyalty to the president, America's most infamous race hustler continues to test the boundaries of credulity.

The phenomenon extends even to subject areas about which the Reverend knows little, if anything at all. In a particularly ridiculous example from yesterday's syndicated radio program, Sharpton attempted to deflect growing criticism surrounding Obama's handling of the Gulf oil disaster, shifting blame directly to Bush and Republicans, while absolving the current White House occupant of any responsibility whatsoever:

SHARPTON (3:18): Well, we have a lot going on today, a lot going on around the country.

The oil spill, the BP oil spill, let’s be clear who is responsible and who is supposed to be the one stopping it. It seems to still be raging, the oil spill that is. It is interesting how many of the Republicans who were in charge when a lot of these policies were put in place that the federal government does not have the equipment, the Department of the Navy and other agencies don’t have the capacity to deal with oil spills.

Now they are calling on President Obama to intervene when there is no government agency that has the equipment or capacity to really intervene because the policy set was that these private companies like BP would be responsible and contracted to do their own covering of things like oil spills. Now that this oil spill has occurred, it is now interesting that they are now calling on this administration to do something that there is not the equipment or the capacity to do, that started under former administrations.

Is there at least a remote corner of Sharpton's mind that wonders whether the next several years are destined to be consumed with cleaning up Obama's easily avoidable presidential messes?

Is it really worth it, Al? Life is terribly short.


  • Al Sharpton is proof that even an idiot can succeed in America.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 May, 2010 13:17  

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