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11 May 2010

Libtalk Reveals: White Liberal Elitists Love Kagan, African-Americans Not So Much


While Blacks Complain, Kagan Pleases White Libtalkers

Underscoring striking differences between white liberal elitists and party-loyal African-Americans, Obama's nomination of Elena Kagan to the US Supreme Court reveals smug satisfaction by the former while the latter experiences bitter disappointment.

Clearly, at least some black supporters of the president expected a pick that matches their background. And while whites on the far-left also have expressed some reservations, at least she's got a snooty Manhattan upbringing in her favor!

Listen as one white libtalker's elitist vision (from today's Bill Press Show) contrasts with that of Al Sharpton's callers, who are underwhelmed by Obama's choice to say the least. With differences this striking, it's a miracle these groups are able to align at election time:

AL SHARPTON SHOW CALLER - DONALD (43:38): This judicial pick, by President Obama, I think he’s doing just what white folks want him to do cause he’s the Great Appeaser. So I think it’s a great thing. Why should he nominate or bring forth someone of African American descent? Why should he? He doesn’t have to, no. He wants to appease white folks.


CALLER - ROMEL (14:55): The nomination of a white woman to me is the president's going out of his way once again to show white America that he is not going to show any favoritism towards blacks and I’m just kind of disturbed by that.


BILL PRESS (33:27): I do trust her, and here's why: I trust her based on some clues that she is a good, strong liberal we can count on. Some of these may be superficial, but look, she was raised on Manhattan's Upper West Side. You live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, you're a liberal. No doubt about it. I know a lot of people that come from that area, and it's got a great reputation.

And here, listen as other libtalkers react to the selection of Kagan:

With friends like these, Kagan should have no problem sailing through the confirmation process.


  • Hey, speaking of Bill Press: That lying fraud is coming out with a book that attacks those e-e-v-i-l-l conservative talkers on radio and TV. He will be going on book tour in a couple of weeks. Tea partiers, listen up. Show up at these speaking engagements and ask Press if he will condemn the REAL hate speech - the stuff spewed by Mike Malloy, Randi "Kill Bush" Rhodes, Keith "go f*** your mother" Olbermann, Joy Behar, etc.

    I bet press will have a conniption fit if he gets confronted on this.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 May, 2010 22:45  

  • Great idea anonymous, but Press & the other lib-talkers aren't worth even that. Their ratings prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that no one gives a damn what they think. Rush Limbaugh already drives the state-run media to fits of drooling & convulsions when he wakes up each day, let alone speaks. The loonies on the left create their own insanity & rage. They don't need our help. Take care & GOD bless!

    By Anonymous LIBSTOMPER, at 14 May, 2010 15:22  

  • Dearest Randi, try Not to get "mugged" This time, on your way to maybe killing some innocent people on your drive home.

    Thanks much.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 May, 2010 18:17  

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