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08 May 2010

Rep Linda Sanchez (D-CA): Opposition To Illegal Immigration Is 'Classist'


Dem Rhetoric On Illegal Alien Crackdown Increasingly Absurd

During a breathtakingly busy week for news, it's easy for silly political antics to slip through relatively unnoticed, but that doesn't make the behavior any less absurd.

While stock markets were plunging worldwide and Britain's election produced instability, Democrats here at home were busy amping up the rhetoric over Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigrants, apparently in the foolish belief they'll be able to swing public opinion in their favor.

Using liberal talk radio, Rep Linda Sanchez (D-CA) kicked the smear campaign against proponents into high gear, accusing crackdown supporters of having not just racist motives, but a "classist" agenda as well. From the party that has built electoral success almost entirely around the concept of class warfare, doesn't that seem especially amusing?

Sanchez, sister of stability-challenged Rep Loretta Sanchez (D-CA), has also been in the news recently pushing Social Security survivor's benefits for gay couples. Though considered more moderate, Loretta has also actively fought the Arizona law in recent weeks.

From the Ed Schultz Show a bit earlier in the week, here's her bizarre rant:

SANCHEZ (38:15): ...I think a majority of Americans feel we need to do something about immigration, but I don't think that racial profiling and classist profiling is the way that we want to accomplish that.

We could ignore
this kind of silliness, but it's damaging to our country and the kooky Sanchez sisters deserve to be held accountable for their crazy rhetoric.

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