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28 May 2010

Libtalker Claims Sestak Fabricated Obama Job Offer


Libtalker Press Undercuts Dem Nominee To Protect Obama

When a loyal liberal Democrat
(and key candidate in an extremely important state) tangles with Barack Obama, who wins? We now have a clear answer: the party moves to protect the president's political fortunes at all costs.

While that might seem obvious, the damage done to Democrats can't be overstated: they need to retain a crucial US Senate seat, but Sestak also cannot be right in asserting he was offered a position in exchange for dropping out to clear the field for incumbent Senator Arlen Spector (D-PA). That would expose Obama to a potentially-damaging scandal.

The resulting mess leaves Democrats in the unbearable position of being compelled to undermine Sestak, who subsequently knocked out Specter in the primary election. In a terribly uncomfortable spot is Sestak himself, who has largely disappeared since the flap erupted into a major conflagration.

Enter ultra-partisan Democrat / former CNN hosts Bill Press, he of the instant Bomb-seller Toxic Talk: How The Radical Right Has Poisoned America's Airwaves, headed to a remainder table near you. Confronted by a caller to his syndicated radio talk show yesterday, Press wasted no time portraying Sestak as dishonest:

PRESS (52:48): I think Sestak brought it up because he's trying to get a little extra mileage in the primary, frankly, and I think he exaggerated a conversation into a job offer.

Funny how the real "toxic talk" seems to be emanating from Press himself. Consider this a case study in how the left eats its own when under stress.


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