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18 May 2010

New Randi Rhodes Flap Over Unhinged 'Parody' Skit


Enraged Libtalker Airs Deranged Anti-Rush Rant

When put to music, how do the extreme limits of hate and rage sound?

For those who've ever pondered this question, we can thank libtalker Randi Rhodes. Apparently learning nothing from previous parody-related meltdowns, Rhodes viciously takes aim at a fellow host syndicated by the same outfit, Premiere Radio Networks.

Especially touching: the "I'm a Nazi" chorus.

As for humor, the only laughs here come unintentionally, thanks to the ridiculously inaccurate "falling ratings" dig. Hey Randi, how are yours these days?

From today's Randi Rhodes Show:

They say that I'm sleaze/
An elitist you please/
Everybody disagrees with my wrath/
I'm horrendous, I'm hauling/
My ratings now are falling/
I'm so full of bull - so full (of crap)/
With condescending eyes/
Making money selling lies/
You might say everybody hates my guts/
I'm offensive, I'm a bigot/
I'm a fraud; can you dig it/
I'm a sexist, racist, homophobic fat pathetic putz!

I'm a Nazi/
He's a Nazi/
That's right! I really am/
Because I'm a Nazi/
That's right; you're being scammed/
I'm a Nazi/
I don't care about the middle class/
I'm a fat conservative butthead with a face of a horse's ass/
He's a fat conservative butthead with a face of a horse's ass!

I have a subhuman figure, a huge rear end/
My brain that's another story/
I have a face the size of a washtub/
and my ass is as big as Missouri/

(This bastard is sick, he's a fat pompous pig and his ass is as big as Missouri)

Yessirree Bob!
Manipulating statements; exaggerating truth/
I can't believe they hate my show in spite!

Just because I'm stupid; just because I'm smug/
It's just because Republicans are liars/
I'm heartless, I am vain/
Insensitive, insane/
They say that I am a national disgrace/
I'm nasty; insulting; basically revolting/
I'm a concentrated pile of human waste!

('I'm a Nazi' chorus)

They say this is not about my vanity/
They doubt my sanity/
They think I'm nuts/
A cyst on the ass of humanity/

New Republican slogan, read my [...] /
From the bowels of Adolf Hitler/
Is the voice of Rush Limbaugh/
In closing let me say/
That each and every day/
I'm a evil rotten egotistical snob/
I'm the cop-o, a Joe McCarthy-like gestapo/
The right-wing home of a jack-booted slob/
The Democratic trashing/
Years of liberal bashing/
When the equivalent compassion of a (unclear)/
The IQ of a fig/
I'm a fat, obnoxious pig/
And the truth of the matter is I'm vomit!

(repeat 'I'm a Nazi' Chorus)

He's a fat conservative butthead/
Sick Republican sleazeball/
Fearmongering scumbag/
Egotistical asswipe/
Mean-spirited, hog-walling, fat conservative putz/
With the face of a horse's ass/
Mega dildos Rush!

Thanks to the genius of Paul Shanklin, here's how truly funny talk radio parodies sound:

Thanks, libtalkers, for demonstrating once where Hate Radio has truly been mastered.


  • I do love that Rush parody.

    By Anonymous ladyjane, at 19 May, 2010 08:30  

  • Oh, come on. It's far from new. That song has been around since the mid-90's.

    By Anonymous Mitch, at 19 May, 2010 11:20  

  • It is incredible to me how those on the left stay trapped in perpetual childhood no matter how old they are. This woman is a deranged simpleton & not worthy of discussion by intelligent human beings. I know teenagers & grade school kids who are more mature & have much more class than this pathetic excuse of an adult. Liberalism truly is not only a mental disorder, but also a TOTAL absence of Almighty GOD in one's life.

    By Anonymous LIBSTOMPER, at 19 May, 2010 13:32  

  • These people are so full of hate and rage. Rush would never sound like this.

    Yet, these morons claim to be the loving, all encompassing, compassionate people.

    So full of hate.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 19 May, 2010 15:08  

  • Brian, with respect, I'm not with you on this one. This piece was well done and very creative even though it denigrates one of my personal heroes. The visuals in the YouTube version are even funnier. Of course the message is dead-wrong, but this bit is a far-cry from the painful and boring screeds that spew from the pie-holes of the usual MSLSD suspects.

    Since he's a broadcast professional first and foremost, I bet that even Rush had a chuckle or two when he first saw it a few years ago.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 May, 2010 21:02  

  • Apparently Randi Rhodes hasn't the slightest clue that parody and ad hominem attack are not the same thing. One is humorous. The other is simply childish.

    By Blogger So Cal Jim, at 20 May, 2010 00:24  

  • Apparently Randi Rhodes hasn't the slightest clue that parody and ad hominem attack are not the same thing. One is humorous. The other is simply childish.

    By Blogger So Cal Jim, at 20 May, 2010 00:24  

  • And of course, Randi is too stupid to know that Sen. Joe McCarthy was working with a list compiled by the FBI, and all or most of the communist infiltration allegations he stated were proven true. All she knows is "McCarthyism equals false accusation" because that's all her leftist teachers taught her. McCarthy's reward for patriotism? A mysterious death and his name forever smeared by the leftist media. For some reason, the mainstream media liked socialism then, and now it's become an obsession.
    By the way, Randi, I'm not a Rush fan, but your lyrics are really really juvenile.

    By Anonymous Spike, at 20 May, 2010 09:29  

  • George, that is Rush talking, he just didn't say the words in that order. Think of it as a sort of musical collage made from recordings of Rush.

    By Anonymous Mitch, at 20 May, 2010 09:59  

  • Rush is (always) RIGHT! Who is Randi Rhodes? Talk about hate spewing.........she needs to take a look in a mirror. And BTW Rush isn't overweight anymore. You Go Rush!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 May, 2010 09:18  

  • Mitch:
    You may be right... so what is your point?
    Are you agreeing with Rhodes {who used to play sounds of a rifle ricochet every time Dubya's name was mentioned} because that actually might be Rush's words?
    Have you ever actually listened to Rush?

    By Blogger pettyfog, at 23 May, 2010 12:07  

  • So? This is Rhoades, she's probably gone off the dep end because she got tossed from her long time home WJNO. The only question I have is will Carol Costello at CNN report that her good buddy has gone off her meds again?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 May, 2010 22:35  

  • I didn't watch the Randi Rhodes video.Don't know who that is, don't care. I can imagine what the vid was like.

    Thought Paul's was great!It wasn't hateful,but got his point across.The singing "Arizona"part sounded great,just tha way Obama would sound.He is a great talent.

    By Anonymous tmcm, at 24 May, 2010 02:41  

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