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14 May 2010

Ed Schultz Afraid To Ask Democrat About Big Oil Contributions


MSNBC Libtalker Afraid To Challenge Dem Senator Directly

Even as they criticized the president's positions on illegal immigration, amnesty and other major issues, during the Bush years, conservative talkers were routinely blasted for their supposed partisanship.

With "progressives" now running the country, however, it's fascinating to watch liberal hosts take naked partisanship to levels previously unseen. As Democrats sink further in the polls, lefty talkers have forfeited an opportunity to take independent positions in favor of doubling-down on a failed approach.

Nothing illustrates the point better than this cowardly display from syndicated radio libtalker Ed Schultz, who failed to mention Senator Mary Landrieu's (D-LA) Big Oil campaign contributions until AFTER the conclusion of her MSNBC interview earlier this week.

Schultz has spent weeks lambasting Republicans over the Gulf oil spill, to the point of attempting to blame Bush and GOP senators for the incident. To maintain at least a shred of credibility, Big Eddie knew he must mention Landrieu's oil donations, but skipped a clear opportunity to confront her:

SCHULTZ (13:28) (after the Landrieu interview): We should point out that Sen. Landrieu has taken $1.8 million from BP over the last ten years, and she's also taken money from the anti-drillers.

We will have her on the program again talkin' more about this. You just can't look at this number [$1.8 million] and say that people aren't affected by that, and I will give her an opportunity, again, to come back and talk about it.

The next day, Schultz corrected the amount received by Landrieu (claiming the real figure is less than one million from Big Oil), but failed to explain his reluctance to challenge Landrieu directly when given the opportunity.

Libtalkers would do well to consider the successful strategy of distance from a then-adrift GOP used by their conservative counterparts during Bush's second term. Why go down with the SS Reid, Pelosi & Obama?


  • "Special" Ed is a delusional member of the padded cell brigade & needs to be committed. Enough said.

    By Anonymous LIBSTOMPER, at 14 May, 2010 15:33  

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