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12 May 2010

Rush: I Learned Of Obama's Response Via Page Six


Rush: I Didn't Know Obama Responded To Golf Proposal


Though he knew last year that author Zev Chafets had proposed a "golf summit" between himself and Barack Obama, Rush Limbaugh had no idea there'd been a response from the president until reading about it in today's New York Post.

Had the event occurred, it most certainly would have generated headlines and perhaps even bolstered Obama's sagging poll numbers. But the suggestion was clearly met with hostility from the president's handlers.

Meanwhile, buzz is quickly building around the Chafets book, with more nuggets expected between now and the upcoming release date.

From today's report:

Chafets reports he encouraged Limbaugh to reach out to the president just after last July's "Beer Summit" that Obama hosted between Professor Henry Louis Gates and Sgt. Joseph Crowley, the Cambridge cop who arrested Gates after he locked himself out of his own home.

"You guys are both golfers," Chafets told Limbaugh. "Would you play a round with the president and show the country that there are no hard feelings?"

"He's the president of the United States," Limbaugh told Chafets. "If any president asked me to meet him, or play golf with him, I'd do it. But I promise you that will never happen. His base on the left would have a s--t-fit."

"How about letting me ask?" Chafets said.

"Go ahead," Limbaugh said. "Nothing will come of it."

Chafets writes that he reached out to Obama adviser David Axelrod, "whom I know slightly," but Axelrod didn't return calls. Then Chafets spoke to "a very senior Democratic activist with whom I'm friendly" who said he would convey the message.

A day or two later the adviser responded, "Limbaugh can play with himself." Chafets wouldn't name the aide or say whether the quote was directly from Obama.

Though Limbaugh didn't
respond to the publication prior to today's Page Six report, he did provide insight on the situation to the Radio Equalizer this morning: "I knew of this last summer, but today is the first day I learned of the Obama response," according to Limbaugh.

"I'd only been told that Axelrod would not return the writer's calls. Everything in Page Six attributed to me is accurate. It's no biggie and certainly no surprise," he added.

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  • Obama's afraid Limbaugh would covert him if he were to meet him.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 May, 2010 16:06  

  • Why would El-Rushbo want to play golf with Obama? They really have nothing in common & would have nothing to really talk about. Plus, I get the feeling that playing with a guy with Obama's golfing ability would be an issue for someone who actually knows how to play golf, like Rush...or even little old me.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 13 May, 2010 00:22  

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